Part 77: Exciting Revelations About Coming Changes

"Our channeling partner has asked that we create a message to be presented to the Sedona Journal, one of the superior publications for messages from higher dimensions. We are honored to create such a message, because it would very well serve our needs to be represented in a publication of such high quality. We will present material which has not appeared elsewhere, since that will be the most interesting material for Ms. Swanson and her crew. Here is our message:

"It is time now for us to tell you something about the world situation as it applies to the war machine - that is, the military power which has been stored in hundreds of secret bunkers and storage facilities, mostly underground. We include here nuclear weapons, canisters of poisonous gasses, bombs, and the hardware used to launch such weapons. It is our great pleasure to announce to you that all the weapons of mass destruction which existed in the world have been disabled. All of them.

"No longer do children have to learn how to duck under desks or run for air raid shelters because massive mushroom-shaped clouds may appear in their cities. There will be no nuclear war, no massive gassing of citizens, no radiation sickness as a result of exploded weapons. This does not mean all weapons have been disabled. You still have your challenges when it comes to automatic weapons and smaller explosive devices, but you will not see massive death at the press of a button. We have been able to do this with the help of Intergalactic forces who have used their advanced technologies to detect and disable hidden weaponry across the globe. They have also had "boots on the ground" - volunteers from other planets who have incarnated here in order to infiltrate the highest levels of the military in several of the more advanced (in terms of weaponry) nations.

"We can tell you now that there were hundreds of thousands of these deadly weapons, most of them in the hands of "peaceful" nations, but there were also some being developed in countries like North Korea and Pakistan. Contrary to the paranoid expectations of U.S. pentagon operatives and conservative political hysteria-mongers, Iran was not approaching completion of a nuclear weapon, nor were Iranian scientists eager to develop such a weapon. The era of fear has ended. No country, no mad general, no power-crazed dictator can ever again threaten the entire planet. The Cold War, which really continued until this month, will never again be able to spread its clammy hands over the populace of entire continents, and the lucrative business of advanced weaponry has been effectively discontinued.

"It will eventually be revealed in detail in the mainstream media that your President, the much-maligned Mr. Obama, has been a leader in these efforts to assure world peace. It has been a delicate ground game leading up to the final denouement. There was a period during which some weapons were still in the hands of those of little integrity. It required diplomacy and some intelligent negotiating to stave off disaster, especially in the Middle East, while the underground work was being completed.

"This is not the end of advancing technology, however. Your Star Brothers and Sisters wish to share their knowledge with you, to allow you to live in a pollution-free, prosperous environment in which clean air and water will be the rule, rather than a long-ago memory. The age of drinking water in plastic bottles is coming to an end, because of the damage to the environment, and because they will not be needed. Landfills and the Great Atlantic and Pacific Garbage Patch will be cleaned up and will also become a thing of the past.

"First, let me tell you about the simple and wonderful improvements which have long been available but were not able to be developed because of interference from profit oriented global interests. Clean fuel, free electricity, and the technology to clean up toxic spills which have poisoned hundreds of miles of ocean are already known and waiting for manufacture and distribution. Within a few short years, free or nearly free energy will be available to every village, every family, school, hospital and home on the planet.

"We have been working behind the scenes with several groups of good and generous souls, whose personal safety would be jeopardized if we were to announce their names at this moment. There is still some work to be done to dismantle the organizations of Dark Hats who would order assassinations of all concerned if they thought they could get away with it. Fortunately, they are not so secure in their arrogant expectations of protection from their wealthiest and most powerful friends. The global Mafia is feeling the screws tighten; the lock on any inventions which challenge fossil fuel use has been broken, and the middle class will get its respite by seeing their fuel bills disappear, and with it, the high cost of other commodities as well. We - our human and spirit beings in cooperation, have only to make the final preparations to insure that the technology will be given will go to all the people, not to a few investors or shareholders, but to the world at large. No one should make a financial killing by mining Gaia's natural resources, which belong to every man, woman and child. The plunder must not be allowed to continue, and it will not.

