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Part 81: The Great Consciousness Web, Our Communications Network

"Tonight let's talk about what Oneness really means, since we have already discussed what it isn't. When we say that we are all One, as we said, it does not mean we are all the same. It is a much more complex and interesting phenomenon than that. We should really have a better word to capture the whole picture - the dynamic that makes up the Oneness, for it is a dynamic rather than a thing we speak of.

"Many of you have heard of the concept of morphogenic fields. In your current era, Rupert Sheldrake has discussed the actions and interactions which take place within what he has called the morphogenic field, including how dogs communicate telepathically with their owners, and how even machines are affected by the thought processes of those who interact with them. The field, which has been called by many different names, is the invisible but substantial ether, the medium which carries communication throughout the Universe. We spoke yesterday about the speed of thought; the morphogenic field is the transmission medium through which thought (especially thoughts which originate in the heart) can travel at hundreds of times the speed of light. The field itself can take on the "feel" of the thoughts which are passing through it, as when you walk into a room and feel a particular "vibe" which you can identify by its emotional content.

"Within the great field - think of it as the ocean in which all the planets and stars swim - is the potential for all the beings of every form, down to the smallest insect or grain of sand, can communicate with one another. And communicate they do! Fortunately, the communication is wireless, because the connections and interconnections are vastly intricate and constantly changing. So, you see, the field is an electrically charged medium of mass communication similar to but far more powerful than your internet. You are probably familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation. The theory goes that any one person on the planet could theoretically know any other person through a chain of introductions that includes only five other people. An interesting theory, but really far off the mark. We are trying to show you that every person, animal, plant and stone is connected with every other, directly. Zero degrees of separation.

"This interconnectedness means that every person on Earth is directly connected through the web of electrical energy to every other person. Now include all the beings residing in the Spirit world, and all the beings living on distant planets, and the interconnections increase exponentially. So, you see, the opportunities for communication are infinite, and omni-present. At any moment, you can connect psychically with another being anywhere in the Universe by simply thinking about them, and they can do the same. In addition, since we are all connected by the grid at all times, the grid as a whole is affected by the feelings and sensations of every member. This is why you were able to raise the level of energy on the planet from 3D to 4D in the past month.

"There are local fields of interconnectedness within the whole as well, like the "vibe" you feel when your partner walks into the room, or the connection you feel with someone close to you which alerts you when they are in trouble. Parents have always had this psychic connection with their children - it is a normal thread of protection which allowed parents to "track" their children long before there were cell phones. In fact, the present use of electronic devices to replace the psychic connection has meant that people no longer develop the precious ability to communicate psychically, as civilizations long ago did as a matter of course. This, of course, is our means of communication in all the higher dimensions, and will begin to blossom for all of you now that you are in the 4th dimension.

"This is what we are referring to when we say the Veil has lifted. The atmosphere within the local grid of Planet Earth is lighter, less dense, and therefore more conducive to fluid and fast interconnectedness. It will feel as if your transmitters and receivers have more power. This means that everyone will begin to communicate with each other and with us in the Spirit world as a matter of course. You only need to tune your attention, and you will begin to hear the whispers of your constant companion, your Greater Soul, who has been there with you always, next to you, around you, transmitting messages of encouragement, warning if there is danger, and always the constant flow of Unconditional Love from the higher dimensions.

"Perhaps you have not heard your Guide in the past, or thought you didn't, but everyone has moments of "intuition" when a hunch or a premonition causes you to stop in your tracks and change course. Many people have reported experiencing an eerie feeling of dread just before an incident which might have been deadly if they had not paid attention to the inner voice warning them to stop, or turn around, or pause for a moment.

"You are used to hearing people say they knew when a loved one passed, even before they got the phone call, and yet you persist in doubting there is such a phenomenon, because you can't see the wireless connection between you. You do not doubt that your cell phone will carry the voice transmission across the miles. How do you think those messages travel? Through the field, of course. Inventors and engineers are able to replicate the great web in electronic form because the blueprint for it is embedded in your DNA from birth and beyond. You come here in a human body fully capable of "reading" your environment psychically; children are very good at it, before they are strongly discouraged from using those abilities. Less science-bound cultures on the planet have preserved these talents throughout the ages. In that regard, the isolated tribes in the forests and mountains of every continent have maintained higher level abilities than their counterparts in "developed" countries.

"There are numerous examples of groups of people who have been treated with disdain because of their "weird" practices involving psychic abilities, like the gypsies of Central Europe, the Maori of New Zealand, and the Australian aborigines, and many Native American tribes, to name a few. These reclusive groups have maintained their abilities to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors and to Us as a matter of course, and have developed ceremonies and daily practices to honor those connections. It has been a matter of concern and sadness for Us to see the tendency in the Western World to disdain these practices, even while the membership in religious organizations increased. Ironically, it has often been the Church which has persecuted and punished those who demonstrated "occult" powers. The reason for this fear of "witches" has of course been exactly what you are experiencing at this moment: the transmission of information which challenges the foundations of much of the religious dogma that passes for "God's Word" or "God's Law" when it was really just rules and threats made up to control and frighten people into submission.

"We are delighted now to be able to debunk, as you might call it, the worst of those teachings. You have probably noticed that throughout these messages we have interspersed comments about who we really are and how the world really operates behind the Veil. We are giving you information which will set you free of the fear-inspiring religious teachings that have cause so much guilt and misery over the ages, and yet you continue to read these passages in secret, not telling your friends and family members about your feelings of relief and recognition when you come upon one of our teachings which would begin to loosen the grip of organized oppression. How ironic it is that so many of you have unconsciously joined forces with, or at least continue to bear homage to the very oppressors who have controlled the minds of humanity for millennia.

"Fortunately, with the massive Shift of vibration on Gaia, there has also been an awakening which will allow many more people to accept the explanations and information flowing now from Us to you through the many channels who are speaking the Truth, bringing you different facets of the same good news you read here. Do not be fooled into accepting the proclamations and predictions of those who herald disaster in the form of revenge from On High, or interplanetary mayhem which is predicted to descend on you out of the blue. No, these things are not now a part of your timeline. You have averted the extreme natural disasters which would have resulted if you had not been able to ascend with your Mother Gaia, since she would have had to save herself from the pervasive Darkness and cruelty which had pushed her to the limits of her ability to survive. Your Lightworkers have worked hard to protect her and to preserve and strengthen the web of interconnectivity which will make life easier for all of you now. It is that hard work which should now be recognized and celebrated. Those who worked to protect "the environment" and those who dedicated their lives in service to their fellow humans have created this New Gaia, and they did it with the help of so many others who lived their lives in Love, without ever proclaiming themselves as saviors or activists.

"You dear Children who are reading these messages are among those who literally lifted the planet out of Darkness by your Faith and your dedication to living a life guided by Love rather than fear, community and cooperation rather than greed. We honor you all, our Dear Ones. We also look forward to the time when every one of you becomes a "channeler" of Truth. You are growing in self-awareness and confidence in what your inner voice tells you. Follow those intuitions which come to you through the web of consciousness we all participate in. This is what we mean when we tell you we are here for you. We are ready to communicate with you always. The transmission lines are open - you only need to tune your attention to receive our broadcasts of Love, reassurance and joy.

"We love you eternally,

"Together with your Guides on the Consciousness Web, ready to serve you, I Am Your Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 14, 2012, 3 am, New York

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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