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Part 40, Lesson 14, No Planning Needed

November 29 2012

“It is time to give you some more information about what to expect concerning the Ascension, and how it will effect each of you. We understand that it is very confusing to you to try to imagine a transition which will involve going from the life you are familiar with, complete with mortgages, smog, train schedules and root canals to a life in Paradise in what seems to you to be a change with no time to plan for it.

It is not that there is no time to plan for it - there is nothing to plan for, because you don’t need to pack or make reservations or arrange for your bills to be paid. When we say that everything will change, we mean absolutely everything. The things that will seem most familiar will be the natural beauty of your Gaia, and some of the creations which are beloved to many, like your wonderful museums full of artistic masterpieces, and the buildings which were built with love, and all the music you love, well, it’s already here. There will be enough of the familiar for you to rejoice and celebrate at continuing some of the things you love, but you will not be restricted to what you have previously known.  

We wish to answer the many questions which have been asked of this channel in the past 2 days.

Let’s begin with the transition itself, which seems to make so many people anxious. Yes, there will indeed be a moment in which you will go from the state of heavy atmosphere you are familiar with in 3-D to a lighter, brighter feeling in 5-D. We have made every effort to ease that transition by lifting the level of energy on the planet gradually, as we will continue to do over the next few weeks. Perhaps a visual analogy will help. You are familiar with the way the Panama Canal locks work. The ship enters at the lower level, then the water in the channel is raised to allow the ship to float higher, until it reaches the level of the next lock, and so on until the ship has risen to the new, higher level where it can sail away into new waters. You will experience it similarly - as if you are being lifted and carried to a higher plane.

You do not have to “go” anywhere. You will be transported, body and all, along with your loved ones, children and pets, old and young. No one will be left behind. You need not worry about those who may be reluctant or even belligerent about refusing to transcend. As the atmosphere lifts them to new levels of energy, they will find themselves feeling more agreeable, less aggressive, more loving and compassionate, sometimes in spite of themselves, because the energy waves sweeping across the planet are activating long dormant DNA strands which will expand your capabilities.

There may be some who will take a little more time than the others, but as I have said before, it is not my way to abandon or punish my own Children, the Creations of my Heart, no matter what their current state of mind might be.

All will be treated with fairness and compassion, because that is Our way, always.

Perhaps you are wondering why, if this has all been decided, should anyone need to be told of the process at all? Why not just transport you all in your sleep, or something of the sort? There is a very important reason - the one which seems to give you the most trouble. We granted you free will when you decided to make this journey to Gaia, to experience the 3rd dimension as the proving ground for your soul growth. This contract will be honored for each and every one of you. This means that you will be required to be “on board” with the general intention of the project, which is to allow the human race to fulfill our long-awaited co-creation, life in Paradise cooperative and generous in your day to day lives. Witness the self-help for all.

Ultimately, each individual must cast their vote to be included in the final step onto the shores of New Gaia. As you acclimate to the higher vibration, you will become aware of the past/present/future nature of understanding as well as the state of unconditional love you will experience there. You will then appreciate how important the role of each individual has been in the fulfillment of this plan.

The process of Ascension was able to begin because of the rising tide of consciousness on the planet, the tipping point we mentioned in the last post. It will proceed because more and more of the community of souls are fervently praying and helping to raise the consciousness of more souls every day. This is a necessary component of the success of this Great Plan: it is a joint effort, equally shared by Us, your Legions of Angels, Enlightened Beings, Ascended Masters and all the guides and ancestors who have worked to make this possible. This also includes the devas and nature spirits, the beings of All the Kingdoms of the Earth, and you, the human beings who are at the center of this enormously complex confluence of energies.  

Your choices and the desires of your hearts have guided the direction and timing of this Great Plan. Nothing was preordained or taken for granted. You have been playing your part by being who you are, and especially through your efforts to become more loving, more movement which has swept across the planet in the last few years. This has had a powerful effect on the expectation of how people should be treated, in relationships, in families, in the workplace, and has gone a long way toward clarifying what loving treatment actually is.

The confluence of all these influences and more have come together to create the glorious moment we are about to witness. You have each been an active part all along, so the outcome will not come as a complete shock to you - not at all. It will be the outcome you have planned for yourself, in cooperation with your Higher Self. For a few of you, that has been an entirely conscious process, an act of will. For others, it may have been carried on at a mostly subconscious level. It does not matter; your wishes have been taken into account.  

So, you see My Children, you are more ready than you think to make this historic journey with Us. The coming weeks will bring a shift which you might have thought of as magic just a few months ago. Now, you will adjust and balance and move on with each wave of Unconditional Love you experience. You are resilient in your makeup and courageous in your psyches; you will become more-so with every passing hour.

Go in peace, live in love, and you will truly arrive in the Promised Land.

Your Yahweh”

Part 39, Lesson #13, A Brief History of the Path of Planet Earth

November 28, 2012

“It is a time of great change on Planet Earth. In order to help those of you who are confused or doubting that there could even be such a thing as a dimensional shift right here, right now during you own lifetime, much less within the month, we must attempt to give you a longer view.  

We will try to jog your soul memories to recall the path so many of you have traveled over the past thousands of years - the path which led little by little, not all of a sudden, as you feel it now - from the beginning of human life on Planet Earth to the present. It has been a long and difficult path for many of you, with lifetimes of challenge, suffering, triumph and love, happiness, tragedy, comfort and hardship. Most of you have tried it all, evolving and learning profound lessons of empathy and compassion, forgiveness and love along the way.  

You see, Planet Earth is an exceptional place in the Universe. It is truly the testing ground, the Boot Camp for courageous souls who want to learn fast, evolve quickly, and overcome their own challenges, building their strength, fortitude, knowledge and commitment to the Light. The great Masters with whom you are familiar - St. Germain, Jesus, Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic fleet, Archangel Gabriel, Michael and many others - all have proven their mettle by testing themselves in the 3-dimensional experience on Gaia. Without that experience, they could not possibly understand how difficult it is to live in the heavy atmosphere, in bodies characterized by frailties and, at the same time, great needs and desires.

This is complicated further by the finite human brain, which is actually the least powerful of the body’s and soul’s combined intelligences, and which is hampered even further by the dichotomy which pervades human life at this time. You see the world and each other in terms of good vs. evil, friend vs. stranger, right vs. wrong, individual vs. group, religion vs. science, left vs. right, and so on and on.  

In other higher dimensions, as you may have heard, not only is there no time as you know it, but there are no dichotomies, no opposites and none of the competition or conflict you take for granted as part of the human condition. No, it is not an inevitably predominant genetic quality to be attracted to violence or competition. It has been encouraged and perpetuated by the history and training of thousands of years within the 3 dimensional energy of Gaia. This was not an accident, or an anomaly.

The design of 3-dimensional Earth was co-created by the beings who lived in Lemuria, the early civilization of Gaia which was the home of many of the older souls who are now among you as Lightworkers. It was in agreement with Us that they began the daring experiment to combine the elements of free will with 3-dimensionality, to create a new and exciting possibility for beings to come from all over the Multiverse to experience life on the beautiful Blue Planet. In its initial stages, while still in the higher levels of 3 dimensionality, it was the Eden - the playground of delights where angels came to frolic and experience life, sexuality and joy in the exquisite sensory intensity of a human body. As Gaia descended to the lower levels of the 3rd dimension, it became more arduous, and the addition of dichotomous thinking created the difficult conditions you now experience.

This was not a fall from grace, as some of your judgmental religions like to declare. It was with the combined consent of the Kumara people who had guided the original experiment and Gaia herself. It has been the Kumara who have been the Keepers of the Light, keeping the flame alive during all the subsequent civilizations which followed, for more than 100,000 years - a blink of an eye from our perspective.

The Lemurian civilization originally was centered in a large continent in what is now the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian culture and energy can still be felt in the islands of Hawaii, and is being revived with great joy by its descendants in Maui and to some extent in Kauai.

The experiment into 3-dimensionality has at last reached completion, as Gaia herself has ascended through the 4th into the 5th dimension and beyond. This process has been gradual, but has speeded up enormously during the last 30 years or so, as Lightworkers of higher consciousness have evolved in concert with Gaia’s progress, lifting themselves and others along with them.

Unlike previous attempts to complete this process, this time success is assured because of the power of large numbers of people uniting in prayer, meditation and visualization. You see, no movement or change in the Universe is simply a result of edict or unilateral Creation. This process has been a concerted effort, aided in recent times by the arrival of many others from the more advanced planets, who wish to offer their help and their technology to enhance your Ascension process.

Because of Gaia’s request and your call for help, we have been able to intercede in limited ways to prevent or mitigate the most dreadful manmade disasters. We have also circled the planet with a protective cloak which will prevent any interference from outside forces. A planet in Ascension is a sacred event, one of which all the existing planets and stars are aware, and are watching with great interest. You are ascending with Unconditional Love as the protective cloak and the ultimate energy state which you will exist within upon the completion of the process of Ascension.

So it is that enormous numbers of beings and celestial entities - your Sun and Moon are important players as well - are in the position of having what you would call “a lot of skin in the game.” You are not alone, no, not by any means. Your success is legendary, and visible by the amount of Light which shines from your planet at this time. Yes, there are still pockets of real darkness, but those are being shrunk little by little as more souls awaken to expand and elevate the level of Love and Light on the planet.

In the coming weeks, you will experience continued unsettling waves of electromagnetic energy, washing over you in waves of increasing intensity.

Many of you are experiencing the symptoms of Ascensionitis - illnesses, digestive malaise, headaches, sleep disruptions, aching joints, fever and chills to name a few. This is an unfortunate side effects to the rapid adjustments which are being made to your DNA, which will in turn modify your nutritional needs, your physical health and most dramatically, the expansion of your brains to accommodate the 5th dimensional mind of your future. As we have frequently said, you will not die, but will continue in your living bodies, with modifications.

Now, to help you understand the impossible: When we speak of moving, ascending, higher levels and so on, it sounds as if you will be going somewhere different in space. This is the way your brains work, to interpret change in terms of time and space. Your limited language and the structure of your present thinking does not allow for the understanding of the infinite possibilities of which we speak.

You will not be moving to a different planet. You are already there. Your experience will change dramatically, in a very short period by your time measurements, when it is actually the completion and simultaneous new beginning of a 100,000 year process. Dimensions are not places, or directions on the compass; they are possibilities within other possibilities. We can only assure you that your existence will change to one of joy, lightness, unlimited unconditional Love and creativity. You will just have to be there to know it and to revel in it.

The only requirement for you to join in the glorious completion of this process is your own agreement and active participation. No one will be dragged against their will into a new experience of life. Neither will anyone be denied if they are at the level of vibrational energy which allows them to move through the portal. It is a simple process, really, something like the experience of walking through an open patio door as opposed to banging into the glass.

The level of your energy alone determines whether you will sail through or hit an energy wall which is too different for you to move through comfortably. This is the case at every juncture of soul development, as a soul moves through higher levels of experience. One can always move downward through as many levels as they wish, but ascension requires elevation. You cannot go to visit the Ascended Masters at their level, but they can always come to work with you where you are. (You see, we have to use “where” as if it is a specific place because we don’t have a word for here/now.)  

We accept without judgment that each soul’s here/now is unique. Each ascends according to his/her/its own plan and preferences. We are here to help, to encourage and reassure you, but not to judge or decide. We hope to see all the souls of Planet Earth ascend at this glorious juncture. If some decide not to, well, the Multiverse is a place of unlimited possibility and infinite opportunities.  

All souls will be accommodated according to the level of development and their relative energetic preferences at the time. We can reassure you that those ascending to the 5th dimension or higher will not have to experience war, or greed, or slavery, or any forces of external control such as you have experienced in 3D. Those who choose not to ascend will continue in this vein to the extent they identify with and envision those things as their here/now.

Celebrate, My Children, you are being offered the life of your dreams, the fulfillment of the longings of your heart and soul.  

We await your triumph and your return to Us in your true Home,

Yahweh/Sue/Sam and the Legions of Light”

Part 38, Lesson #12, Choose Your Own Version of Life After "The End Of Times"

November 27, 2012

“We have something important to tell you. The elements are coming together for the Ascension of the human race in a way that is more dynamic, more positive than we could have asked for. A tipping point was reached some time ago (we prefer not to use exact dates, although you love them so) which allows for the successful fulfillment of the Plan we have anticipated for eons.  

You see, this is not the first time earth has tried to accomplish this momentous transition. Earlier civilizations were unsuccessful, ending in the destruction of the way of life they had established on the planet. Although you have come very close to a similar Armageddon - it lives still in your consciousness as a remembrance of Atlantis - you and Gaia will not experience a similar fate.  

This time, Lightworkers in every area of life, including some political leaders, have worked very hard to mitigate the danger of nuclear disaster and global war, often behind the scenes, against the wishes of their more hawkish power-hungry colleagues. At the same time, the level of spiritual connection and understanding has steadily risen, to the point that large numbers of your population now identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” as you call it. This higher level of spiritual experience requires no dogma, no rules or restrictions, and no priests or popes to guide you. You have learned to follow your hearts and the voices of your Higher Selves, who nudge and gently prod you forward. Use that perspective of deep Faith as you read the words here.

We celebrate with overwhelming joy the fact that so many of you, along with your spiritual teachers, channels and other individuals who have been quietly searching and learning, have been able to elevate to higher consciousness over the last 20 to 30 years. Your combined hours and years of service to others has had a powerful cumulative effect in achieving the tipping point of which we speak.  

This tipping point has facets of energy/power which reaches into every area of your lives. The change has been gradual, so you hardly notice it, but we watch every nuance, as you turn away from the everyday horrors of racism, slavery, sexual predation and child abuse which were common practice just 50 or 100 years ago. This is conscious evolution at lightning speed, although it may seem too gradual to you who live within the timeline of one lifetime.

We have now reached the Moment of Truth, as you might call it. In less than one month, you will all make the decision to elevate or not. As we have told you, it is a free will choice. You cannot “wait and see” what others are doing, or decide at the last minute to begin the transition process of turning away from darkness, anxiety, depression, greed, competitive and destructive practices and then race through the gates at the last minute. The energy shift would be too traumatic for your bodies. This is why you are being prepared for the Great Event, even without your awareness. 

During your hours of sleep, you are taught to anticipate and acclimate to the pleasures and delights of higher dimensions. Many of you may find yourselves flying in your “dreams,” or being challenged by the “monsters” you have dealt with all your life: destructive, threatening people who have held you psychological captives.

Now is the time to defeat these specters of fear and self-doubt. Disperse them with vigor and self-confidence by reliving these dream moments in triumph. Clear them away, with any imaginative life-force you find suitable. Melt them away, or disappear them with your powerful wand of Light, or freeze them into impotence with the force of your will. In this way, you will free yourselves of the old fears and doubts which have made you “skeptical” about being able to manifest the life of your dreams and your hearts’ desire.  

Go forward in your Vision of Life to a higher plane - one where you create with the power of your imagination. “Imagination” is a paltry word for the power you possess as Creators. It is in fact a combination of mind, soul, and will (not mere brain power) which allows you to materialize the Vision you have created.  

This Vision of what you want your life to be will determine where you will go when the End of Times come.  

Yes, it is the End of Times as you have known it. Unlike your horror movies, this does not mean loss or death; it means elevation, or Ascension, as we have called it. Now it is your responsibility as souls, individually and collectively, to decide what that future version of life on Gaia will be like for you. Those of you who en-Vision (an active process) a life of joyful and peaceful community, instant manifestation of the dreams of your heart, and an environment of unconditional Love, will indeed experience such a place. You will achieve Paradise on Earth, as the prophesies and ancient texts have promised. You, with the help of all human being and animal, vegetable and mineral realms, have asked for this, and we have made it possible for you. Now you only need to claim your part of the glorious fulfillment of a new reality.

Those of you who insist on remaining in the life of darkness and heaviness you now experience will be granted that.  It will be as unsustainable as it is now, but without the mitigating effect of your dear Gaia’s dedication and healing powers. The results of any destructive action will be immediately and powerfully felt, since Gaia herself has ascended, along with her living body and her higher-consciousness inhabitants. The planet which remains will be a mere shell of the vibrant, conscious Gaia you knew. You see, your choices really matter, because nothing will remain as it was. Your powers of manifestation will remain, but you will be operating in the arena of 3-dimensional reality. The effects are very different, although difficult to predict or describe in the limited language we have available.