"We have asked our channel, Kathryn, to work with those who will be developing the new technologies in an advisory capacity, to ensure that the engineers develop the most efficient and cost-effective designs, and that we have full contact with the leaders who will develop the manufacturing and distribution of the technologies which will free the people of the world from the iron grip of profit-hungry organizations. Old business practices which involved borrowing from banks and large investors who would then own the product and its producers will no longer continue. Advertising will be unnecessary, since word of mouth and internet sites like this one will reach millions of people who will want to take part in the shared work of distributing and installing new energy sources in their own local centers and around the world through informal channels where governments are slow to let go of their grip on the sources of wealth that have kept them in power.

"We have no objection to seeing people live comfortably, even luxuriously, but not at the cost of leaving others homeless and hungry. There is enormous untapped wealth, which will soon be flowing to every town and village to make abject poverty and hunger a thing of the past, so the biggest changes will not be made by taking away from those who are wealthy, unless they are involved in criminal or usury activities. (We include here those activities which poison the food, air and water supply.)

"Now let's say something that will really make your ears perk up. We have a plan, or rather St. Germain and his crew of financial master-minds have a plan, which was put in place many years ago, but which is only now being activated. Some of the details have been discussed on the A & A Report, by our dear Tara and Rama, our hardworking investigators. You can read their findings on their website. We will elaborate on their information here.

"There is a trust fund, you might call it, which was created when St. Germain walked the earth in his recent incarnations - that is, the past few centuries. He established an enormous treasure trove of real wealth, gold, precious stones, and cleverly designed financial instruments which would accrue in value, and put them in the care of a few highly evolved families who have secretly guarded these treasures for the time that they would be distributed to the entire planet, for the good of everyone alive today. It could only be released after the Ascension, to assure that it could be distributed fairly in an atmosphere of higher vibrational energy. The first of those funds will be begin to be processed and distributed THIS WEEK.

"The first aid will go to efficiently run non-profit organizations which deliver basic health and maternity care in poor areas of the world, and to offer the technologies to make massive changes in agricultural practices and housing in the poorest areas. You will be amazed at the clever practices and designs that are possible. The funds will be carefully managed to prevent any of the usual graft which has accompanied government-run aid programs in the past. It will also be administered with the sole purpose of bringing the greatest good to the greatest number of people. No poor farmer will be displaced by international corporations or political overlords, and environmental restoration and healing of natural habitats will be a primary focus.

"In many areas of the world, local experts are already in place who only lacked funds to bring their ambitious dreams of peace and prosperity into being. All improvements will be made under the watch of the shaman, or other reliable channelers who have been tested over the past years for the quality of selflessness in their work. These resources are more readily available in less scientifically-based cultures. You see, these will all be co-created projects, shared by incarnated humans and Spirit Beings in constant collaboration. In what might seem like an odd couple pairing to Western minds, we will match the highest level technology experts with the local spiritual leaders to accomplish these ends. This will be the new business model for the New Age. Individuals will receive their generous bequests later.

"You will see increasing numbers of court cases in which greed will be punished with large fines to be paid to victims, and to the long overdue clean-up of Gaia. Those funds will also be helpful in rebalancing global wealth and the use of her resources.

"You see, balance is the goal. Rebalancing the use of resources and reclaiming the wealth which results is not a radical political idea. It is Our Way, the only fair way to protect Gaia and to assure a life of prosperity and happiness for every single being on the New Planet Earth.

"We will bring you updates on a daily basis as these exciting developments unfold. Stay tuned, and encourage your friends who might be taken in by the media discussions about guns and mayhem. The new era has dawned, and nothing will be as it was.

"We send our love and encouragement. Please join us in our glorious work,

"Yahweh and the Legions of Light who will serve the highest good in these coming times."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 10, 2013, 12 am

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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