When God Pinched My Toe

A journey of love, truth and enlightenment

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In this beautiful series Kathryn offers and amazing series of messages channeling Mother/Father God. In a way this is part of Kathryn's own autobiography, part of her own journey and also much, much more.

This is a series that everyone who is on a path of growth and enlightenment will really benefit from reading, the truths expressed through these chapters will likely resonate with your soul, heart and your connection to your higher self.

Mother/Father God talk on a wide range of topics that deal with who we are and why we are here, in a way that is healing and warm and loving, and indeed how could they be any other way?

Many will recommend reading the entire series through multiple times and likely, once you start you will find it hard to put down! Enjoy with our blessings, and when you are finished, come visit us on Facebook and tell us how you feel and what kind of wonderful shifts you made!


The Series (English)


Chinese (中文)


Czech (čeština)


German (Deutsch)


Japanese (日本語)


Korean (한국어)

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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