This is why I have asked many of the Enlightened Beings, Masters and Higher Consciousnesses to speak to you, through the various channels with whom they feel an affinity, to help awaken all of you to this Glorious Event. There are now many who speak on a regular basis, through internet sites, radio shows, and personal appearances, who offer their wisdom and perspective to present the material in many ways and many forms, to suit the audiences who come to them.  


We are making every effort, without interfering with our free will covenant with you, to inform you and to encourage you to shake off your fears and doubts and come forward with us to the Heavenly fulfillment of your soul path, the destiny you longed for before you came here. Do not hesitate or hang back now. Leap and we will catch you. Fly and you will be accompanied by angels.

Picture in your mind’s eye the sweet future you will mold and shape, together with your loving families and friends. There will be no more power struggles, no more suffering or pain, no more hunger or death in the eternal world of Unconditional Love we have created for you. How you live your lives, what you build, how you raise your children, what art and music you create for the enjoyment of all - all these things will remain to be invented, designed and co-created as you acclimate to New Gaia. When we say it will be the life of your dreams, we mean it literally.  

Dream/create/envision what you want, and it will be yours. And, as the old saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for.” Set your sights on Love, and it will be yours. I will not elaborate on the alternatives. We do not ponder such things here in the higher dimensions. We will create what you ask for, as always, and destiny will play out in all its possibilities. Manage your dreams to be filled with Light, and your future will evolve accordingly.

We send you Unconditional Love, as ever,

Your Yahweh, in company with All That Is”

Part 37, Lesson #11, Homo Spiritus Lives

November 26, 2012

We wish to speak to all of you concerning your transition to a higher plane of existence, in the form we have called Homo Spiritus.  Many of you are puzzled or confused or disbelieving about the possibility that such a thing could occur during your lifetimes, much less before the end of this very year.

We will try to explain further what this momentous event is, and what it will mean to each and every one of you.  As before, this channel, Kathryn has agreed to gather your questions and concerns so that I can answer them for you.

You are not used to thinking in terms of a shift from one dimension to another.  You have lived your lives in 3D, the circumstances of your planet Earth for thousands of years.  Your atmosphere is heavy and gravity-laden, your experience of life in your bodies is one of intense sensations, concrete feelings of touch and taste and smell, combined with the familiar sense of time passing in a regular and predictable pace.  All this is changing, as many of you have sensed.

As Planet Earth passes through the portal to a higher vibrational level, the perception of time has speeded up, sensations are becoming more intense, so that it may feel to many of you as if the ground under your feet is shifting.  Life has become less predictable, as the Institutions you have relied upon are shaken loose from their moorings, and change has speeded up to an unsettling and unfamiliar rate.  

Do not be frightened by these changes, my children.  It is a transition you have known about and looked forward to with great joy and anticipation when you have been in your pure soul state while you were with me in the Fifth and Seventh dimensions and beyond.  As souls, you planned this journey eagerly, even excitedly, as you all clamored for the opportunity to be here on the earth in body at this momentous time.  There was no fear or hesitation when you joined with the bodies you possess now.  No, you were one and all dedicated to the wondrous possibility of taking part in a new kind of event in the Universe.

It has been the way of evolution across the Multiverse for souls to travel to many different planets, experiencing various conditions of weightlessness, color, intensity of emotion and sensory possibilities as they are experienced in the infinite variety of expressions of life across the vast and expanding All That Is.  But nowhere is the experience of incarnation as rich, as deep and as tactilely stimulating as it is here with Mother Earth, the one we call Gaia.  Her beauty and exquisite natural elements are unique in the Universe, our gift to the human race to experience diversity, variety, and visual beauty unparalleled in the Multiverse.  

You have enjoyed life in bodies which look and feel different from one another in shape, size and coloring, and many of you have taken advantage of this great variety to come to life here as black, white, yellow and red races, as you call them.  Yet, you do not remember those varied experiences, and still tend to think of your present condition as the superior one.

It was not our original intention for you to use this diversity to feel separate and different from one another.  No, we offered this variety and richness of experience for its great possibilities to meld and build in love and joy, as you developed the unique talents and cultural possibilities of each of the races over the many generations you have spent here on Gaia.  Unfortunately, it became instead the habit of your leaders, eager for power and greater control, to encourage mistrust, suspicion and even hatred - a uniquely human ability - as they stirred up intense emotions in their followers.  Thus, free will as I have given it has become the tool of dissension and war, separation and strangeness, one from another.

We did not intervene in your events, even though we watched as your civilizations over the ages progressively descended into darker and darker ways of dividing, conquering and exploiting your planet’s abundant resources.  Always we had faith in the strength and the unlimited nature of your loving hearts.  You are considered throughout the universe to be the Creator Race, brilliant in your imaginations and possibilities, although much of your talent has been directed toward either destructive or trivial endeavors, such as the accumulation of material wealth, or the building of lodgings which provided physical comforts but misused the gifts which Gaia has so generously provided for you.  

You are indeed creators after my own heart, and I have loved you ceaselessly even as you strayed further and further from your knowledge of our hopes and dreams for you.  Many of you no longer experience the love of your Masters, your Guides, your Universal Mother, our son Jesus, and me, your mentors and loving creators.  We have had to increase our efforts to send the energy of our love through the veil of forgetfulness you experience when you enter your bodies.  

Although you have only heard murmurings and myths about the previous civilizations which have had the privilege to share the experience of living with Gaia, we know of every moment, every soul experience and every decision made by those humans and other living beings who have inhabited dear Gaia.  We have watched with concern, but always trusted in your creative abilities to find new ways to live, new forms of joining together to create cultures of beauty and joy.  

At the same time, your leaders, like the leaders who led their civilization to misfortune and disaster during the time of Atlantis, have been endlessly resourceful in their clever manipulation of the resources and wealth of the planet, until you have now reached the point at which Gaia can no longer struggle alone to recover from your profligate disregard for her suffering.  Your weapons of war, your development of the use of nuclear power before it was completely understood, and your invention of endless numbers of poisonous chemicals and vastly destructive practices of food production have reached the point where life will no longer be sustained for the large number of inhabitants of the planet.

Rather than see our children leave their bodies in painful and inevitable mass extinctions, we have devised a new and wondrous possibility for you.  It is the option to transcend, while still in your bodies, to a higher vibrational dimension, to accompany your Earth Mother on her own spiritual path of Ascension.  In order to accomplish this momentous event, I ask you to open your minds to entertain a brand new vision of life.

Look to the night sky.  Imagine what it would be like to soar, weightless, traveling with me through the infinite places without limited space or time, as I have traveled with your channel, Kathryn, to show her some of what the coming transition will allow for all of you.  

Look to your dreams, which have always given you a sense of what other dimensions feel like.  You have all traveled in your dreams to the places of your soul memories, gathering the knowledge of ancestors and guides, far galaxies and planets. I have given you this ability to prepare you for the transition to an experience which will allow you to see and touch, sing and dance with joy in the bodies you still possess, although there will be necessary changes in your most basic needs for nutrition and in the heaviness of gravitational attraction which you have experienced previously.

Your creative powers will expand to the point where you can manifest your dreams effortlessly, but without the dangers of destructive war machines and the horrors of physical torture and pain you have previously inflicted on yourselves and others.

You will live with the direct awareness of us, your angels, your Masters, your friends and ancestors who are here with us now in their soul light-bodies in the dimensions you have known as home between the many lifetimes you have spent on Gaia over the thousands of years you have prepared for this present event.  

Every one of you has known, has looked forward to taking part in this exquisite event you have called the Shift, or Ascension.  Now I ask you to expand your consciousness, not by trying to figure out in your brains what will come, but by feeling it in your hearts.

I asked Kathryn to spend many years studying and preparing to write our book which you can use as preparation for expanding yourselves for the changes you will experience.  You must be willing to clear your emotions of old resentments, old hurts and painful memories.  Begin now to express your abilities to help and support one another as you have always been able to do in times of crisis or emergency.  Make these acts of generosity and kindness a moment to moment way of life.

You have practiced these skills during times of war, floods and other climate disasters which have largely been brought about by the manipulation of Gaia’s weather patterns, which your leaders take pleasure in experimenting with.  You blame me, whom you call God, for the traumas and deaths, but it is not my wish, nor the wish of your Universal Mother, to see your suffer in such terrible circumstances as have been created by the tsunamis, chemical dumping and other environmental disasters.  

We have always expressed enduring love for you, although sometimes the challenges you experience in life have provided you with opportunities for soul growth at accelerated speeds.  Many of you have been ambitious in your wish to evolve quickly, to experience the soul-expanding growth which opportunities for heroic acts of generosity and kindness have provided.  However, these single actions do not have the power which can be achieved by a lifetime of service to others.  Small actions of kindness and sharing resonate with great power.  

The light of your individual beings shines brightly throughout the Universe.  There are many bright lights among you who may never have been famous or even known outside their own families and cultures, but who have had long-lasting effects which resonate down through the generations of children who benefit from their teachings.  Do not seek fame and fortune now, but rather turn your sights to a new possibilities for creating cooperative networks in your communities to provide for your continuing joy and expanding love, as you share your wealth, your happiness and your hopes for this coming planetary event.

Above all, do not fear lack or scarcity.  You have the ability to provide what is needed for all to make the transition without great suffering and loss.  We will help you, we will teach you to manifest wealth of a new kind - universal prosperity, without need for greed or hoarding, competition or forceful taking and protecting of individual storehouses of resources.  Loosen your grip on your belongings and your distractions.  Turn instead to each other, in love and companionship.  Care for your young ones with love and patience, and your elders with compassion and respect.  Find it in your hearts to reach outside your daily concentration on work and earning, so unnecessarily encouraged in your Western cultures, and instead find time to commune with each other and with us, your loving guides.  

Many of you are familiar with the actions of our legions of angels who watch over and help you in times of need.  they are here with you now in great numbers, as are the beings from other galaxies and planets who have come, out of friendship, joy and great expectation to help you in the transition which they have already experienced as a part of their own soul journeys.  They come in peace, to offer you helpful technologies to ease your way to a more egalitarian and loving way of life.  Do not fear these beings, who are already filling your skies, and who have volunteered as leaders in your political and social organizations to help you elevate to a more loving experience of daily life.  They do so at great danger to themselves, because of your suspicious and warlike reactions to anything that is new to you.  

Do not allow your leaders to convince you that “aliens” pose any danger to you.  They have been long aware of the possibilities for advanced technologies, which they have attempted to keep secret in order to increase their power and control over the population of the planet.  Many of you have been asleep, following blindly the dictates and pronouncements of your most arrogant and selfish leaders, who sow the seeds of dissension and hatred.  

Awake, my children.  Take charge of your own lives.  Open your hearts to your neighbors, and to those who appear less fortunate than you in their economic and social status.  These people generously provide you with opportunities for compassion and empathy.  Do not allow yourselves to be turned away, toward habits of greed and acquisitiveness.  Material wealth is meaningless, and will become increasingly so as you all begin to experience the elevated feelings of love and joy which this Ascension provides.  Manage your passions, my children.  Learn to work with your bodies and your strong feelings in order to channel those energies toward the greater good.

There are teachers among you who share their knowledge and their experiences with you.  They have written about their own soul journeys and have accelerated the development of spiritual teachings in very recent years.  Turn to those who present their teachings with humility and generosity.  They will be the leaders whose courage will shine brightly as beacons of wisdom in the coming months which may cause inner turmoil for many of you, as you are required to shift your value systems and familiar habits.  

Do not fear this process.  There are those among you who have prepared themselves to act as leaders, shepherds, teachers and friends as you find your way  through these turbulent times.  Look to those who give selflessly, without ego or pride.  They are my legions of angels in bodies, having struggled as you do with the strong currents of emotion and intense feeling which are inherent in your human condition.

Do not bury your consciousness in your addictions and preoccupations with electronic entertainments.  Be daring.  Be courageous, and above all, expand your sense of what it means to love far beyond the romantic sentiment you have been taught to expect.  As Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many others have taught you, love your neighbors as you would have them love you.  Begin with simple courtesies.  Move on to deeper expressions of kindness.  Develop patience and forbearance, and you will be able to move with grace as we all ascend together to the expanded possibility for joy and enduring love which has been planned for you.

Some of your kind have already made the transition to higher planes while still in their bodies.  Many of them have been asked to return to their Earth existence to help others make the transition.  They will help to show you the way.  Partake of their wisdom; ask for their help.  

You only need to say “Yes!” in your hearts.  Do not listen to the doubts and arguments which your ego - and your brain - will try to use to drown out your great hopes and dreams.  Loosen your attachment to concrete arguments and intellectual explanations.  “Rational” explanations will not serve you well during this period of rapid change. Turn to your poets and your visionaries, your artists and philosophers and musicians.  They will speak the truth of our greater consciousness, our expanding Universe of possibilities.

Anything is possible for you, my dear children.  Join hands and proceed fearlessly into the present/future of your higher destinies.  There will be nothing to dread, nothing to regret, but much to enjoy as you travel to new Universes with us.  We anticipate with great joy the coming of a new world on your dear Gaia, the planet of Love and Light.

Come, my children.  Elevate, ascend.  Begin by practicing each and every moment of your days.  You will find yourselves ready, filled with joy and expectation when the moment comes for you to make the transition to a never-before phenomenal experience.  Of course, your words do not allow for us to describe to you the possibilities which await you.  In this, your will need to develop the sense of faith which is only possible if you allow yourselves to feel our constant and unlimited outpouring of love for you.

Go in peace, live in love.

Your eternal Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Part 36, Lesson #10, Homo Spiritus: The Adventure in Our Future

November 24, 2012

‘The event you call Black Friday is over at last. People who stood in line to purchase gadgets and trinkets, clothing and toys have gone home with their treasures, but at great cost, in every sense of the word. This process of creating great need for things people really don’t need by advertising endlessly and promising everything from happiness to popularity if one owns a particular item has created a sickness of materialism which has spread across the planet. Since the promises are false, the buyers will feel disillusioned and unfulfilled shortly after their purchase, but will not associate their malaise with the failure of material possessions to satisfy their hunger, but will instead go in search of a better or more interesting treasure to try to ease their hunger. It is an endless pursuit - one that is destined to fail for several reasons. 

The most important reason is that it does not satisfy the soul. The soul needs are for connection with others, in a state of love and cooperation, and the attraction to beauty and excellence, which drives us to create, to build and to shape our environment and ourselves in the pursuit of something greater, more wonderful and more perfect in the most glorious sense. It is an essential part of the human makeup to want to build and create, experiment and learn, things which are entirely too scarce in your present cultures, where some people, who dislike what they do, build and create things of inferior quality and design, for mass production, while the artists and musicians go without work. A video to this effect was circulated on the Facebook page of the spiritual seekers who traveled together with Kathryn in September. One of them astutely questioned whether this was a 5th dimension perspective.

Yes, indeed, Diane. In the 5th dimension, no one works at something they dislike, because there is no need for money or for obedience to any system of economics. In fact, there are no “economic” needs, other than the Law of Preservation of Matter and Energy, which we discussed yesterday. In the 5th dimension and above, souls work and create and build whatever they choose, because of their own inner drive toward beauty and Light.

There is no greater need, no greater fulfillment than to express one’s individuality and skill in the pursuit of beauty in all its forms. The greatest architects, as well as the greatest painters and musicians have famously pursued their work with complete disregard for the ego demands for fame or fortune, going without food or sleep if necessary to bring into form the vision of their inner eye, the soul’s eye. These are the needs which are met most exquisitely in the higher dimensions.

Yes, Marjorie, you will build castles or schools, concert halls or houses - whatever you wish, and you will work with greatly skilled teachers if you choose, who can satisfy your need for more inspired levels of creation, the creation of objects and buildings for the greater good, whether it be for individuals or groups.

The second important reason why your current economic systems do not work any longer is because they have devolved so far from the original purpose of what you call “capitalism” - the opportunity for all to do what you have been used to in your trips Home between incarnations on Gaia.

