Part 80: Who We Are and How We Can Help You

"Yes, My Dear Ones, it is a glorious time to be alive, whether you reside on Planet Earth or elsewhere. All the beings in the Universes are reverberating with the positive energy flow emanating from Gaia and her inhabitants. All beings are souls, of course, and all souls are on individual and shared paths of Ascension. When one of you makes a leap, it is like watching your team win the Olympics. The only difference is that no matter which team is reaching a new level in their growth, it is your team, because we are all One, even as we are all unique entities. It is a paradox for those who think 3-dimensionally, because it is impossible in 3D to imagine something which is separate and together at the same time, but it is not only possible; it is the way of the World.

"There is a New Age misconception which says that we are All One, meaning there is no differentiation between us. This is not true. We are not all merged into an enormous all-encompassing blob which allows for no uniqueness, no individuality, no generativity. By this I mean the ability to create, generate and carry out original actions, original thoughts. Of course, as you climb the ladder to the highest vibrational levels, certain differences tend to drop away, like the tendency to experience the Self as male or female, or the tendency to see the differences between us rather than the similarities.

"The Oneness of which we speak - the understanding that you all are God - is a difficult one for many to grasp. One's mind tends to go to ideas about "God" meaning all-powerful, which you do not feel, at least not if you are mentally balanced. This is not what it means. What it does mean is that you each have qualities, strengths and virtues which are the qualities We express toward you, like compassion, empathy, kindness and Love, and that you also are capable of creating, destroying (in the sense of doing away with, leaving behind), evolving, growing, and ascending. These are all the qualities We appreciate in Ourselves. You have learned that God is perfection, but it is not the kind of all-finished, absolutely static, unable-to-be-improved-upon concept you think of as perfection. Our perfection is the same as yours, except that we embody (not literally, of course) all the qualities at once, while you experience them in varying shades and variations in your many lives, as you work your way toward developing all of them in finer form as you move into higher vibrational levels. In that way, you become more and more God-like, you might say, as you evolve.

"It may surprise you to learn that we, Mother/Father God are constantly evolving and changing, as is everything in the Universe. Nothing remains exactly the same, and as we told you in the Creation Story, we learned about the process and developed our creative skills over eons, in the time before time. We continue that process, just as you and all beings do, but we have learned great patience and restraint. We have learned to let the forces we set in motion millions of years ago to play out, and of course we do not see things in the linear way that you do, and so we see infinite possibilities just waiting to become fulfilled.

"So, our preference is to support our Children by sending the energies of Love and Light. This is our contribution to your growth, this and working to increase the energies you have already put out to the world in your process of envisioning and dreaming the fulfillment of your passions. You see, the Universal Law of Flow is really a description of the way we and our teams of Masters, Guides and Angels - the Legions of Light as we call them - do our work of throwing our weight behind the projects of our human Lightworkers. By Lightworkers we mean anyone who is in the midst of a moment or a project or a lifetime of effort in the service of others. The more energy a person dedicates to selflessly serving others, the more Light they generate and transmit outward, like a beacon that can be seen across the great firmament. And so it is clear to us who will be needing some extra energy coming their way, because those around them may not always be as cooperative as they could be because of lingering fear or other impediments. We do not intervene, as we have said, unless specifically asked to do so, unless it is for the greater good, and it helps to manifest the thing that has already been set in motion by our human co-creators.

"As you can see, We are offering you an inside view of the way we really operate here in the higher dimensions. These revelations would not be news to you if you were here on the other side of the Veil with us, but they will contradict much of what you have thought you knew, or what someone else thought they knew about who we are and what we do. As the energies shift and more of you realize you can now feel the truths in what you read here, the base of knowledge will gradually shift toward the more loving and celebratory form of spirituality which is being taught by many of the increasingly recognized and respected channelers and teachers of the New Way.

"In offering you this new material, along with the book we wrote with Kathryn, we wish to give you a strong and clear foundation in Truth, relayed to you in the most direct and understandable terms. There is much to learn about the fascinating subjects of physics, sacred geometry, esoteric ancient practices and the dynamics of space/time, to name a few of the popular pursuits of knowledge in your culture. We appreciate your insatiable curiosity and encourage you to pursue any of the mysteries which fascinate you, but our purpose here is not to cover all the possible knowledge bases, but to give you a basic understanding of the intimate feeling-based structure of the world of Spirit. Here we speak to your hearts and your souls, which we know have been hungry for clear and simple explanations about well, yes, your old saw - what is the meaning of life?

"We have hoped that as you read these passages, you will learn not so much from the particular words or explanations but from the tone and the underlying meaning behind our words. It is our intention to teach who We are, and by extension who You are in the deepest, truest part of yourselves. In the process, we hope you have been learning to trust your intuition, and to appreciate the fact that you have a soul just waiting to make indestructible contact with you, thereby completing the connection to Us. Once in place, this firm connection to your own heart and soul will give you a base from which you will become discerning and wise about many things, including how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. After all, this is what everyone wants, is it not?

"We have seen how persistently you search for gurus, teachers who can teach you Truth, who can tell you what is real and what is not, for you have long suspected that what you have been taught is not right or true, but you had little or no confirmation for the things you really felt. Now we ask you to search inward, not into the depths of your brain, but into the deepest part of your heart, where you remember the things you knew before you came to this life, where you knew the experience of Unconditional Love, and where you lived in Light - glorious, nurturing, limitless Love and Light. Here, it is so different from your 3-dimensional experience that your brain cannot conceive it, but your soul knows, and your heart carries the sensations and memories of Home. It is the source of the feelings many of you have of being alone, different and out of place, uncomfortable in your skin and unable to comprehend the Darkness you see around you, and which you even see in yourselves at times.

"These feelings are not evidence of insanity or that you are a displaced alien, or that you were adopted. They are memories of the happy place you came from before you ventured into this difficult life on Gaia. Do not dismiss these feelings, but instead embrace them, savor them as the evidence that there is indeed such a paradise just waiting for you when you return from this precious opportunity to learn and expand in Love and Creativity. You are studying abroad, you see. You have had to learn the language and cultural habits of your new environment, but you are not in it alone. Everyone else is enrolled in the study program as well. So, you and your fellow students are flying blind, you might say, without the structure of a program to guide you. You have only your hearts to keep you steady on your course, and the whispers of your Greater Soul and Guides to nudge you when you go astray.

"It is a difficult assignment, this Gaia lifetime, but one you entered into with relish and high hopes. Do not allow the obstacles and painful disappointments to cause you to lose heart. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go. Just around the corner is the person or the opportunity you have been looking for. Life can change in a moment, and not only for the worse, as you have tended to expect. The new era of the 4th dimension means that you have come closer to us, more open to the gifts we have in store for you, and more open to reaching out to us for comfort and solace, yes, but also for the gifts you have thought of as serendipity or coincidence. Accept our help, Dear Ones, and we will gladly fuel your good works with Light energy, lifting you up when you think you have come to the end of our resources. Just ask. We have waited an eternity for our dear children to awaken and open their presents - the ones we have left under every tree, behind every chimney, and within your own hearts and minds and bodies.

"Be at peace, Dear Ones, and allow the excitement of the New Day flow through you, as it does through us. We love you one and all,

"Mother/Father God, the one you know as Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, and Sue."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 13, 2012, 12 am, New York

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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