Part 63, New Feelings, New World

December 26, 2012

’It is a strange time for many of you, a time of sleep, a time of dreams, a time when you are puzzled by what has happened, or what has not happened. You may feel you are floating through time, or stuck in the mud. Do not despair, and do not stop your continuing efforts to keep realigning, rebalancing, even rewiring your brain and your emotional responses. This is as it should be, for it is a time of tremendous change for individuals, and for your planet.  

This message will be brief, because it is a time for inward reflection, not discussion. Our channel is deeply in a trance state and is working to remain focused in order to bring you this message. You may be feeling similar feelings. Do not resist it. Let your body sleep and your mind run free. You may find you need many extra hours of sleep these days. These are important hours during which your DNA is being recalibrated and your creative abilities along with it. You will find you will be able to accomplish things with ease which in the past would have caused anxiety or stress. Your lives will become easier, Dear Ones, because you are coming into your own, in terms of your abilities to be the Creator race you were intended to be. Let us help you.

You may be thinking that nothing in your world has changed, that the moment has passed and everything is back to normal. Well, it is back to what you would call a new normal. Nothing will be the same again.  

You will be given tasks which may challenge your abilities; embrace them. You will be asked to love people you would not have found lovable in the past; embrace them too, with forgiveness and compassion. It is a time for growth, for new and unfamiliar experiences and events; embrace them without fear or embarrassment or self-consciousness. You are expanding, Dear Ones. It was your plan in coming here; embrace it, and know that as you walk your path, we are with you every step, and send you love and encouragement to ease your way.

Go in peace, Children. Love one another as we love you,

Yahweh, for the Legions of Light”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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