You are souls first, having adopted these human bodies temporarily for the purpose of learning, but with each passing century, humans have drifted further from a deep connection with the Earth and with their own soul desires. That drift has created ever deeper feelings of alienation and hunger for what you miss in soul fulfillment. The result is the pursuit of replacement satisfactions like wealth, material possessions, and bodily cravings like addictions.

Your current state of depression and disease is a symptom of these unmet needs. In your souls, you naturally yearn for the Paradise you lost when you made the great sacrifice to take the path of learning rather than comfort, soul challenges rather than the eternal state of grace you enjoy with us in higher dimensions. This is one of the reasons your contract to live on Gaia is limited to relatively short lifetimes, with interludes in higher dimensions between each lifetime to recover and process what you have learned.

You see, the Ascension you are being offered is truly the best of both worlds, as you would say. You will retain many of the sensations of physical experience, without the soul-challenging conditions of hunger, suffering or want. You will manifest your desires for Beauty, Love and Light as is the rule in higher dimensions, while continuing in the bodies you have become used to, and the life experience you cling to, even to the moment of death in most lifetimes. This time, you will keep many of the conditions of life as a human as you have known it, but with perfect health, greater and more expansive intelligence, and a closer connection to Us, the guides, ancestors, Masters and angels who have been your constant but unseen companions on your difficult journeys to Gaia and the 3 dimensional plane.

You will become a new race of human beings, the expression of a spiritual evolution rather than Nature’s slower version your scientists examine with such diligence. It will be a quantum leap, as they say, from 3 dimensional experience of Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.  

Homo Spiritus is the new combination of human body with higher level consciousness, suited to life the 5th and higher dimensions - as far as your inspiration carries you. This is what we offer you now. It is your free will choice whether to ascend with your fellow humans of higher consciousness or whether to remain in the heavier, darker atmosphere you acclimated to in this single lifetime. Either way, your eternal soul will live on, either with Gaia in her new home in higher dimensions, or elsewhere, where the atmosphere will match that of your current level of dark/light energy, whatever that might be at the time of final transition.

Perhaps you now understand better why we are urgently encouraging you to lift yourselves now, relearn the ways of Home, even as you remain in your familiar bodies, even as you cling to old suffering and complaints. Release the old familiar pain and begin your ascent to greater Love, kindness, forgiveness and the freedom it brings. As you do, you will daily draw nearer the portal through which you will all travel at last, to fulfill the destiny you came here to achieve, that of eternal life in human form.

We encourage and support you. You are now being protected, as was our contract with those of you who wish to Ascend. Do not fear for your “survival” - it is guaranteed either way. We hope that every soul will ascend. Help your loved ones and new acquaintances to understand what is happening, and what wonderful events lie just ahead, in this historic year, 2012.

With our love, 

Yahweh and Company”

Part 35, Lesson #9, Fulfilling the Great Plan

November 23, 2012

“My dear children, we wish to talk with you today about the progress you are all making in your transition toward a higher level of life, as we have planned for you when you all ascend with your dear Gaia.

Today was a glorious day in the U.S. People everywhere celebrated with those they loved, creating a warm glow of Light and Peace across the entire country, beginning early in the day with families everywhere stuffing a turkey, or gathering whatever they had to share with others in communal feasts. Some of those feasts were modest in presentation or quantity, others sumptuous and expertly prepared, but all were presented with a recognition of gratitude and thanks in a way that has rarely been seen on the planet. It began on the East coast, where early risers participated in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, and families all across the East coast, freshly recovered from the hurricane, or still struggling, as many are along the coasts, but all demonstrating new-found affection and gratitude toward their friends and neighbors.  

Even families who have had a difficult time being comfortable in each others’ company are beginning to find ways to reach common ground with one another, setting aside longtime disagreements, looking at each other more tolerantly, with greater patience and forgiveness.  

It may not be obvious to you on the ground, but we are exhilarated, even overjoyed with the changing environment on the planet, and in the Western Hemisphere, where change often comes most quickly. With the reelection of your President, who is very well liked and respected around the world, it is as if the planet breathed a great sigh of relief, knowing that real leadership would be available from the country they still tend to look up to as a beacon of progress and change.

You will begin to see the balance tip toward more cooperation, although those we have called the “dark hats” are still trying to sew the seeds of divisiveness and fear. It is no longer working with the majority of the public. They were not able to steal the election, and although there are many of them displaying outright tantrums about their impotence, greater numbers of the public are becoming aware of the dark side of their concerted effort to block change, and to preserve the status quo in favor of their own selfish interests.

We do not condemn those who have joined with the dark forces at this time. We simply report to you what their activities are and encourage you to find ways to contain their destructiveness, because they have made their contribution - they have caused many of you to awaken to the importance of looking out for one another, and they have shown you in stark relief what selfishness and greed really looks like. In many cases, it was their soul path, their contract with Us and with you, collectively and as individuals, to come here in this life to create the kind of morality play that helped to reveal the choices, good or evil, selfish or generous of spirit, arrogant or humble.

The struggles have played out before us, and the choices are being made every day, in everyone’s life: to be or not to be of higher consciousness, to reach beyond your 3-dimensional experience toward something yet unknown.  

Your DNA is being activated more every day now, as the waves of electrical energy flow across the planet. Your sun is generating more powerful energy waves, day by day. Those of you who have worked hard to clear away old emotional burdens are beginning to feel the lightness of the brighter atmosphere to come. Those who are still struggling with negative feelings and thoughts will feel the weight of them, even to the point where you may feel unbearably distressed, “at the end of your rope,” as you say. It is very important to find your way through those issues - especially the self-hatred you have carried with such pride and pain.

The time for worry, paranoia and distrust has passed. It is time to begin a new kind of cooperative activity, like the model of helping and sharing which has been an example for many years now, called Habitat for Humanity. It is a truly forward-thinking organization, created by your President Jimmy Carter and others, to bring together ambitious helpers and ambitious people who needed comfortable housing. We honor this model, and are delighted to see that the many years of its existence has created a way of thinking in the minds of people who are now in need because of natural disasters.

Many of you wish to understand more about the scientific influences of the Shift which is now taking place. We will tell you a bit about the energy exchanges which are happening, and how they are able to create the changes we are telling you to expect.

You are Lightworkers all, those of you who are reading this, and you are able to accept the first premise that although there is a kind of evolution which is a process of Nature, there is also Conscious Creation.

The heavenly bodies and forces of energy involved did not come to be by accident. It has all originated as part of a Great Plan, the conscious creation of the Supreme Being of Light, brought into being with the help of Us, Mother/Father God, who in turn work with Nature, as well as the entire Multiverse of Conscious Beings who all play a part in the co-creation of the Great Plan. You are Lightworkers all, those of you who are reading this, and even those who would earnestly dispute the possibility of such an arrangement while they are there in the veiled condition of living in a human body.  

All beings, from the most massive planets and stars to the smallest insect, play a part in the ongoing evolution of the whole, as we each live out our conscious contribution to the growth and change of the All That Is. The Original Plan, which is beyond the scope of the finite mind within the human body, has been brought into existence with the help of Mother God’s creative force, as you would understand the birth process, with the help of I, Yahweh, who have helped to order and shape the process in the ongoing development of The Plan.

We are scientists all, in the sense that we follow the Universal Laws, some of which your Earth scientists have discovered. For instance, the processes we oversee include the Laws of Thermodynamics, including the familiar one which says that the changes you see happening are the result of energy being transmuted, but never created or destroyed. Thus, the process of change is fundamental, always ongoing, always to be expected. It is also a truth that the fundamental energy of Creation is Love.

The process of change is always in the direction of greater Love and Light, throughout what you would measure as billions of years.  From your perspective that looks like an evolution toward greater order out of what appears to be chaos. It is not chaos, but only an intermediate step in the ongoing process of change. Now, Mother God is chuckling - that is as clear as mud. We do not expect you to grasp the enormity of the Great Plan, but just to know that there is order behind all that you see. I am also being reminded to mention the importance of the Legions of Angels who oversee and implement their part in guiding the growth, over the millennia, of the ascension process of conscious beings, including human beings.

Now, we tell you all this to help you understand that you are not alone, that the energy you experience as a self is never destroyed but lives on in Eternity, and that we are all One in the participation of fulfilling the Great Plan, which is Love and Unity.

It is not at all obvious to you as you go through your individual life on Earth that this process on Gaia is an integral part of the development and organization of transmuting energy into higher levels of Consciousness and Light. It is, in a glorious way. Part of what makes life on Gaia so difficult is that this is a testing ground which combines the forces of Creation in a unique and powerful way, giving each being the opportunity to experience emotional, physical and spiritual challenges in an intensified way which is unique in the Universe.

Gaia has been your life-giving Source, your nurturance and sustenance during this process, an intimate guiding force in your growth, and now she is ready to move higher on the dimensional scale - what might seem something like a ladder of evolution to you - and she has been granted that, as all beings are when they have fulfilled something of their part of the Great Plan. You are being given that opportunity along with her, as the natural evolution upward, as you might perceive it, to higher level of experience. “

Kathryn: I am being nudged, now, to describe to you what I am experiencing as these words are being given to me.

Initially, I was awakened by the pain in my right second toe, which I associate with Yahweh’s special way of getting my attention. As I wrote about the Creation process and Mother God, the sensation shifted to my left foot, second toe. The remainder about the angels came with a nerve activation in my left foot, third toe. At the same time, I am experiencing burning and tingling in all the nerves of my left leg and heel, where an old injury left the nerves partially diminished.

It feels as if every cell is being activated and stimulated. Now, the fourth toe, left foot, which seems to indicate the combined energies of healing Masters who are contributing to the restoration and renovation of my body. I feel as if they are playing me, like an instrument or an orchestra, with the unique and identifiable energies which are characteristic of their individual roles and “personalities.” The effect suggests the coordination, cooperation and complex interaction which is beyond description in our mere words.

Perhaps, in my human incarnation, I am a reflection of the massive complexity and interaction of the Universe itself, in flesh and blood form. Now, I feel tears of joy and confirmation - yes, I have understood an important Truth, which they want all of us to experience and understand. We are Creation: Created, Creators, an integral part of the magnificent Whole. Now the nerve orchestra has subsided, although I continue to feel all of it, in subtler intensity. We will go back to the discussion.


“Yes, it is what we wished to illustrate for you - that we are all here, all the time, and although I am the Voice who speaks through Kathryn, I am expressing the feelings and intention of the One of which we are all a part.

Now, you were promised a bit of science about the energy part. What is happening now, as part of the fulfillment of Gaia’s transition in combination with other evolutionary forces of the cosmos, is a shift to a higher level of vibration. It is the fulfillment of a long-anticipated step toward greater Love and Light. The forces which are too complex for measurement by your current instruments to capture in total, include the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies, the flow of electrical energies across the Multiverse, and especially the influence of your Sun. 

The sun is also a major player in the relationships which are being lived out in harmony and cooperation, as was anticipated billions of years ago. Although anticipated, it was not predestined, because of the interaction of infinite numbers of consciousnesses - the great orchestra of beingness, acting and reacting in form and intention. At this juncture, the forces of the cosmos have come together in a joyful and celebratory climax of inspiration: the elevation of the entire human race to a plane of higher consciousness.  

We speak to you through this channel in the words of the philosopher/poet/psychologist. It is a preference we have, in these messages, for being able to express the feelings of love which are behind all Creation, rather than discussing simply the interaction of photons on the human body and the gravitational effects of the heavenly bodies on your experience of day to day living at this time, although those things are important as well.

You have been experiencing electrical stimulation in waves over the past month or so, which are increasing gradually as your DNA is being awakened to the point where you are able to tolerate higher and higher frequencies. You may be feeling unsettled, even unhinged at times. It is part of the natural process. Continue to do your meditation practices, which help you to absorb and integrate the electrical changes. Drink plenty of clean water, and continue to adapt your diet to accommodate your higher frequencies. You will find you need less meat protein, because your bodies are becoming more able to extract the nutrients you need from other sources, like vegetables, fruits and grains.

Finally, prepare yourselves for the coming waves of energy which will increase in intensity during the lunar eclipse in the coming week, and will be followed by even greater events on 12/12. We are trying to prepare you for a smooth transition.

Do not keep this information secret; all your fellow humans need to be given the advantage of reasonable preparation. We wish to ask each of you to give this information to at least three others. Expand your reading to other sources as well, for many different perspectives on this complex change which can be seen from as many perspectives as their are individuals describing it. We have tried here to give you the most basic and relevant information about the effects on human beings which will be felt in the coming weeks. We do this out of love and hope for your successful and glorious Ascension.

We love you all, and continue to support and celebrate you, our Beloved Ones,

Yahweh, speaking for the All and Many Beings of Light/Love, until tomorrow.”

Part 34, Nine Women of Light

November 19, 2012

“Dear Readers, we wish to say something about the group which met with Kathryn today, even though we did agree to give her a day off from channeling.

We want all our readers to know about the --- words fail us here --- heart-stopping triumph which left us all overwhelmed with tears of joy. The women who agreed to be filmed as Visual Centering volunteers gave their hearts to the project of teaching the world by filming their own efforts to grow right there in front of the camera. That in itself would have been seen as an act of courage and great generosity, but they went far beyond that in their outpouring of love and support for each other. There was such an intensity of feeling, such enormous waves of unconditional love, tenderness and awe for the person who was working with Kathryn each time - it was wondrous to behold.

Seven women who had never met Kathryn before, and many who hardly knew each other were brought together by her friend Ellen for an afternoon workshop. The result was phenomenal. As each woman reached her Center of Authenticity and joy, the Light increased, to such a degree that a beacon of Light shined forth with such power that by the seventh glorious shift of consciousness in the group, all the angels wept with joy. We, Mother/Father God, looked on in wonder and adoration of the brave and glorious souls whose Light was so bright it lifted the hearts and the cumulative energy of the entire planet and was seen and felt across the Universe.

We thank you, our dear children. The event you created, seven volunteers plus Kathryn and Ellen, resulted in the glorious synergy of nine beautiful bright lights merged and reinforcing each other. This number is sacred in the geometry of light-energy dynamics. Nine souls together can generate enough energy to lift the Darkness around the entire planet by a measurable degree.

Yes, it can be felt, literally, from pole to pole, in every corner of Gaia. You have contributed to the Ascension of the planet as well as assuring your own progress on your paths to the 5th dimension and beyond. For this, we stand in awe of your strength, the culmination of years of hard work as individuals to clear away the accumulated pain of traumatic childhoods and life events. You had all worked hard to elevate yourselves, to become the brilliant, joyful beings you saw in your own mind’s eye, but never had you reached the level of brilliance and clarity we saw today.

We are not exaggerating when we say this was a truly momentous event, a shift for each of you individually, and a triumph for the Legions of Light who have, in this month of November, tipped the balance irrevocably in the direction of Light. You have assured your own progress and created a rising tide which will carry thousands across the boundaries of space/time to the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Ascension of Planet Earth.

Welcome Home, our dear daughters. Continue to glow brightly as you have today, and your lives will be filled with happiness and greater love than you have ever known.

We honor you, we thank you, we love you beyond words. Keep us, your guides and helpers, close to your hearts, now and forever.

Your Mother/Father God, your Yahweh.”

Part 33, Lesson #8, What Will Change?

“It is November 17, 2012. I remind you of this date so that you can mark in your memory the fact that I/We are speaking to you now of the things that are to come, and the things you have already left behind. Look back over the past month and see how far you have come in such a short time. Those of you who are reading these messages on a regular basis are awakening quickly, beginning to acclimate to the way of discussing shifts to higher dimensions, even though you live in a culture where most people do not openly discuss these things, even if they do sense them and believe in their hearts that what we say here is true.

Yesterday, I encouraged you to talk with your friends about Ascension. I know that the idea of opening the conversation with people who have not already declared themselves to be “believers” is a challenge for you. It is unfortunate that you all live in cultures where being the first one to discover something, or the first one to openly discuss something puts you in the position where it is likely that you will be ridiculed or thought of as “crazy,” or misguided, as if you are easily deluded or seduced by unusual ideas. You have people who label everything new or unusual as a “conspiracy theory,” for instance, even though there are massive and real conspiracies which have allowed powerful groups to control large parts of the world economies and/or religions over many hundreds of years. It has long been difficult to present new ideas - look how the greatest of your spiritual and political leaders have been assassinated in recent past, and before them, the scientists whose new ideas threatened rigidly held beliefs.

