Part 2, God's Message to Emily

August 16, 2012

In the previous posting I promised the translation of a message that was given to me in French. It follows here, a direct translation from the message that was dictated to me in the middle of the night, when God pinched my toe to wake me up. 

In it God makes a reference to the encounter with Moses, when God tells Moses to go to Egypt and lead his people to safety. But Moses, feeling unsure about how to get the people to follow him, asks who he should say sent him. God says to tell them he is "I am that I am."

At the end of this part of the message, God also had a message for me. I was told to go with his love, and to go out and tell all the world what I have heard, and what I know.

Here is the message to my friend, and to all of us:

"Ecoute-moi que tu peux crois.
Listen to me, that you may believe.

Je suis que je suis.
I am that I am.

Ta maman est ici avec moi. Elle envoie de l’amour à sa petite Emmie qui ne croie pas.  
Your mama is here with me. She sends love to her little Emmie who doesn’t believe.

Je suis Makarta. Makarta est malheureuse que tu penses qu’elle n’existe pas.
(Makarta was a channeled spirit whom Emily had spoken with.)
I am Makarta. Makarta is unhappy that you think she doesn’t exist.

Tu est satisfaite de toi, mais tu aimes ceux qui sont difficile à aimer. C’est pour cela je te commend. Merci. (Three names of friends and lovers as examples).  
You are self-satisfied, but you love those who are difficult to love. For that I commend you. Thank you.

Souviens-toi de tout. Quand tu voies une sourie, c’est moi. Quand tu voies un grand oiseau prédateur, (l’aigle), c’est moi. Le vent, c’est moi, et le soleil, c’est moi.
Remember this. When you see a mouse, that’s me. When you see a great bird of prey, the eagle, thats me. The wind, that’s me, and the sun, that is me.

Makarta est malheureuse que tu doutes. Tu connais Makarta, et encore tu protestes. J’envoie du succès, tu ne croies pas. J’envoie des désastres, tu ne croies pas. Tes yeux sont fermés et tu souffres de cécité.
Makarta is unhappy that you doubt. You know Makarta, and still you protest. I send success, you don’t believe. I send disaster, you don’t believe. Your eyes are closed and you suffer blindness.

Je suis que je suis.
I am that I am

Moses m’a vu dans le désert. (I see vision of burning bush, Moses).
Moses saw me in the desert.

Ta mère me voit dans tes yeux. Pourquoi pas toi? (I feel sadness in my eyes.)
Your mother saw me in your eyes. Why don’t you?  

Souviens: La souris, c’est moi, l’agneau, c’est moi. Le poulet, c’est moi, la fourmi (I see an ant) et le grain de sable, c’est moi. Le dard de l’insecte, c’est moi. Et encore tu te refuses à croire.
Remember: The mouse, that’s me, the lamb, that’s me, the chicken, that’s me, the ant, that’s me, and the grain of sand, that’s me. The bite of the insect, that’s me. And still you refuse to believe."

(My dog is howling softly in his sleep. He just learned this skill a few days ago.)

"Le petit chien chante pendant son sommeil; il me voie.
The little dog sings in his sleep; he sees me.

Je pince Kathryn qu’elle se soulève. Ecoutes-moi: je vais te pincer aussi.
I pinch Kathryn so that she will rise up (elevate herself). Listen to me: I’m going to pinch you too.

Ton frère n’aime pas parce qu’il pense que ton père - le non-amour de ton père - c’est l’amour. Tu sais mieux que ca.  
Your brother doesn’t love because he thinks that your father - the non-love of your father - that’s love. You know better than that.

Arrêtes l'angoisse, l’anxiété.
Stop worrying; stop the anxiety.

Je te soutiens. Tu peux m’elever dans ta vie, dans tes pensées.  
I sustain you. You can elevate me in your life, in your thoughts.

Continues avec amour ou souffrance. C’est ton choix. La joie, c’est moi.
Go with love, or with suffering. It is your choice. Joy, that is me.

Mes enfants, acceptez mes cadeaux, que vous soyez joyeux.
My children, accept my gifts, so that you will be joyful.

C’est tout. C’est moi.  
C’est tout. C’est moi.
That’s all. That’s me."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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