Part 79: New Gaia Brings New Life Through the Universal Law of Flow

"Here we are, at the beginning of a new year, a new age, a new beginning for Gaia and all her children. All the Kingdoms of Earth are beginning the new age together, expanding in their capacities to experience Love and Light. This includes the animals as well as people, as you have seen by the many videos being circulated which depict unusual relationships between species. This is not just because everyone has a camera now. It is a genuine shift into feelings of Love and Gratitude, especially for those who have shown kindness. Animals have the capacity for these feelings, and their expansion is bringing forth more vivid expressions of those feelings toward each other, and toward those beings who have brought compassion and Love into their lives. You see, their DNA is changing too. It is only fitting that a planet inhabited by Lightworkers and angels in human form be populated with animals of similar nature.

"Those of you who are living consciously within the embrace of the Universal Law of Flow have already experienced amazingly serendipitous events - encounters with the person who appears to answer a pressing question, or someone who offers the very assistance you needed to accomplish something dear to your heart. These are not accidental or coincidental events. They are the natural result of a confluence of energies coming together for a common good. This is the new and powerful Shift we have told you about, and as more of you become accustomed to operating within the higher levels of energy, the strength of these attractions will increase. This is the phenomenon you have traditionally thought of as your prayers being answered. Of course prayers are an important part of the Law of Flow, but they are not the major source of this serendipity. You are. It is your own intention, the outflow of feelings of Love and Light creating the vortex around you which leads to the inpouring of like energies.

"As one evolves into higher and higher dimensions, it becomes increasingly apparent how thoughts, actions and feelings are directly connected to events around you. You are not separate from your environment, the small being who is being buffeted about by forces outside yourself. Not at all. Now, we must explain so that you don't then take this statement to mean that you are at fault for all bad things that happen in your presence.

"We have already explained the process by which you plan the outline of your life before you come to Earth. That outline contains the probability that you will encounter any number of difficult challenges, as will the people around you. Every lifetime can be expected to carry with it the possibility of "bad things" happening. These are the preplanned (though not predetermined in the strict sense) events which are placed in your path to help you grow and learn as a soul. They are (we repeat) not designed to make you suffer. They are opportunities for growth. People who approach their challenges with this philosophy always find their burdens lighter and more manageable than those who experience themselves as victims, because they experience themselves inside the Law of Flow, knowing that good energies are swirling all around them, and help for their problem is just around the bend.

"Imagine yourself as a moderately strong swimmer, cast into the water when the railing of your Caribbean cruise ship gives way. Alone and unnoticed, you suddenly find yourself in the warm water, several miles from land, which is visible in the distance. The water is calm, it is early morning, and your calls for help have gone unnoticed. What do you feel? What do you think? What do you do? Let us contrast - the difference between an experienced spiritual Earth traveler with strong connections to their own heart, soul and Spirit Guides on one hand, and the person whose 3D duality-thinking leads them to think in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, punishment and reward.

"Here might be some of the thoughts of the 3D person:

"I'm a goner. Help! It's too far. I'm alone, I'm going to die. There are probably sharks just waiting to eat me. How could they have allowed this to happen to me? Maybe they will see I'm missing and send a rescue boat. I'm terrified; I can't breathe; I'm going to drown. If I live through this I'm going to sue them for all they're worth. How could God do this to me?"

"The spiritual seeker would be inclined to think something like this:

"Yikes, this is a problem. I haven't ever swum this far, but then, I never needed to...They don't see me. I'd better get my shoes off and start swimming. I can float, so no matter how long it takes me, I can just take it easy and save my energy. I can do this. I have a lot to live for. Archangel Michael, could you please come along with me here and help protect me while I swim for shore? St. Augustine, could you talk with the creatures to give me safe passage? Mother/Father God, please breathe the breath of life into me to give me strength. It's a lovely morning, not too much sun yet. Someone will see the broken rail. I'll send a message to my friend Joe on the boat to look for me. Here I go."

"Who do you think was rescued first? Who made it home without a scratch? Would it be deemed a miracle if Joe suddenly got the urge to look for his friend? If he was mysteriously drawn to the broken railing and sounded the alarm? If the swimmer was accompanied by a school of dolphins squeaking and calling? If a small cloud shielded the sun so that the swimmer did not suffer sunburn? If the sailor with binoculars on the bridge was drawn to a whale breaching and spotted the swimmer?

"Nothing is impossible, My Children. When your heart is open to the miracles around you, life becomes a thrilling and magical adventure. Even in the worst devastation of war or natural disasters, people fall in love, children are born, and as the song goes, a flower grows. You always have the choice, to concentrate on the disaster or seek Love, to sink into depression, or put your shoulder to the wheel and push through to a brighter future, and to notice the flower beside the path.

"As you take hold in your 4th dimensional energy field, be aware that you can continue to rise, like a leaf on the wind, toward the Light and Love that is your destiny. You are not limited by the energy around you; it is only your springboard to higher dimensions. Do as daring souls have always done, and keep moving, keep growing, keep reaching out to others to give them a hand, and you will be lifted along with them. You are my birds on the wing, my leaping gazelles, my valiant tigers, and my gentle children of Light. You possess all that you need to live courageously, create brilliantly, and transcend the Dark memories of life on Old Gaia.

"Take the golden flame that is my gift to you; hold it high in triumph, and lead the procession to higher elevations still. There is no limit to the glorious successes you can envision and bring into being. Think big, as they say, and then think bigger.

"We are here to add the spice and the comforts to your days; We love you beyond words,

"Your Yahweh and all the Beings of Light"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 11, 2013, 11 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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