Yes, I am asking you to “stick your neck out” now, because here in the higher dimensions we have a different view of what is happening on your planet than you do. We see the numbers of people awakening, hungry to learn new information and to have an explanation for their dreams, their new feelings of longing for connection at the most unlikely moments, with a boss, or a co-worker, or a neighbor who has not been close to them in the past. Follow those impulses of your own, to reach out, to acknowledge that you talk with God, by way of these messages. Say to someone tomorrow, “ I know someone who talks with God. Do you know anyone who does that?” You may be surprised when they tell you, “Oh, yes, my grandmother (aunt, cousin) always used to tell us what God said to her.”

You will probably be surprised at the willingness to talk about it, if you approach the person when they are alone. Better yet, try it with 10 people in a row, and keep track of the response you get: on a scale of 1 to 10, (with 10 being an enthusiastic positive) how do they respond? This way you can broach the subject in a way that is not threatening, but allows you to learn more about what others are thinking.

We are not asking you to risk your life or your reputation here. We want you to have fun with it, and at the same time be reassured that you are not alone in your sense that something is indeed happening - it is happening now, and it is important to every single person on the planet. In addition, you will reassure them at the same time that this is a subject that others are talking about and questioning.

You do not have to declare to the world whether you absolutely believe that Ascension is imminent, and that you will be going along. Just open the discussion, and along the way, you will have the opportunity to mention that you have felt new electrical energy surges, or your diet and sleep patterns seem to be disrupted lately.  

People often are fascinated by those who quote scientific information. Tell them that December 21, 2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle in which the stars and planets will align in a powerful way. (Read a few articles to brush up on which are the major players in this alignment. I will tell you that major influences have to do with your sun and the center of the Universe.) I am not suggesting that your planet will change magnetic poles or send all of you flying off into space. It will be an enormous shift in the energy fields which you, as human animals, are able to detect with the finely tuned center of your brain.

Those who are centered in their brains and firmly grounded in the heart of Terra will ride through the changes as if you are on a great tsunami of joy. You will feel yourselves being lifted, body and soul, in a surge of freedom and lightness the likes of which you have never experienced before.  

When the wave comes, do not try to fight against it or control it, or mitigate its effects on you or those around you. Ride it, like a surfer on the Great Barrier reef or the beaches of Hawaii. If you have never had the pleasure of riding an ocean wave, imagine yourself in the videos of surfers who soar along under the crest of the wave, steady on their feet, riding the powerful wave to its completion, where they emerge, unharmed, into the soft surf and warm sun. You will experience the exhilaration they feel, in even greater measure. Another example: Have you ever seen films of expert skiers who leap into a crevasse to soar across the white powder, arcing across the mountain, barely skimming the snow, as if they might at any moment launch into flight? You will feel that, only better, for the transition you are making holds no danger, or discomfort - only the exhilaration of expansiveness, freedom and Light.

Be ready to fly, my children. Reach into the memory of your soul and prepare yourselves to soar with happiness. You will land in a place of absolute love, together with the ones you love, including your pets, your favorite gardens and forests, the trees you have known all your lives, and the people you have been most comfortable with and trusted the most. What will you leave behind? We answer Diane, who was reluctant to leave behind what she knows, what is familiar. We would ask you, Dear, what is it you want to keep? The tax forms, the dentist appointments, the slums in your cities, the limp and unattractive vegetables in your supermarkets, the plastic toys, the air pollution, the harried pace of your over-scheduled lives?

Or would you prefer to spend long hours with those you love, walking through pristine natural landscapes with your children and friends, basking in the warm sun, or perhaps you prefer to work together, building a glorious hippodrome for the performance of music and dance, where you can all go without having to buy a ticket. Perhaps you would like to play a musical instrument, with the greatest teachers to instruct you, or try your hand at painting, weaving, drumming or teaching children. You will decide how many hours you wish to spend at your favorite pursuits, and you will have eternity to try them all.

We do not mean to imply that there will be no more challenges for you, if you wish to evolve on your spiritual path. You will have the entire Universe at your disposal, as you always have had, to continue your efforts. Some of you have already determined that you will work toward becoming Ascended Masters, a fulfilling and revered position in the Ascension process. All are encouraged to continue toward that goal, but you, my children, may well want to “spend some time” in the Paradise beyond time, New Gaia, the beautiful Blue Planet which has been your home, in a new and more wonderful incarnation.

Do not be tempted to bring worry and fear into your days by bringing a vision of disasters, pain or loss into your experience of Ascension. Remember: you will be moving “higher.” Those who have ascended to the 5th dimension can always go back to lower dimensions if you wish to visit those who have not come as far as you have, to bring them with you, to teach or to express your love and encouragement to them. We have already told you that many Lightworkers have volunteered to be here to help you at this time. More and more of your star brothers and sisters are here to witness and share this wondrous event.

We will continue to explain, encourage and reassure you in any way we can. Send your questions to Kathryn and we will answer them. Do your meditations every day, and it will become easier and easier for you to feel the peace of mind, warmth and unconditional love which comes as you rise, little by little, until you find yourselves here with us at last.

We await you, my children. Do not delay out of fear of losing anything that is dear to you. You have so much to gain, and you have planned this with us for thousands of years. Fulfill your own promise to yourselves, this week, this month, this year.

We love you. You are the children of our hearts.

As always, Yahweh”

Part 32, Lesson #7, Talking With Others About Ascension

November 17, 2012

“Now, here we are right in the middle of a dramatic transition, and half the population of your country, the United States, is still asleep. Actually, that percentage holds true for much of the Western World. Other parts of the planet, where indigenous people have continued to live close to the land, are in a different phase, in which all the people will be elevated because of their ancient wisdom and practices.

But, here you are, surrounded by people who are either indifferent or oblivious to the momentum gathering all around them. We have plans for waking them up, but so far they have not responded in large numbers to the waves of Love we have sent. Those who are defended against change or any kind of direct experience of Spirit connection - although many of them profess to be religious - remain shut down, reluctant to experience anything they don’t already know. Ironically, they may even react to our Light and Love energy treatments with grumpiness or anger. It is clear that more help is needed if all the souls are to be included in this glorious transition. We must ask you, our children - all of you within the sound of our call - to help awaken the others.  

We know it is difficult to broach the subject of Ascension with someone you know is closed, but we ask you to try. You may be surprised how many people have been thinking about these things, but they have closed their minds because of the disaster movies and Apocalyptic predictions they do not wish to believe. That is not a problem. What we have to tell them is good news. Here are our suggestions about how to broach the subject:

Talk about the scientifically documented facts. We are heading into a cosmic event which has been predicted and measured by the astronomers. On December 21, the Earth will align with other heavenly bodies in a way that occurs only once every 26,000 years. We are already beginning to feel the shift in energy that results, just as the Earth tides are effected by the moon’s alignment, but this is a much bigger event. Tell them that your friends are talking about a cosmic event which involves a shift of dimensions, an evolution which involves not only the planet’s land and water masses, but the destiny of the Earth’s soul. We do call her Mother Earth, after all.

Refer to the ancient mythology of the Mayans and the Egyptians, and the predictions in the Bible - not the ones that talk about hell-fire and brimstone, but the ones that promise Eternal Life. Do not try to argue them into anything. Ask them if they think all these people who are joyful in their hopes and dreams of a new way of life in a new dimension are just insane, or deluded? There seem to be many who have agreed with them, like Albert Einstein and more recent physicists who are talking about how a particle can be in two places at once, and therefore we could have a body here and a soul in the “afterlife” at the same time.

And what about the people who have died and come back, because of our advancing medical treatments? They all talk about feeling overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, and about meeting guides and angels, and about coming to greater understandings about our Oneness with all things. How could a lack of oxygen produce the same vision in so many different people, from different religions and walks of life? Many of them say they never believed in any form of afterlife or spiritual connection until their “near-death” experiences. They talk about how wonderful it was, and how reluctant they were to return, but came back so they could share what they learned. They have said it was a life-changing experience.

Ask your friends and neighbors what they plan to do on December 21st, and if they are going to have an Ascension Party. Plan a party yourself for that night, and invite a number of people who do not believe there is any such thing as Ascension. Let them mingle with others who joke, sing and cheer for rising to higher levels of consciousness. A few doubters can add spice to the mix, as long as they are not violent or hostile in their beliefs.

This is asking you to do more of what you have come here to do in this life: Every time you face a problem which causes you to rise to the occasion with your best intelligence and an open heart, you become stronger and more confirmed in your own beliefs. You may not succeed in convincing anyone to Ascend, but you will have planted the seed for a later time that day, or that month. We understand this is a difficult task, but one which is crucial to the success of our mission - to see everyone come streaming through the gates, even if it is at the last minute.

The reasons the Mayans and others used a single date to predict the Shift is because that is the way of thinking humans are familiar with. We have resisted placing a particular date on this event because it is ongoing. The so-called gates have already been flung open, and the early transitioners have already begun to come. Like Kathryn’s client Diana, you may have been having vivid dreams of people ascending, as in Diana’s dream of many people dressed all in white in an all white area, being carried upward on an escalator. Her dream was not an accident or a weird anomaly. It was a gift from her guides, who have all been instructed to present their humans with such imagery to jog their memories so they will remember the truths they knew before they came to this life. You all were aware of the importance of this life journey, and the promise of eternal life and the ability to pass over to the 5th dimension without having to die to get there.  

Will you see the souls who have passed over before this time? Your grandmothers and friends and loved ones you miss so much? Yes, of course you will. They will be visible to you, as I will be, in our energy forms of Light.  

You may have noticed symptoms in yourselves during the past few weeks, like headaches or wooziness, or days of unusual hunger, or times when food does not interest you. You may have noticed a greater craving for vegetables and fruits rather than heavy meats. Even the cats and dogs have become more interested in vegetarian foods. You may remember the prediction in the Bible, that the lion will lie down with the lamb. It is already beginning to happen. All across the planet, animals are becoming more loving and nurturing, more attached to members of their own and even other species. They are the first to show the symptoms of Ascensionitis.

Humans are more likely to attribute their symptoms to illness or stress. It is not simply those things. You are all reacting to the higher vibrational level, as if your space capsule were being filled with a denser mix of oxygen. Unfortunately, you are reluctant to talk with each other about real things, so you might not know that your neighbor is suffering the same disconcerting feelings you are.  

Ask. Ask the people you meet standing in line at the grocery store. Ask the mailman, the gas station attendant, the butcher, and your children’s car pool parents: “Have you been noticing what everyone is calling ‘Ascensionitis’”?  Children will also feel the lifting sensations, more purely and without as much fear as adults, because the younger they are, the closer they are to Us. You need not worry about the children. They will be among the first Ascenders.

Yes, we are asking you to be the leaders, to risk your credibility and perhaps your reputation as an Old Guy (or Gal), one of the crowd, a go-along with the crowd regular guy. Stick your neck out, take a risk - all those dreadful things you call being yourself or expressing your own opinion. You see how constricted and oppressive your culture is? Anyone who dares to think original thoughts or believe something not entirely within the mainstream is considered a kook or a weirdo. Do not be swayed by this rigid thinking. You sense in your bones that what you are reading is true. You are the ones who are educating yourselves in order to be awake and ready. They will either learn from you, or they will be left behind.  

Unfortunately, the environment for the ones who stay behind will not be as pleasant as New Gaia, because they will be left with the residue of the destruction, greed and competition for resources which has poisoned all of you, physically and psychologically. This is the legacy the left-behinds will cling to, and the kinds of struggles they will take part in. So, you see, it will be a truly tragic thing to see people clinging to old ways, while you and your friends and family ascend, full of joy and gratitude. Many would say it’s just not fair, but do you really want to recreate a world which would be exactly identical to the one you are leaving behind?

Choose your conversations to optimize the possibility of making some headway, but choose them. You might be asking yourself: How is this lesson #7? You will begin to see as we go through these lessons that they are like the Life Lessons you are accustomed to in your life path on Earth. You will be challenged in a way that feels like a stretch, beyond your comfort zone, as you say. It will create a situation in which you must reach deep to find your strength and affirm your convictions. In doing so, you will grow and become stronger every day.

So, my children, go forth and conquer. Conquer your fears, win over the reluctant hold-outs, and be secure in our love and our gratitude for your energy and your help, for it has been your ability to raise your own level of existence which has made it possible for this Great Experiment to take place in the first place. Without you this would not have happened now.

Go in peace, live in love,

Yahweh (or you can call me Sue)”

Part 31, Lesson #6, Old Gaia and New Gaia Contrasted, and a Joke From God

November 16, 2012

“Now, my dear, we will try to answer some of your questions.

Why can’t you wake up in the 5th dimension, and only come back here to Old Earth by meditating your way back when you need to be here? You can. Some others have done it that way, but you have made a commitment with us and with yourself to spend the greater part of your time here, helping others to learn about Ascension. Look at your schedule. You spend 18 hours of every day, sometimes more, in your work to teach our message. It has been our guidance to you in your sleeping hours that for now, it will be less stressful for you to remain in 3D for the greater part of your waking hours.

It is already difficult for you to manage the details and demands of your complicated life because your heart is in the 5th dimension, where conditions are simpler, truer and more humane. You are aware of how difficult it is when the rather primitive technology you must use to accomplish your video presentations and radio show seem unnecessarily difficult and complex. You have learned to manage the frustration well, but can you imagine how impossible the contrast would feel if you spent long hours here, where everything is created in the blink of an eye?

We use your questions as a lesson to those who are learning to elevate their consciousness to prepare them for Ascension. The contrast between the arduous and nonsensical demands of life on Old Gaia, and life on the New Gaia is as different as night and day. Money, for instance. You just read a quote which said something like, “Humans are the only species that has to pay to live on Planet Earth.” Ridiculous, isn’t it, that your planet was designed to support and nurture everyone in abundance, and you have ended up enslaved to a system which makes you pay for what should have been free to all?

As your Vision expands to see through the surface demands and the commercial propaganda which has shaped life on Earth, you see how false the facade really is, and how unnecessary the arduousness of your work lives really is. If it were not for the layers upon layers of financial and political and religious systems of power and control which siphon off the wealth of everyone on the planet, your work would be joyful, creative, and just what you love to do. That is not an impossible dream. It is a reality here on New Gaia, as our channel, Kathryn, and many of her colleagues have seen. No one works for someone they dislike, and no one performs work that is meaningless or not to their liking.

You might think that if there are no survival-related demands involved, that no one would work at all. This could not be further from the truth. Elevated souls are always more motivated by inspiration and their passion to create than they are by the fear of losing their comforts or their immediate source of money. Already, many of the citizens on your planet are “opting out” of the old ways, finding fulfillment and peace of mind in growing good food, building beautiful small living spaces, and joining with their community to help sustain each other. There are a predominance of these folks in the area where Kathryn lives. There, the air tastes and smells of the 5th dimension and beyond, and no one is allowed to go hungry or homeless if their neighbors are aware of it.  

Of course, it is still a difficult transition for some of you because you cannot imagine anything other than getting up every morning, putting on a suit or other uniform of your job, and spending all the daylight hours working at something you care little about, because you are attached to the home or apartment you live in, and the lifestyle you say you like, which you spend less than 20% of your time living out. We do not expect anyone to simply walk away from everything they have known and have become fond of. Just the opposite. Here on new Gaia you will find the elements of life you loved, without the dark or boring or soul-crushing requirements which sapped your energy and interfered with your heart connections.

Do not fear any longer for your “survival,” because you will experience perfect health, (no more concerns about healthcare, aging or disease), food will be “no problem,” and you will create the living conditions you prefer, whether it be a simple cottage by a clear stream, or a crystal palace on a mountaintop. The water will be clean and clear, the air fresh and unpolluted. These are conditions which no one living on the planet at this time has ever experienced. Gaia has already cleansed herself, and is thrilled to welcome the beings of Light who have already taken up residence on her newly restored body. They are filled with reverence, gratitude and joy to have reached the fulfillment of their deepest longing, the unconscious dream they have carried in their soul memories for many lifetimes. They weep with joy and relief to see the warmth with which they are all embraced and welcomed, by their guides and angels, and by each other, travelers in Faith who have begun a brand new journey together.

