Part 78: Healing Our Traumatic History

"When you look up at the stars on a night like we've had recently, you can see stars you did not know existed before, when the haze of lights or cloud cover created a film over the sky. You don't realize how crowded the sky looks with twinkling stars and glowing planets until there is a crystal clear night with just a sliver of a moon for proportion. Those moments, which may happen only a few times in a lifetime for some of you who live in urban areas, give you a sense of the enormity of the Universe you can see, and a sense of wonder about the parts you cannot see. We assure you, the parts you cannot see, even with your enormous telescopes and orbiting cameras, are far more vast than you could conjure in even your wildest dreams. If we were to write the numbers of lightyears you would have to travel to even begin to penetrate the farthest reaches of space, you would fill the entire page with zeros, and yet, there is something much faster than the speed of light. It is the speed of thought.

"No space ship is needed to carry a thought wave across the entire Universe, and no resistance to its passage. All that is needed is the intention to make the connection between two conscious beings, and it is done. This is how we are able to send these thoughts to Kathryn, and to you at the same time if you are listening carefully, across thousands of lightyears so that she can type them down on her computer with hardly a pause. This is how you communicate with the people close to you, whether you believe it or not. Especially children have a gift for psychic connections, which they have not yet learned to stifle or deny at the risk of sounding "weird." And now we are suggesting, as we did last night, to conduct your life and make business decisions based on the perspective of messages like this one. Please understand: we are not suggesting that you take our Word as Law. That would be establishing yet another religion, which is what we are trying to release you from here. We are suggesting that you open your minds and hearts to a Universe of information, understanding and wisdom to which you have never had access before.

"We are encouraging you to open your minds and hearts to the stars and planets around you because this is a very important time in your relationship with the Universe. Your young Mother Gaia is coming into her own, so to speak, by elevating herself to levels beyond 3D, while the rest of the community of stars and planets look on with interest and good will. Many of them see her as their little sister, and the beings they support see you as younger brothers and sisters. In the story we called The Creation Story, we mentioned that your forebears began life on a planet far away and long ago. So you see, you are among the youngest of the tribes we have nourished and nurtured, although you are seen as the scrappiest and most ambitious Creators, and are admired for your resilience and originality.

"Each race of beings, each planet or star system is a bit different in their DNA configurations, making even the other humanoid races a bit different from you. As we mentioned before, your ancestors from the Pileides, Sirius and other star systems contributed to your genetic makeup, but you are not exactly the same as them. You are unique, my Dear Children, unique in your emotional depth, your ability to make strong and lasting connections, and your adaptability to changing environments. We love you for your efforts to develop these qualities, which are, as your Holy Books say, in our own image. Of course we love all our Creations, but we do not love all equally. We love all completely, unconditionally, and with all our hearts, but each one is different and unique, so we love you all for your differences, just as you love your children or your dearest friends or your parents differently. You are each precious to us, each of you created to fulfill a special path, play a unique part, bring a new Vision into the mix, because each of you has traveled a path of learning that is different from every other. Of the billions of Earth inhabitants, not one has exactly the same blood type, the same physical features or the same life experience as any other.

"We tell you these things at this particular time in your development because today, this week, this new year is a time for healing the deepest wound of all, the one so many of you suffer from since infancy - the feeling that you are not worthy, not good enough, not lovable, not deserving. Millions of children, as they make the passage from birth to adulthood, establish as their foundation the gnawing conviction that they are unworthy, and this leads to a life of doubt, unhappiness, frustration and fear. As a civilization, you are plagued by depression, anxiety, and all the forms of mental illness which flourish in this toxic climate of pain and self-doubt. These feelings must be healed, Dear Ones, before you can elevate to higher dimensions and happier times. This time, we wish for you to work to eliminate those underlying triggers for the fight-or-flight response before you return to Us to heal in the life-after-life. No more will our Earth Children need to limp through a painful, angry life until the time when they can return to us to be restored and made whole again, only to repeat the traumatic process.

"Those were 3-Dimensional feelings, generated and sustained by the planet in a heavy, dark atmosphere. It provided a powerfully effective learning ground for your soul growth over the millennia; however, most of you have used this proving ground to hone your skills over enough lifetimes to have accrued repeated injuries, which have taken a toll on your souls. There is a saying, "If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger." We generally do agree with that, but we are seeing that it is now time for you to graduate to a higher form of learning requiring sensitivity, compassion and Love, not only courage, stamina and resourcefulness. You are entering into a New Era, and with it, your life challenges will change in accordance with the needs of the new Golden Age. In the past, business and commerce were the considered of highest value to the cultures. In the coming era, art, music, poetry, and dance will not just entertain; they will inspire and teach the values of creativity, expansiveness and compassion.

"We encourage you to choose from the burgeoning number of healing modalities which are becoming available to you to heal from the traumas the childhood. It is inevitable that the only way to truly heal from emotionally inflicted pain is to involve oneself with another person who allows the true antidote: a relationship with someone who is considerate, gentle and kind as well as skillful in the art of healing the heart and mind. These are not medical issues. Do not be fooled by your body's recent symptoms which may have sent you to bed with inexplicable fatigue or aches and pains. Those were simply the symptoms of an emotional residue of pain which is trying to escape your body. Look for the underlying feeling: "I am not good enough."

"How will I recover, you ask? By replacing the dark shadows of doubt with the Unconditional Love and Light we send you every moment of every day. Trade in despair for fire, sadness and anger for peace of mind. Our next messages will contain exercises to release the pain and replace it with Love. Until then, we continue to shower you with Unconditional Love.

"We are Your Yahweh, Your Angels and Your Guides"

Via Kathryn May, Jan 11, 2 am

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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