Here on Old 3D Gaia, one might not be aware of the monumental change which has already taken place, if it were not for the feelings of unrest, confusion and disorientation you are all feeling. You are now in a position of having to let go of the centuries-old prejudice that what you cannot see in front of your nose does not exist.

You all have the full component of sensory abilities, including your ability to detect magnetic shifts, electrical fields, emotional “vibes” and musical sounds, none of which have any substance or weight. You will easily “see” the shifts all around you if you listen the way you listen to music - with your heart. Your dreams are becoming more and more explicit and intense. Pay attention, every night, to the messages you are being given about your personal growth and what you need to do to advance along the Ascension path. Awake each morning with the intension of making the dreams of your heart a reality.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly substantial houses, roads, automobiles and noisy machinery around you. As more and more of you raise your level of vibration, these objects of Old Gaia will begin to lose their sense of reality for you. You will see through them as if they were holograms, memories of an ancient time and place. You will see how unnecessary they are to the fulfillment of your Light-filled path, the destiny you envisioned when you began your last life here on Old Gaia. 

We are sending you wave after wave of unconditional love. The atmosphere has been cleansed of much of the static energy of conflict and discord, allowing the free flow of Light energy across the planet. Wars are winding down, as your generals and their power-hungry handlers are being removed from power. Hypocrisy everywhere is being baldly revealed for what it is, creating space and air for people of high integrity and purpose to take their rightful place as leaders of your countries and of the institutions which will shift and evolve quickly to accommodate real work to benefit the needs of all.

These are the interim steps which will help all of you adapt to the expectation and reality of the New Gaia which will become the beautiful home of all who continue their Ascension to the 5th dimension and beyond.

Remember - practice the meditation exercise I gave you in Lesson # 1. That is the first tool in your toolbox to help you elevate. Read our book, Who Needs Light? as a manual for allowing you to finish clearing away the old emotional baggage which controls your feelings of inadequacy and fear. Watch the new videos which we have asked Kathryn to create and post to teach the Visual Centering technique which will give you the necessary contact with your spiritual center, and the portal to communicate with Us directly. We are delighted to be able to offer you these tools, which were created at the request of Yahweh, Ashtar, and the other Guides and Masters who are currently working with our Lightworkers everywhere, in every country and every language on the planet.

Our information is proliferating everywhere so that no one will be left uninformed and untouched by the urgent call to arise! put your energy to fulfilling your own hopes and dreams, lifting your own spirits, and elevating so that you will be ready and waiting when the call of Gabrielle’s heavenly horn beckons all of you Home.

We love you all, and we will be here with you when you fly triumphantly across the “finish line,” which is really a new beginning, a new life.

I am delighted with the energy and joy with which this message is already being received. It tempts me to reveal the laughter and good humor we all feel at this wonderful moment as we move toward fulfillment of the Great Dream.

I no longer wish to adhere to the formality of addressing myself in the mysterious names which have been attributed to me/us over the eons, such as Allah, Yahweh, God, Shiva, Buddha, and so on. You can call me Sam, or Sue, as the old country song goes (and if that doesn’t make you giggle, well, I gave it a good try.)

Love, Sue”

Part 30, Lesson #5, Self-Sorting Levels of Development and the Effects of Free Will Choices

November 15, 2012

“Greetings, Dear Ones, it is a very exciting time, and much is occurring which we would like to help you with. We have asked Kathryn to create another way of taking our message to the world - an internet radio show where people can call in and ask questions. She will channel our voice, which we call the voice of Yahweh, and she will also invite other channelers to come to our show to channel Ascended Masters and Angels. We like to think of it as “A Fireside Chat with God,” but we are open to other names if you would like to suggest them. 

We are so excited about this possibility of having a direct channel to talk with you, one on one, as you would call it, that we can hardly wait for Kathryn to launch our new project. We hope that all of you reading this will join us to have a real conversation about your challenges which arise from the earth changes happening every day now, and we expect that you might want to ask about the nature of life in other dimensions, and what it is like for those who pass over to higher dimensions after they have left their bodies.

Of course, that is not what you will experience now, because you will be able to take your bodies with you this time. We know how attached you become to the experience of life in a body, so we have devised a way for you to ascend to the 5th dimension with Gaia while also remaining in the delightful material experiences of having a body.

For most of you it is beyond imagining - a body adapted to the 5th dimension for life in the exquisite vibration of unconditional love. It has been even for us an idea, a creation which has lived in our Universal consciousness, in preparedness for the current full materialization of it with all of you participating. You will understand these concepts of time/no time once you cross the boundary into the higher dimensions.

Now, I will try to explain to you a question which has been of great concern for many of you upon hearing of the conditions which will arise when some might resist the opportunity to experience a life in which the only emotions are unconditional love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, courage and patience - all the emotions of the spectrum of Light and Love.

Those among you who are “hooked” on the darker emotions like jealousy, greed, lust for power, hatred, and vengeance may decide that their commitment is to a life of darkness rather than Light. We must arrange for alternative destinations for those souls, because of our contract with each of you to honor your free will choices. If such resistance to change should occur, the individuals who choose to remain behind when Gaia completes her transition will sort themselves into levels of development, based on the vibrational level they are living during this lifetime. Therefore, the higher level but fearful or reluctant souls will reside in one domain, while the “dark hats” - those who have unrepentantly committed heinous crimes against their fellows - will be assigned to another domain, in company with others of their own vibrational level. Thus, every soul will be sorted out according to their own inclination to raise their vibrational level or not.

As you can see, this is the only fair way to allow for every individual to reach their highest level, while still allowing for the planet to fulfill her path of Ascendance. Those who do ascend with Gaia will participate in the glorious experiment of a lifetime, the never-before event of ascending without having to “die” first. Yes, you will be given eternal life, to continue your path of ongoing soul development, evolving through the levels until all are able to reach the level of Enlightened Beings.  

This is our plan for all of you, my children. We do not wish to leave anyone behind, but we may be forced to wait longer for some than for others. Our dear Lightworkers from all over the Multiverse have come to help and to be a part of this grand completion of the first phase of Ascension. There are those among you who have already volunteered to descend to work among the reluctant beings who may later change their minds and need instruction in how to elevate themselves enough to follow their brothers and sisters who have gone on to higher planes.  

We do not wish for anyone to be left behind, but it is not possible for a soul to ascend to a level which is of higher vibration than they are prepared for. This has always been true. While the Master Teachers, for instance, can descend many levels to work with willing souls, their students cannot ascend to join them in the highest planes, because their energetic systems could not tolerate the dramatic shift, and could cause them to fragment and become disorganized in a serious way - literally “blowing their circuits.”

This design which acknowledges levels of vibration to determine the highest level of accomplishment for each soul has worked well for millions of years; it was not devised for this occasion. Yet, some will complain that it is not fair; everyone should ascend, regardless. What if they never heard of Ascension, or they did not know how to snap out of their attraction to darkness because they were abused themselves?

Well, there will be those who are able to ascend simply because they have lived joyful lives in service to others, and some who will have to be alerted at the final hour so they can have the chance. However, given the reach of your internet and news sources, and the awakening events which will occur between now and then, it is unlikely that anyone will reach Dec. 21, 2012 without having heard of the impending transition.

You are the lucky ones, my children. You are being prepared in a methodical and controlled way. You have access to these lessons, and still you refuse to read carefully and to take them to heart. We do not blame you for not wanting to take the simple actions we suggest, because you cannot open your minds to anything which seems “illogical to you, or because you are afraid of the unknown. We wish it were otherwise, but we understand that this is the level of thinking you have been taught. We will continue to work with you, to send our Lightworkers to help you, because we treasure the unique and precious souls you are, regardless of your present level of development.

Keep breathing, Dear Ones, continue to practice your meditations, and read every single one of these postings, until the ideas begin to sound commonplace and obvious.

Reach for the stars, pray for help from your guides, and remember that we are here with you at every turn, forever.

We love you one and all,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am.”

Part 29, Lesson #4, A Meditation to Anchor With Gaia

November 14, 2012

“The Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 has been a momentous event. It is a once in a thousand year astronomical event, appearing in the skies for the people of Australia to see. Its gravitational effects are felt all over the globe, however. This is a time of change; the beginning of a new era for all the people of Planet Earth.

By now you have no doubt been experiencing the effects of the enormous wave of love we sent to you on 11/11, and its reverberations through today. Did you find yourself wanting to hug the people close to you, even perhaps people you have never hugged before? Have you had impulses to give away your possessions to those who need them more than you do? We have seen this occurring frequently in the disaster sites of New York and New Jersey and elsewhere, where people who have suffered great damage forgo help in favor of giving it to their neighbors who are in even greater need than they are. Our hearts sing with joy at the growing connections of loving concern and friendship we see across boundaries that would have been impossible to breach in the past.

Today, we will offer you a quiet meditation to sooth your frayed nerves and ease the expansion process which is stretching your skulls to the point where some of you may be experiencing headaches or a bit of dizziness as you adapt to the increasing abilities which are being brought on line. If it feels to you as if your intelligence is increasing, even as your hearts are expanding to receive greater and greater waves of love, you are correct. Your DNA is being activated in new ways which will allow you to absorb greater amounts of knowledge, but more importantly, greater amounts of feeling. It is happening gradually, so that most of you who have been stretching yourselves in your personal growth may be finding it exhilarating, while others may feel what you think of as “stress” in increasing measure. Do not fear. You will not be pushed beyond your limits as long as you continue to practice the meditation we gave you in Lesson #1, which we wish for you to practice daily.

Beyond practicing the first meditation, we will add another exercise to help you advance in this expansion process. You may pause as you read this to close your eyes and concentrate as you go through the exercise.

Breathe gently and steadily, feeling the light tingling sensation along the passageways of your nose and throat. Slow the breaths so that the air passes ever so gently along the pathways, down the windpipe to your welcoming lungs. Feel the expansion as your chest rises to make room for more air. Expand fully, feeling the large space inside yourself where you gather the oxygen-laden air to nourish and satisfy your whole body. Remain a bit expanded in this way, even as your diaphragm works, like a bellows, pushing the partially used air back out, allowing it to mix immediately with the air around you.

Notice the remarkable fact that the air near and around you does not lose its power to nourish you. It does not become depleted of oxygen to a noticeable degree no matter how much you breathe, or how many people you may have gathered around you in your room. There is plenty for all. Such is the power of Mother Terra to nurture and sustain all of you, as she will continue to do for all those who choose to anchor themselves deeply into her heart, and travel with her into the experience of love and light which awaits all of you in higher dimensions.

Her service to you will continue, but the stress on her abilities will be considerably reduced, as her traveling companions become lighter and more loving, more considerate of her needs, and less in need of the enormous amounts of food and energy which has increased exponentially in recent years.

Yes, some of the DNA changes you will experience will mean that your nutritional needs will be altered, because you will be able to absorb nutrition from your surroundings in new and simpler ways, and your love of fashion and luxury can be met, literally, out of thin air, as you would say. This might sound incredible to you unless you remember that your air is also filled with many of the substances of life similar to your own make-up. This too will evolve and change to allow you greater lightness and freedom.

Now, as you contemplate the incomprehensible changes which are taking place in your bodies and your environment, also allow your minds to dwell, in peace and gratitude, on the thousands of years of selfless service, of creating endless abundance which Gaia herself has accomplished for the beings in her care. Every animal, every plant and every human has benefitted equally - the recipients of her love whether aware or not, whether grateful and appreciative or insensitive and gluttonous. All have prospered in their own way, over eons.

It is now time for all of you to breathe more slowly and deeply, absorb more consciously, and as you do, gather your strength into a lightening bolt of loving intention and direct it downward, through your bloodstream, down into your living center, gathering the unique signature of your own DNA as it travels through your body. Send that lightning bolt from you down into the heart of Terra, through the layers of rock, soil, water and magma, into the beating heart of your dear Terra. Sing her praises as you send your gratitude and admiration to celebrate her triumph, her own glorious Ascension.

It is graduation day all over Planet Earth. You have all completed this phase of your soul growth. You will never again return to the heavy and challenging dark atmosphere of 3-dimensional Earth. This has been your last hurrah, as you might say. You must now gather your strength and your medals of honor for the good work you have done, whether that work might have been in the body of kings or peasants, men or women, even through those lifetimes where you learned the meaning of cruelty and destruction as the victim or the perpetrator - those most instructive lifetimes which resulted for most of you in enormously expanded abilities to feel empathy and compassion.

Yes, at one time or another, most of you have played both roles, and recovered your balance as you reviewed and learned from the profound and humbling experiences we devised in endless variety for all of you. You have learned and progressed in your soul lessons, in spite of the apparently hopeless darkness you see on the Earth during this difficult time.

In fact, as the atmosphere on Earth became heavier and darker over the last several thousand years, you have had to work far harder just to remain balanced enough to maintain your connections with us and with your own hearts. As the bar was lowered, the testing ground became more and more difficult.  

We commend you for your continued commitment to rising above the tide, for reaching deeply into your soul memories to keep your balance enough to still be able to express love and tenderness, to be generous in times of need, and to care for the weakest and least fortunate among you. You are the children of our hearts, born out of love. We encourage you to expand, breathe, and keep expanding, to keep up with the changes occurring around you, even in the air you breathe.

You will find that old addictions and habits become unsustainable because of the discomfort they cause you. Your tastes will change and evolve as you ascend. Do not force yourself to cling to old habits or tendencies. Suspend your judgments concerning things as basic as the food you have been attracted to in the past, and the luxuries (or armies) you thought you needed to make you feel safe. Embrace peace in all your dealings, as neighbors, as citizens and as Earthlings. Breathe joy, love and peace, and we and Mother Gaia will take care of the rest. It is our joy to see you grow and to celebrate your hard-earned soul growth.

We look on with affection and pleasure as you join hands in preparation for lift-off. It will truly be a “bon voyage,” my children.

Your loving guides, your Creators and your angel helpers, in the name of all, 

I Am That I Am”

Part 28, Lesson #3, Do I Have to?

November 12, 2012

Kathryn: This one has me flummoxed. You'll see why.

“Yahweh said:

Once upon a time there was a young girl who dreamed of flying away on a white horse with wings. She dreamed this lovely dream because she felt like a prisoner in a traumatic childhood. That dream kept her hopes alive, because she saw it as if it were absolutely real: the powerful horse would gallop out of the distant clouds, and at full speed, she would leap onto its back and be swept away before anyone could try to hold her back or pull her off her horse. She would fly, and the sense of freedom this gave her became the dream and the passion she has held, for herself and for others, ever since. Now, Kathryn, we feel your tears and your question: You couldn’t possibly want me to show this to the world. Why do you embarrass me?

We tell this story because it reveals the essence of who you are, and why you are doing this work of channeling our words and giving them to the world. There is nothing for you to gain, and much to lose if people refuse to open their minds to the truth of what you are writing, and assume that you are simply expressing your own opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is not your way to advertise yourself or to pretend to know far-reaching truths about spiritual or cosmic events.

I wish to reveal to your readers what your true intentions are, and what we have asked of you. It has not been an easy assignment we have given you, but from the beginning of your training many years ago, you have continued, sometimes doggedly, to pursue the path toward greater knowledge and enlightenment, even when it meant going it alone. This is why you were chosen for this difficult assignment, channeling God, in a world where many will assume it is some sort of insanity or delusion. We know otherwise. We know that your first impulse is always to leap on your white horse and fly, as you did when we offered you the opportunity to ascend to higher dimensions with us.

We are now asking you to do something which may be the most difficult assignment of all. We are asking you to tell others how you are able to elevate yourself to higher dimensions, what you see and feel when you do so, and what inspires you to continue this journey, even when you are exhausted, or when people question your sanity or your intentions. Even beyond that, we want you to tell everyone you meet, not just your close confidants, that you are willing to teach them what they need to know to ascend too. You are well prepared to teach the brain focusing and meditation techniques, and to take our message to the world, in as large numbers as you can.

Do not leave it to others to accidentally stumble upon these postings. Send your message through your Facebook account, and by sending an email to everyone on your email list. Should they decide to ignore or downplay the urgency or the truth of our information, you are the one who will feel the disappointment of seeing your friends, clients and family turning their backs.

Of course we care, but it is you who will feel the pain of knowing you cannot reach people you care about, people you want to see flying, reaching for the stars, as you do. “Oh, my,” you say, knowing it is true, but not something you would say out loud to those you wish to invite to go with you. So, we will say it for you. We offer you the example of someone who began as you did, feeling miserable in life, lost without an anchor. It is your Kathryn. When she was offered the opportunity to learn the Visual Centering work, she stayed on to study so that she could teach it. When we offered her the glimpses behind the veil, to expand her psychic abilities to serve as a channel for us, she agreed and asked for more. She attributes it to her insatiable curiosity; we call it courage.

Now, Kathryn, you are jumping out of your chair, (yes, it is unfair to put you in this position, of doing what you would think of as singing your own praises, but we are testing you further, challenging you to report our words accurately, no matter what they are about.) Ironically, this is, of course, the hardest test we could devise for you - to admit your strengths, publicly, and to tell the world, here and now. We do this because we are asking you to teach what you know, and no one knows better than we do what needs to be taught, right now, and by the teachers who have been tested and proven along the way.

As the disciples were asked in their time, to challenge the thinking of the leaders, to risk their livelihoods and their reputations to teach The Word, we are asking you and the others who channel our words to tell the world, with only the conviction of your own inner voice to guide you. We thank you all, the growing number of adventurous souls who bring the message selflessly, to encourage all to prepare now for the fabulous opportunity that is available to everyone, right now.

Contrary to popular belief, the Ascension is not something that will happen to anyone. It is not something you can wait for, or learn about in your science classes. As real and as present as it may seem to those who channel our words, there are many who have barely heard of this positive and thrilling possibility of ascending to the 5th dimension, with your bodies, and without having to die to get there. There is a challenge, however. You will have to rise to the occasion, as you might say. We have given you a sample, above, with Kathryn, of the kinds of challenges we present to our children on their way to a higher path of soul development. To all of you, we ask: Do as much, in your own development, to get out of your own way as we have asked of her. 

Reach, my Dear Ones, to accomplish the things you came to this life to do. Love unconditionally, be willing to surrender your doubt and cynicism in favor of Faith and Light, and do not stop until you feel joyful in every minute of your day, no matter what is happening in your environment, or even in your thoughts.

Rise, as many of you have done in your dreams, when you fly freely and effortlessly. Do not be afraid to venture into unknown feelings and visions in your meditations. We will help you by sending you constant waves containing the energy of Unconditional Love. We will give you messages all day long - small reminders that we are here, supporting and urging you to take the simple actions you need to accomplish in order to be at the level of energetic preparedness you will need to transition.

When the elevator ascends to the top floor and the doors open, we want you to be acclimated to the rarer air of the 5th dimension, which will overwhelm you if you have not conditioned yourselves, as you would for a climb up a high mountain. It is nothing if you are prepared, but it could be overwhelming to your body and your brain if you are completely unprepared. So, build up your spiritual muscles, everyone! Breathe, meditate in gratitude and fulfillment, as you reach for your highest level of being.

We are with you; we love you unconditionally, and... (now, please try to understand this from our perspective of acknowledging your free will) we wish you luck.

Your guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Saints, and your Yahweh”

Part 27, Lesson #2, A Model for a Community of Light

November 12, 2012

“We are very happy to have been present today at an extraordinary gathering of the Rondout Valley healers, in upstate New York. It is a group of healers who come together to dedicate their time and energies to the health and well-being of others in their community, and they are dedicated to being the best they can be, in their personal lives and their work together - so much so that they meet to encourage and share their talents to forge strong bonds and improve their ability to offer free services in their community.

It is a heartwarming sight to see the talented group, lovingly helping one another, sharing jokes and delectable food, performing group healing sessions which are masterful, indescribably powerful and joyful at the same time. All the heavens rejoiced as you performed the loving healing work with one of your dear members, Suzanne. We want to reassure Susan that there is no need for her to worry or to need devastating surgery or other invasive medical procedures. Our great healers will work with her to completely cure the imbalance which caused the flare-up she is experiencing. As she was told, her dear Gabrielle will supervise the healing, along with Jesus and St. Germaine. Her doctors will be amazed when her next scan shows impeccable health.

We wish to acknowledge the work of all these Hudson Valley healers and to commend you on your livelong efforts to bring Light to those around you. As the energy of your combined power radiated outward and upward, the Light it generated could be seen throughout the galaxies. Star brothers and sisters from as far away as Andromeda celebrate your deep feeling and your combined commitment to Light.

Now, we have something else to tell you. During Hurricane Sandy, Kathryn and many others prayed urgently to spare your little Valley, because so many of you are already far along on your path, and because you are already well into the tradition of helping one another, serving your community energetically even when there is no pressing need. You and many others in your area give generously of your time and expertise to make your local area one of the bright spots on the planet.

There are also large numbers of environmental protectors, whose dedication to Terra has not gone unnoticed. Because of this, your area was bypassed by the storm, which passed all around you, but created little damage in your local area. We cannot explain to you the intricacies of the effect of your positive energy on the weather, but we can tell you that the energy of Love you generate there, as a result of the large numbers of Lightworkers and Earth Stewards, had a mitigating effect on the storm’s power as it passed through your area.  

We have asked Kathryn to place this message on her public website because you are an inspiring example of the meaningful work which can be accomplished when a growing percentage of the community begins to come together in service and in Love. You are all beginning to see these effects in other areas after the storm, as the recovery process In the Eastern U.S. extends from days in which survival was paramount, to weeks and months where large numbers of people will need to remake not only their homes but their lives.

We are delighted to confirm that romances have already begun to bloom in the ranks of service workers who came together for the same purpose, but whose paths would never have passed if it hadn’t been for Sandy. Even refugees who huddled in shelters were thrown together in close quarters with new friends and potential lovers. We foresee many happy marriages and a surge in new births as a result of the Loving energy which has lifted all hearts, in spite of the hardships.

For all of you who are in various stages of your awakening, and may have been shaken by the changes on your planet, do not descend into anger or blaming your government or Us for the suffering. It is an unfortunate but necessary part of the cleansing which Gaia is going through. Her burden had become unsustainable, and her path is to ascend to higher dimensions. Those who ascend with her in the coming weeks will find themselves able to create a new life - one in which material possessions are no longer important because of the great abundance all will experience. Worries about survival will become a dim memory, and there will be no one who will ever again experience loneliness or alienation.

Let these new understandings of the truth of human existence elevate your consciousness, Dear Ones. You have all overcome tragedy and Earthly upheavals in your present and past lives. These are challenges which have brought out the best in you. In fact, you show your brightest and best strengths and intelligence when you are “under fire,” as you say. Those of you who are able to keep your hearts open even as you struggle against difficult odds have always come away from these events with greater stamina, stronger friendships and a view of yourselves as sturdy and competent. This is the epitome of soul growth.  

What you do now during your most difficult days will determine your level of progress along your path as an evolving soul. Do not allow yourself, no matter how difficult your life challenges might seem, to sink into self-pity or despair. Reach out to those around you with loving intentions and a compassionate heart, and your efforts will be rewarded a hundred-fold, for this is the Universal Law of Flow, as it is described in Kathryn’s book.

Some have tried to explain it on the basis of karma, but this does not account for the multiplying effect that Light actions have. But don’t take Our Word for it; try it yourself.

Commit those random acts of kindness, without any thought to being repaid or even thanked, and when you do, smile to yourself, with the knowledge that you have helped to lift the energies on the planet, to make the Ascension of millions even closer to fulfillment, and continue to prepare yourself to be one of those millions.

We have made another request of our channel, Kathryn, which has caused great excitement in our ranks. We have asked her to host an internet radio show, which will be called, to our amusement, The Channel Panel. She has agreed to the format, which will feature her channeling The Voice of Yahweh, while others whom she will be asked to invite will channel their familiar Spirit entities, so that we can show you what our communications between and among ourselves are like.

We hope to afford you a greater glimpse into the workings of Heaven, so to speak. We are jumping with joy at the prospect of speaking with all of you as you call in to ask us questions and get to know us “up close and personal.” (We love to use your amusing cliches.) So, stay tuned, Loved Ones. We will be speaking with all of you soon, we hope.

We love you beyond words, our Children. Be secure and at peace. You will always be in our hearts. We await your Ascension with open arms.

Your Yahweh”

Part 26, Ascension Lesson #1

November 11, 2012
"It is time for all of you to begin your practice of Ascension. Yes, it is possible to practice before you make the final shift. We have done this with Kathryn, and with other channels and Lightworkers in the past few years, so that they can teach you what it is like to transcend, rise above your own third dimension, to travel with us in the 5th and beyond.

Many of you ask how to do this, so today will be the first lesson in how to ascend. You might think of it as flying lessons. You are young aviators who are venturing into the wild blue yonder for the first time. Here we go.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus our attention on the place on Planet Earth where you feel most at ease. Choose a place where you are surrounded by natural features, like water, forests, or fields of grain. You may love being at the beach, or hiking a mountain path. It doesn’t matter where it is, just that you feel at peace and connected to the Earth. In your meditation, you will be alone, for now. This does not mean that you will be alone when you ascend. We are practicing, remember. Each person must learn to do this on their own, without the distraction or help of a crowd.

Breathe deeply, picturing yourself there in your beautiful spot, peacefully surveying the beautiful scene. In your mind’s eye, see the blue sky above you, with little white clouds floating by; feel the Earth under your feet. You may sit down here if you like, on a large rock or fallen tree. We have placed boulders everywhere as handy seating all across your planet. If you have been a desert explorer, picture yourself on a comfortable dune, where you can see the undulating waves of sand off into the distance.  For your peace of mind, make sure you see the oasis in the distance, not too far away. Place your handy backpack with water and any other provisions you might need nearby, or sit down next to a rippling, sparkling clean brook where you can drink your fill if you like. You will want for nothing in this beautiful place - all your physical needs will be met without effort or anxiety. There is no need to worry about your survival, for you will be given eternal life if you wish.

Revel in the feeling of a soft breeze caressing your skin, and the Light of a gentle morning sun warming your back. You are completely comfortable, completely at ease, and completely protected. You may catch a glimpse of your favorite animal friends from time to time, peeking at you with curiosity, content themselves in their own feelings of contentment and fulfillment. You can embrace them all, even the lion and the bear, for they are your friends, your brothers and sister souls.

As the old book has said, here the lion will lie down with the lamb. You have already seen this in your internet videos - stories of turtles and pigs, men and crocodiles, women and gorillas forging lifelong friendships. It is now commonplace. You are at peace with yourself and with all the Kingdoms of the Earth, your beautiful home. You can travel freely, without fear and with no preparation at all, because all your needs will be met, no matter where you are.

Allow your mind to settle gently. No need to figure anything out or make yourself see anything in particular. Breathe deeply, feeling the oxygen coursing through your veins, nourishing and sustaining you. You can take nutrition from the air you breathe here in your beautiful place of solace and contentment. Feel how your mood elevates, leaving behind all thoughts of fear or want.

You are now being cared for completely, the prince or princess of your magical domain, where you are able to create a beautiful oasis for yourself just by imagining it in detail. For now, just enjoy the beauty of Nature all around you. Hear the babbling brook, the breeze rustling the vegetation around you. You are at peace.  

Now, concentrate on opening the channel in the top of your head, the crown chakra as it is often called. Allow the light to softly flow down through your brain, permeating your whole brain, soothing and easing all the places where you have held ideas of fear, tension and want in your brain for many lifetimes, many incarnations. This time it is different. You can be the Captain of your domain, or the contented observer, the belle of the ball or the sparkling entertainer on the stage, admired by all your fellows and celebrated by the Legions of Light.

You are free, free of all expectation from others, free from all worries and physical pain. At last, you can be the brilliant Creator among Creators, admiring your fellow beings no matter what their physical form might be. Mother Gaia herself breathes gently beneath your feet, sending her ripples of Love to you. Feel it gently permeating the souls of your feet, surrounding you with a gentle vibration which flows upward through your strong and healthy body.  

Allow the Light from above flow downward, and the Love from Mother Gaia flow upward, meeting in your heart of hearts, the deep place within you where you know you are loved unconditionally. Let the energy flow through you with gathering strength. It does not take you over - no, just the opposite. It adds to your own strength in a way that makes you feel invulnerable, invincible even. Nothing can hurt you or stop you from being the shining light you were meant to be.

Feel your heart expanding and your mind opening up. You are free, completely free. Be aware of the sound of your own vitality, the song of your own unique being, which ripples outward from your heart to touch the life around you. The trees, the animals, the insects and the stones sing gently with you, sending their own rippling energy outward to join the glorious orchestra of sound you can hear any time you want. You only need to turn your attention to it, and you will be filled with the vibration and the sound of Unconditional Love. This is the beginning of your new life, my Child. It is the Paradise on Earth you have worked toward for thousands of years.

Stay there in your beautiful peaceful place, noticing more and more details in your surroundings, admiring the way the sun creates shadows around you, the way the wind caresses you, enlivening your senses even as you go deeper and deeper into your quiet meditation. Practice this every day, in the morning when you awake and the evening before you sleep. Get to know this beautiful place and the contentment and feelings of fulfillment which fill your heart as you breathe the nourishing air around you. This is your home, your own place where you can go to restore your strength and your peace of mind, no matter what else you may temporarily be doing in the rest of your day. Make it your own, by visiting it frequently as you go through the day, adding details to your surroundings with each visit, until you know every tree, every blade of grass, every insect that sings with you in Joy and Celebration.

We will share this exercise every day, as these postings guide you to higher planes in your daily meditations. Each day I will provide you with further guidance to practice your ascension. You will learn step by step what you will need to know to prepare you for the glorious moment when you will float through the portal to the 5th dimension to join your friends and companions there.

These exercises will be clearly labeled for you in sequence, so you can follow along with each progressive lesson as it is presented for you. Do not fear that you will be left behind or abandoned if your internet connection fails or if you wish to practice one exercise for a week or more before you go on. You may save these pages, print them if you wish, as long as you use them to share with others out of the spirit of generosity and goodwill with which they are given to you by this channel, Kathryn.

Now, go in peace, live out your days with increasing kindness, love and exhilaration. We are with you, every moment. We love you more than words can describe.

Your loving Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Part 25, A Message for Kathryn’s Clients, Lucy, Stephanie, Kelly and Others

November 10, 2012

"You have now seen freedom. You were able in your session today to let go of old anxieties and truly be yourself. Now your challenge will be to hold on, insist that you not go back to old, limiting ways. You will be able to fulfill the path you came here to walk, a path of service to others, and the Ascension with Mother Gaia.

When you have completed your transition, along with your loved ones, whom you will lead across the dimensional border to New Earth, you will find that life is utterly different from what you have know here on 3D Planet Earth. Your bodies will feel lighter and healthier (although you are both remarkably healthy and strong because of your advanced awareness of your bodies and careful care and feeding of your lovely vessels).  I say vessel because you know you are primarily the soul who inhabits this body. This too will change somewhat, because the Ascension with this body means that you will remain in this body, becoming more healthy and resilient even than you are now. You will be able to bear children with your loving partners, and will find the experience even more exhilarating and thrilling than you thought possible. 

I commend you for your hard work, and the leap of faith that allowed you to move rapidly from old thinking and old habits of planning, controlling, and setting goals to a more free-flowing state where you can react to whatever comes without being thrown into a tizzy. (I love your clever colloquialisms.)  Continue to work to sustain this stance of courage and integrity. You are brilliant lights, shining like beacons, warming our hearts and lifting our hopes that many others will be able to accomplish what you have done and will do in the coming months.  

Be fearless, as you have been in your session today. Forge ahead to accomplish the tasks which will lead you to fulfilling your Dreams. It will be easy, compared to the way you have had to struggle and plan for the considerable successes in your previously difficult 3-dimension life. Those days are over for you, in your elevated state in which you can call on us, your Team from Higher Dimensions.

We celebrate your transition, which you have courageously accomplished by following your Heart, and your Higher Self. You must now ask for what you want, without hesitation or false modesty. You are deserving, by your own definitions, although we do not judge or discriminate against anyone, no matter what their past actions might have been. We are only interested in seeing our Children move into a state of unconditional Love, which matches the state you will ascend into as you move with Mother Gia into the 5th dimension, and if you wish, beyond.

You will find your considerable creativity expanding, taking your imagination to new heights and power. Do not limit your expectations in any way, for you will find greater energy, no resistance, and unlimited assistance as you fulfill your desire to be of loving service to others in your families and your communities.

You will be the leaders of our new organizations and institutions of learning, and centers of celebrating the new spirituality, which will include the direct and immediate connection with Us, your loving protectors and guides. You will never again feel disconnected or alone. We are here for you, every step you make, every breath you take, as the song goes. We have loved you unconditionally forever.

We are overjoyed that you have now learned to accept our love and take nourishment from it. Teach your loved ones, your partners and friends to do the same. Build a community of loving friends who will accompany you as you move through the veil into a new life, filled with Joy and Love, surrounded by the beauty of Planet Earth, healed and newly elevated in her own journey of Ascension. She has asked to leave the Darkness behind, the suffering which she endured for millions of years as she fulfilled her task of supporting and nourishing her human charges.  

Mother Terra has been released from the responsibility of continuing to carry those destructive beings who have tortured and harmed her body, drilling and exploding, poisoning and raping her of her resources without recognition of her suffering or gratitude for her constant efforts to heal their damages and provide ever more to satisfy the needs of all her children. Unfortunately, the use of those riches has been severely restricted, controlled and secretly hoarded by the few, leaving many increasingly in need and suffering want unnecessarily. This was never our intention or hers.

In her next phase, Terra will carry with her only those souls who love her unconditionally and know her as the faithful Mother she is. This is a joyful time for her. She feels the lightening footfalls of her beloved ones, who will make the journey with her. She welcomes all those who come in love and joy, but she feels the companionship and appreciative presence of her most loving and enlightened ones now, and she rejoices with us.

Go in love, my children. Never doubt that you will be protected on your journey. The time for anxiety has passed. Examine your feelings scrupulously to leave behind any residue of childhood beliefs and habits which generated feelings of fear or hatred, jealousy or self-doubt. Yours is the path of Ascension, and we await you with open arms.

Your loving Father, Yahweh, with Mother God and all the Legions of Light"

Part 24, A Plea for Awakening

Nov. 9, 2012

"Now, let us begin with a greeting to all the new readers who have been sent to you by their friends, by your acquaintances from the cruise, and through our urgings.  Welcome, my dear children, we revel in the growing curiosity and openness you are showing by listening carefully and well to what we have to share with you.  The more people we can reach at this time, the more will be ready for the glorious Ascension which is so close at hand.  Please bring your friends and family into this discussion so that they can also be prepared.  You will be surprised how many are becoming more receptive to the spiritual work at this time.

The ones who used to be doubting are awakening, and the ones who used to be negative toward anything not confirmed in a laboratory are finding confirmation from their own scientists which allows them to seek deeper answers to the cosmic changes even they are beginning to feel in their bodies and their hearts.  We delight in this, and encourage all of you to “spread the word,” as we say, for the time is near.

We understand it is difficult for you to imagine what is ahead, and normally we would simply say, “Have Faith, my Dear Ones,” and perhaps a few of you would be willing to suspend judgment long enough to experience the Shift without further explanation, but we do not wish to keep you in the dark.  This is why I ask Kathryn to take down these messages to you so that I can explain and reassure you directly. 

You may be surprised at the number of people who are channeling the Ascended Masters, the Saints, and the Archangels.  It is my wish to pierce the Veil between the dimensions at this time, making our communication easier than it has been at any time in your current civilization.  It was not always thus.  Previous civilizations, before Atlantis, were more connected to their Source, and more open to communication, at the same time they developed advanced technologies which allowed them to explore the Universe with ease.  It has been a slow, downward movement, in terms of the heaviness of your energies on Planet Earth.

Ironically, it has also made Earth the proving ground for ambitious souls who wish to advance in their path toward elevated states of being, for it presents challenges not found anywhere else in your area of the Universe, or anywhere in the Multiverse, in some regards.  Beings from other planets have often tried to come here for one lifetime to experience the challenges of life on Gaia, and have experienced extreme difficulty adjusting to the heavy, dark energy which some of you have adapted to with skill.  It is a legendary path you have walked, Earthlings, one which is looked upon with awe and sometimes amazement by others in the cosmos. 

You are known as the Creator Race, my children, because of your ability to adapt, build, and even flourish in the dark atmosphere which is frequently far too daunting for ones of more delicate makeup to tolerate.  You come as adventurers, explorers and Saints, to test yourselves in the murky energy of your cultures which foster divisiveness, conflict, and in recent generations, unbridled greed and lust for power.

Many succumb to the downward pull toward disconnection from your spiritual conversation with us, which you fully intended to preserve before you came.  We do not blame you or judge you for this.  We understand how difficult it is to remain clear and steady in the face of suffering and illness, and the temptations to indulge in material luxuries, even at the cost of leaving others at far distance from you in poverty and want. 

It has become the mantra of your powerful ones to try to convince you that you are not connected in any way to the suffering on the planet - in fact you (and they) are entitled to ever more of the world’s resources and wealth.  It has been a seductive siren song, but one which has brought you to the present dangerous environment in which any number of states, with their often irrational leaders, could have completely destroyed the planet with one touch of a button.  This situation created alarm throughout the Multiverse, with beings who understand better than you are able to at this point, that all are connected, all are One. 

Your well-being, and the integrity of your dear Gaia are a matter of great concern to those who have watched your progress and admired your courage as souls who venture into such dangerous waters in your efforts to learn deeply felt lessons on your path to higher dimensional realms.  Indeed, such Saints as Germaine, Archangels Gabrielle and even our great Michael himself have ventured here to test their mettle.  They know how challenging this proving ground is.  

It may surprise you to learn that the Great Ones are your older brothers and sisters, forged in the fire of the beautiful Blue Planet, as you have been.  However, this time of heavy atmosphere and dark challenges is coming to an end.  Gaia herself has made the decision at long last to accept her well-earned reward to elevate herself, as all beings on the path to enlightenment have done over the eons. 

Because of her intention to elevate now, you are all put in the monumentally challenging situation of having to elevate yourselves, at lightening speed in Earth terms, to adapt to the Shift.  You must wrench yourselves from the familiar, the well-know, the old tried and true atmosphere and attitudes and belief systems you have become so entrenched in, and raise yourselves to a new level of consciousness, and you must do this at the risk of being left behind, to leave your precious bodies once more in the cycle of repeated incarnations. 

But this time, those who refuse to participate in this Ascension will not be permitted to return to their beloved Gaia for further lessons, but will be given other assignments in places which are exactly adapted to their lower energy levels, to begin again.  These places will be darker and heavier in their atmosphere than your Earth is now, because the refuseniks are darker than most, those who reject the music of the Ascension in favor of personal power and greed.  This is not punishment, as your ancient books have sometimes made it sound.  It is simply a sorting process, based on human free will choices, where everyone rises to their own level, and will be channeled to the tailored situation which suits their choices in this lifetime.

I can hear many of you thinking:  “Who would choose to come to a lifetime in which such monumental choices can determine such wonderful or perhaps dreadful outcomes, in the blink of an eye?  Who would play a game with such high stakes?  You would have to be crazy to take such risks, and under such circumstances, where you might have been temporarily blinded or led astray by this lifetime’s traumas or temptations, and because of this you might miss the opportunity to Ascend to a glorious, heavenly place, to remain in our bodies and go to Heaven?  Who would put themselves in such a dilemma?” 

Well, my children, the answer is: You did.  You, the daring ones, the creative ones, and the ones in a hurry to learn your lessons so that you could make this leap to higher planes of consciousness in one glorious pole-vault into the 5th dimension and beyond.  You have forgotten, as all humans do, your contract to come here, to participate in this cliffhanger of a life challenge.  As you look around you and see the millions of people who seem confused, or asleep, or preoccupied with their grumbling, day to day trudging and earning and accumulating, you may scratch your heads and think, “These are the daring ones?”  Yes, my children, you, all of you. 

You are the children of my heart, the souls of my soul, the loved and cherished ones We have nurtured through eternity.  You have made this Ascension possible, by your long lifetimes of dedication to the path We created for you - to live in darkness and in light, through lives of hardship and of privilege, through degradation and fame, wealth and poverty, in order to experience the range of emotion of which humans are capable.  This experience has forged your strength, although you now find yourselves in the state of strength without awareness.

You were aware before you came to this lifetime that this would be a last-chance opportunity to raise yourselves up, to leap through 2, 3 or more levels of evolution in one grand celebration of Light and Love.  Now, my children, I challenge you to rise to that level of enlightenment you had in mind when you took on this glorious effort.  Now is the time for you to give it your all, or as you are fond of saying, “hit me with your best shot.”  Leave your worries and just get happy, as the old song says.  Throw your cautions to the wind and rise up, up to the rarified air of the 5th dimension, where angels and saints come to meet you, where you will take into your own hands the life of Eternal Love which you have been promised so long ago. 

Yes, Eternal Life is the promise we have pledged for you.  It is yours for the taking.  Do not turn away in doubt because others around you refuse to believe in something they cannot yet see.  You see, in your mind’s eye, the Promised Land.  It is as your holy books have predicted.  Eternal Life, where you will all find an end to suffering and a new beginning.

Join us, Dear Ones.  The migration has already begun.  The gates are open for you to walk through of your own accord, but you must raise your vibration before you walk through, or the higher pitch will overwhelm you.  Do as I have instructed earlier: breathe, exercise gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.  These are the emotions of the higher realms.  Elevate yourselves until these are the only feelings you feel as you go through your day. 

Start with one 24-hour period, then another.  Breathe love, nothing else, and you will be ready.  Yes, you can change yourselves that quickly, because these feelings are not foreign to you.  It is now a matter of holding that even pitch, carrying your own tune, you might say.  It will carry you through the portals and into the arms of all of us who await you.  Come, my children, all of you.

I Am Eternally, Your Yahweh, Father God, Source/Creator, One"

Part 23, The Science of Ascension

November 8, 2012

"Now, I would like to talk to you about the coming Ascension from another perspective. Many have asked about the facts behind this phenomenon. Is there scientific evidence to point to what is happening now? The answer is, of course. All enormous galactic events are determined by scientifically verifiable laws of physics, as your physicists are beginning to discover. Your dear Einstein began the recent age of exploration in physics by teaching you all that time and space are not as simple and predictable as you had thought, but that they are relative to the conditions in which they operate. I will not attempt here to explain the intricacies of the laws of physics as they apply to Ascension. I can, however, assure you that it is well within the understanding of your advanced physicists, in the areas they call quantum mechanics.  

We created Planet Earth to be a place in which time and space are felt and measured by every one of you as a familiar and reliable experience. This gives the inhabitants of the Earth the impression that the whole Universe must operate by the same laws, but this is an illusion. As space exploration has proven, outside of the atmosphere of Earth, there is no time, and space can be stretched or warped, according to your requirements and perspective. It is important to understand these things as we enter the new era of change.

It seems inconceivable to many of you that a planet could “rise” from the 3rd dimension to the 5th and beyond, but from the perspective of the Universe, this is perfectly natural. Your scientists are exploring the concepts, and sometimes the reality of wormholes, black holes and other exceptions to the linear conception of space/time. Other civilizations across the Universe have studied these phenomena and made them work for them, so that they can travel thousands of light-years from their planets to visit you here in their space ships in what you would measure as minutes. They are filling the skies now, ready to assist you in any way they can. They come in peace. Because of the resistance of your leaders to accept their offers of help which would benefit all your populations, we have been forced to use less direct means of helping you, by interfering with some of your electronically powered weapons, for instance.

Your U.S. government has explored many of the possibilities of space travel beyond the ones you have seen on your TV presentations. In fact, they have mastered the connection between intention (the use of the mind to direct a ship) and propulsion to the extent that they have been able to travel to Mars and back with ease. Much of these technologies were reverse-engineered from the remains of the ship they brought down near Roswell, New Mexico, and others.

The ships you think of as “UFOs” are your neighbors and friends. They come in peace, but your military has made it very difficult for them to reach you, or to communicate with you directly, because those in power do not wish for the general population to have access to the advanced technology they wish to teach you about. Free energy, for instance, has been available to you since Tesla developed the basic principles in his laboratory. As many of you know, J.P. Morgan, his patron, destroyed his lab, his life, and prevented him from continuing his work because it would have had wide-spread economic implications: It would have made it impossible to control and profit from the energy you use. 

You are now at a turning point. Vastly more powerful and efficient sources of energy are available to you, as some of your high-level political people understand. Others, who are intimately linked to the military-industrial complex, are trying to convince you that the primitive fossil fuels, oil, gas and coal, are necessary and good for you in every way, making your lives better and cheaper. This is nonsense. They are promoting the highly toxic and destructive Golden Goose which has made them rich at the cost of the planet’s health.

We have been trying to give you free energy for many years, but those who try to disseminate this information have been murdered or ruined financially. We are working with some of your present leaders, who cannot yet reveal our plans to help you because of danger to themselves in your current contentious political climate. We are going to circumvent this, to provide Planet Earth with the free and abundant energy sources you have wanted. We recommend that you watch the wonderful documentary movie, made by our dear Foster Gamble and friends. It is called “Thrive,” and it is now free for you to watch on the internet by going to It will explain much of this in a very comprehensive way.

Now, some more of the science behind Ascension. For those of you who wish to pursue the intricacies of this topic, I refer you to the physicists and others who have tried to explain it in depth. David Wilcock and Drunvalo, Gregg Braden, Fred Allen Wolf and others have done a good job of collecting the data for popular consumption. Here I will stick to the practical elements.

The explanation for what it will feel like to move from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions is difficult to put into words. We can only give you descriptions of facets of the experience, which you will put together little by little, as we explain it to you in these pages. It would be impossible to put into words what it will feel like in total. Many of these descriptions were given to you by our Jesus on his time on Earth, and some of it has been recorded in various writings, including your Bible, but much of it has been distorted, as you are tempted to do in your human form, to make it sound unpleasant, dangerous, or Apocalyptic. This is unfortunate. It has made it harder for you to accept and celebrate that which should be seen as a glorious event - one which will benefit all people. You have even been taught to be suspicious of anything that increases the benefits of life to the whole population!  

So, you must suspend your suspicions and your fears to absorb the meaning of what I am telling you. Open your hearts, and you will know what I am saying is true. First, you will begin to feel a rise in the energy vibration which Planet Earth emits. This will be measured by your scientists, who have been able to scan the planet to detect the taurus waves emanating from the heart of the planet outward. The electromagnetic vibrations are changing and can be measured, just as the notes of a scale can be measured by the size of the wave they produce.

The wave length of the Earth’s vibration is changing. As you also know, colors and light can be measured in a similar way. It will be felt by those who are intuitively connected to their senses as an increase in positive energy (Light). It can be felt emotionally as waves of Love, which will also be measured by your scientists as it sweeps across your planet. You may have to search your internet sources to find the evidence, because it will probably not be reported in your popular news outlets, but it will be easily measurable with the instruments they possess. In fact, it is already happening.

You have been aware of at least 3 pole shifts, in which the magnetic pole of your planet has shifted, creating different magnetic measurements. This is the reason some of your ocean animals and birds have become confused and lost their way during migration. This is unfortunate, but it has been necessary for Mother Gaia to make adjustments to compensate for the changes in the Earth surface which your drilling and building have caused. Because of the building of your massive cities made of iron ore, which was mined and moved from its original place, the balance of the planet has been effected.

Pole shifts have happened in the past, with disastrous results to the civilizations which were more or less eliminated as a result. Because of the rising consciousness of your people, who have sent their prayers and pleas for stability and continued existence in human form, we have come to help, and Gaia has modified her changes to make them more gradual and incremental than they would have been otherwise. This possibility has always existed as one of the possible future scenarios for the planet. We are delighted that you have done your part - enough of you to make the Ascension possible rather than the more extreme weather and shifts in the crust of the Earth which might have occurred otherwise.  

You are now well into the transition which will complete, at least from your short-term perspective, within the Earth-time measure of a few months. As the vibration rises, you will feel physical sensations which would seem strange to you, and which you would call medical problems if you were not aware of what is happening. You will be inclined to feel more generous, more loving and more expansive in your emotional responses. Some of you will be suspicious of your own motives, even thinking of them as weakness or poor judgment, since you have been taught that selfishness is normal. It is not. You are social and giving in your nature, and inclined to help each other when you see desperate need around you. You will begin to respond to less urgent needs, with kindness and helpfulness.

Kathryn experienced this today, when we stalled her car so that she would go across the street to speak with her old friends who needed her information to help them leave behind their rigid religious teachings for a brighter perspective. They are good people who will be able to ascend when they are able to let go of dogma and the anxiety it produces, to follow their hearts instead. She only needed to take out the jumper cables, to find numerous neighbors who were willing to spend considerable time with her trying to solve the dilemma of why her car would not start.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for responding to our request to teach when the opportunity arose. It is easy for us to interfere with the electrical system on your cars and other appliances, by the way. We only use these measures with those who are likely to acknowledge and respond positively, as Kathryn does when we send her messages by way of her computer or her car.  

(K: I am feeling waves of electrical sensations of pain in my toe. What are you showing me now? Ah, yes. You also are able to send us messages by way of our own electrical equipment - our nerve endings - in the same way you do with our electrical machinery. Is that it? Now the pain has stopped. I think this concept could be extended to many other areas of our experience. This is one of the ways we are being sent information about -ouch- Ascension. I am simply listening and responding to the signals, as I am being told to tell you, dear readers. You can do the same.)

“Yes, Dear. This is what we wish for you to emphasize. All this information is meaningless if people don’t know how to apply it in their everyday lives. So, here is the practical guidance. You may experience headaches, greater aches and pains in your bodies in old injury places. Do not be alarmed by this. It is a result of the rising vibrational level, which your bodies will need to adapt to.

Do not run for your painkillers and sedatives. Work with your bodies. Use the resources of energy healers and body work therapists, as many of you reading this are trained to give and receive. You will need more rest, and you will need to take time away from frantic schedules and work demands to stretch, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Turn to your partners to attend to each other’s bodies. Find comfort and increased stimulation in your sexual experiences with each other. This will help you to make the transition to a higher vibrational level. If you do not have a sexual partner, offer to provide massage, especially foot massages, with your children or your friends. This will help you to integrate the changes more smoothly.

Children will respond quickly to the rising energies, and will be able to help those around them to elevate as well. Reassure them and learn from them. Do not try to suppress them or control them when they show exuberance and increased vitality. Follow their lead, and allow the same exhilaration and joy to permeate your own mood.

Of course, this “more so” phenomenon will bring out your difficult moods and unresolved emotional responses. Work with yourself to forgive your past - all of it. Guilt and shame have no place in this important transition. You cannot feel joy when you cling to guilt. Find it in your heart to forgive those who have harmed you, no matter how serious or abominable the offense. Let it go. Turn your attentions to the present, and to the waves of unconditional love we are sending you. This will help you heal in a way you did not believe possible. Let childhood injuries and disappointments be washed away in the cleansing waves of Love, which has always been the greatest healer.  

Those of you who have done much-needed psychotherapy work have an advantage in that you are aware of the areas of healing you need to address. Do the final stages of that work by forgiving yourself, for presumed weaknesses, for past transgressions, and for being your unique human self, warts and all, as you say. It has all been a necessary part of your growth - even the destructive impulses you have felt have been part of your development as a soul. It has helped you to learn empathy and compassion.

Use that empathy now, to accept every part of your self, and every part of the human condition, failures and triumphs, destructiveness and cruelty. It will not serve you to remind yourselves of how awful some of your members are or have been. It was all part of the larger design of which you have no complete knowledge at this moment. You will learn more as you ascend, as your Vision opens to greater understanding of the workings of the Whole, and your part in it.

For now, you will need to rely on your Faith and your deep intuition to guide you. Faith, by the way, is not blind. It is a visceral response to the sensations you can feel when you open your awareness to the reality of our presence all around you. Sensitivity to emotional cues gives you a higher level of intelligence and awareness, contrary to popular beliefs which encourage “rational” separation from your own greatest powers.

So, those who are sensitive, embracing their own abilities to translate physical evidence into psychologically meaningful cues, will have the easiest time making the shift. Look around you. Identify the individuals who are cheerful, kind, at ease in their own skin, and get to know them. Follow their lead, regardless of their position in society or their economic status. Ask them about peace of mind, and how they have found it. You will learn things you could not learn any other way.

Talk to each other about this Ascension process. Do not be afraid that people will think you are crazy. They are all feeling it too, and are also afraid to talk about it. Reach out, to neighbors and acquaintances, to children, and even to the animals around you. You will see that they too are becoming more receptive and curious about you, as the rising tide lifts all boats, as you often say.

Time is short, on Planet Earth. It is now time for you to begin to make your choice, to remain with your beloved Gaia as she ascends, or to be left behind. I assure you, there is no reason to cling to what you have known, just because it is familiar. What we have in store for you is far better, by any standard you can imagine, except one. Power over others. That element will disappear. It does not exist in higher dimensions. No one will own another, or be able to Lord it over another.

Equality is the rule, although you may not know what that means. It does not mean sameness, or mediocrity. It means that each living being will be free to rise to their highest potential, without fear of suppression, derision or obstacles. Creativity will reign, and joy will be the order of the day. Celebration of all life is a moment by moment experience, and all souls will be accepted and celebrated with equal joy.

In the coming Golden Age of humanity, there is no fear, no suffering, and no death. We will be there with you, visible to you as if you had new eyes. Come, my children. Prepare yourselves for our new adventure together. No one will be left out or rejected. No one will be left behind unless they choose it, of their own free will. It is our deepest hope that no one will be foolish enough to trade Love for the illusion of power over others, as you have known it in violence and in abusive relationships. Rise. Leave behind the suffering you have known, and join us.

We are here with open arms awaiting your transition, which to those who are prepared, will seem like getting off the elevator at a higher floor than usual. Open your ears and hearts to be ready for the Great Wave of Love to overtake you on 11/11, and again on 12/12. It will be the beginning of your lift-off.  

Words cannot describe our love and our great hope for you, Beloved Ones, we await you.

With unlimited and unending Love for all our Children,

Your Yahweh - FatherGod, with MotherGod and all the Spirit world in concert with Us. We are One."

Part 22, Encouragement and Love as We Recover

November 7, 2012

"Dear Ones, we wish to continue our conversation with you, so that you know we are here working with you all at this important time. We ask our channel, Kathryn, to be prepared to take down these messages every day (or every night) for the coming weeks, and to put them on her web site for all to read. We beg of you - Please send these postings on to everyone you know, so that no one is left out of the discussion.

You have the means to send Kathryn an email to ask any questions you want to send to us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

Now, some further information and encouragement for you. For those of you who may have been disturbed by the Storm, we are sorry. It is not Mother Gaia’s intention to wipe her children off her body. We have decided to give you the disturbing truth about this storm. It was a gathering storm of normal proportions which might have caused some damage; she did not create the monster it became.

There is an activity on your planet known as HAARP - a secret scientific group with advanced abilities to control weather patterns. They are the source of the “chem-trails” some of you have suspected of causing damage in the past. Ironically, they are much more skilled at causing havoc in the weather patterns than in calming them. This is not an accident. Their intention is to cause irreparable damage to the entire planet, to the extent that whole countries, even whole continents are brought to their knees.

We have occasionally mentioned the Dark members of your societies whose intention it is to gain world domination and absolute power. It is their wish to destroy, conquer, and enslave. There is a religious fervor to their madness, a group delusion which convinces them of their entitlement, and the rightness of their actions. I will tell you more about their beliefs at a later time if you wish. For now, it is only important that you know that Gaia herself did not wish to create this havoc, and neither did we.

These secret groups, whom you sometimes call “Illuminati” - ironically, for they have nothing to do with Light. Just the opposite. We prefer to call them the Dark Hats, or as our Ashtar refers to them, the “naughties.” We do not wish to frighten you or encourage a sense of dread concerning their power over you. They are being contained for the time being, gradually preventing them from doing the massive damage they would like to inflict.

This storm was intended to be even more forceful than it was. Your prayers allowed us to come to the aid of some of you, in the midst of the worst of it. Our legions of angels and your star brothers and sisters were able to fly into the worst of the winds to spread out the effects of the storm, which if its energy had been concentrated along its path, would have caused much greater loss of life.

It is our sacred contract with you that we not interfere with your free will, but when groups of you pray and ask for our assistance, we are able to help. Continue to ask, my children. We want to help you. The area where Kathryn lives is filled with people who place their Faith in us and communicate with us in large numbers. We were able to spare her little valley completely, as she and her friends prayed for us to do. We hope that you all will communicate with us.

You should know that when we look at your planet from afar, your prayers beam toward us like beacons, light beams of great power. We try to answer your prayers in ways that will benefit you without betraying your original contract or your own need to create learning opportunities for yourselves.

This storm, as unfortunate as the losses are, has created light on your planet as never before, as neighbor helps neighbor, volunteers for organizations like the Red Cross and other blessed groups, and awakening individuals across more than half of your country, the U.S., dedicate themselves to selflessly helping others.

Your hearts have expanded to meet the need for loving action, and your compassion has grown exponentially as you acknowledge your concern for one another and take action to help out. We commend you on that, and find great satisfaction in the fact that you are using this event to raise the consciousness of your society as a whole, as race and socioeconomic boundaries wash away with the hurricane detritus.  

We will not allow those among you who wish for chaos and disaster to triumph. These are last-ditch efforts on their part to try to impose their will on others. Their technology, while more advanced than you know, is nothing compared to the abilities of those who have come to help you. We tread lightly now, intervening where we can, while allowing your growth to continue at a rapid pace.

As you are seeing all around you, adversity brings out the best in most of you. Your news sources, many of which are owned by the Dark elements we mentioned, prefer to concentrate on the one or two incidents of conflict or anger among those who wait for limited resources. The reality could not be further from this. The vast majority have behaved with restraint, compassion and love.  

There are efforts afoot in other parts of your country and in the world to create massive earthquakes and tsunamis, but we are already working hard to mitigate the damage of these actions. Your science has progressed to the point where it is fairly easy for them to know where the fault lines in the Earth’s crust are, and the likely effects of a well-placed explosion underground. Gaia is pained by these ruthless interferences into her body integrity, and has also asked for our help.

Our most effective interventions take the form of sending massive waves of unconditional love, which you will feel increasing in the coming days. 11/11 will be a second wave, more powerful than the one you felt on 10/10. You are becoming stronger, elevating your energies to embrace the feelings of unconditional love you are receiving from the entire Multiverse.  

This is truly an unprecedented event, the Ascension we have been describing to you. Gaia is completing her Ascension. It is nearly done. You have all been invited to make the transition to live, once and for all, on New Earth, where there is no want, no war, and no disease. Already, groups of people are walking through the gates to their new home. The conditions there, while delightful, are not set in stone. There will be need for all your skills, all your strengths, as you establish new ways of exchanging what you need and establishing organizations and system of governing, or teaching, of sharing, and of celebrating.

Come, all of you - do not return to your humdrum lives. Take this opportunity to free yourselves of old fears and self-doubt. Elevate, and meditate every day. Create your dream of the new life you will live, not simply in luxury, but in the fullness of Unconditional Love and Light.

Look for our messages and the evidence of our work all around you. Take our intention to spread the Light and Love across the planet. Join us in relieving the immediate needs and discomforts of those around you, and in the process you will be elevating yourself. Every day counts, every action matters. Do not waste your time accruing emergency supplies for the distant future. They will not be needed.

Prepare yourselves by expanding your awareness, your compassion, and your empathy for you fellows. Do not wait for government agencies or commercial power companies to come to your aid. Help yourselves and each other in creative ways. We will be there to help you, as you plan and carry out your generous work. You will feel us as you feel the wind at your back.

Do not become discouraged in the aftermath, as destruction is revealed and the difficult task of cleaning up faces you. Use this opportunity to unburden yourselves of the unnecessary objects and toys you have accumulated. Free yourselves as you help others. Carry your message of strong heart and strong conviction - the recognition of your own important place in the flow of life on your dear Gaia.

Arise, my children. Do the good work you are capable of in your hearts, and we will be there with you. Be courageous, and remain undaunted. Now is your time for noble action and steady resolve.  

I love you, each of you, for your unique and individual gifts and talents. Your guides, angels and Ascended Masters celebrate your strengths and celebrate your phenomenal growth as you move toward your own Ascension. We await you with tears of joy. Gabrielle holds her glorious trumpet, ready to sound the joyful announcement that it is now time for you to lift-off. Surrender to your best impulses, Dear Ones, they will lead you to a joyful reunion with Love.

With unending love, we cherish you now, as ever before,

Yahweh, and the Legions of Heaven (the 5th dimension and higher). We await you."

Part 21, Ascension Practices

November 6, 2012

"We have asked Kathryn to receive one of these messages every night for the duration of preparations for Ascension so that you will have the most up-to-date and thorough information possible. We will, however, honor the fact that Kathryn might for some reason need an entire nights’ sleep once in a while. (They are instructing me to put a :) here – K.) :)

Briefly, here are a few bits of information which will help you to prepare yourselves. Many have asked what to do to leave self-doubt and anxiety behind. I have sent you a manual for this purpose. It is called “Who Needs Light?” It will tell you everything you can be taught with words about how to conquer these destructive tendencies. The next part will be up to you.

1.) The first step is to acknowledge that Anxiety is not something that happens to you, or something that is inflicted by your environment. It is a lifestyle you have adopted, like a preference for spicy food or wearing a particular kind of clothing. It is something you do, as a reaction to something you think.

2.) You may be complaining that you cannot control your thoughts. They just happen. You believe this because you have not been taught the basic human discipline of managing your thoughts and emotions. It simply takes practice. Begin with the focusing and centering exercises in the book, or meditation practices you have been taught. Be diligent. Breathe, concentrate on not allowing your thoughts to stray to destructive or unpleasant “what if” kinds of thoughts. They are your thoughts. You own them. They are in need of grooming and exercise, just as you are, to be at your best. Do not be discouraged if you are not successful after an hour or a week. This is a life-long practice which will serve you well.

3.) Begin to practice what some have called “random acts of kindness.” This is also a way of life, not an exceptional moment once a week. It is a wonderful concept. Make those random acts a part of your purposeful repertoire, so that you are always searching for an opportunity to do something to raise another person’s spirit or make their day easier. I am not referring to giving money to a charity, although that is one possibility among many. If you use that method, make sure you give large amounts, and often. The recent weather gives all of you opportunities to think about how you could establish organizations or networks with your neighbors to prepare for similar difficulties.

4.) Turn off your television. The news there is contrived to create conflict and fear, and the programs are wasting your time that you could use to improve yourself and connect with others. Do not complain that there is something wrong in your life if you have spent an hour in front of the TV. It depletes your energy and interferes with walking your intended path of self-improvement and elevation.

5). Be aware of your constant fear-based thoughts about the future, about what others might do or what disasters might befall you or your loved ones. This negative thinking is not “preparation” nor is it caring or helpful. It creates darkness in your own aura and inflicts doubt and fear on others. The future holds great joy and celebration for all of you. You only need to reach for it, and accept it when it comes looking for you.

6.) Be ready to revel in the feelings of unconditional love which will pour across your planet on 11/11, in a heightened peak of good feeling which we are planning to send to alleviate your fears and fill your hearts. Be prepared to accept the offerings of love and good will from your neighbors and friends as they too are inundated with loving feelings. Act on that love, and it will come back to you tenfold.

7.) Move your focused awareness into the center of you brain, into the Light channel where you can feel our presence all the time. We are sending you love at all times, to increase your storehouse of good feeling and peace of mind so that you can raise your vibrational level. This is your Ascension preparation, and it will make your life easier and more joyful every day.

All these suggestions are powerful actions which will change you, sweeping away old habits of negative thinking and destructive actions. You will find you can heal your addictions and help others in the process. Copy this list of suggestions and keep it with you. Practice each of these activities every day. You will not regret the feelings you experience as you go through your day, and you will be astonished at the effect it has on your happiness quotient. You have all said you want to be happy. Now do it. Because, like fear and self-doubt, happiness is something you do.

Go in peace, my children. Share this with others, and live in the glow of love you are creating around you.

Your loving Yahweh, I Am That I Am, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, etc"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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