Part 76: Pictures to Put on Your Refrigerator

"Tonight's message: Keep up the good work. Things are speeding up to such a degree for Lightworkers that you will see things manifesting practically from one moment to the next. The higher your vibrational level, the faster things will unfold for you. Life changes will arrive and come to fruition at lightening speed, compared to last year, or even last month. It will feel like you are riding in a fast train, and the scenery is racing by so fast you can barely focus on it before it has moved on.

"Once you are accustomed to this fast pace, you will be delighted by it, for you are the impatient ones who pushed forward this shift into the 4th dimension. The settings are something like this: For all of you, the slowest manifestations will occur at lower 4th dimensional vibrational speeds, which is dramatically faster than 3D. For those of you who operate at higher vibrational speeds in your own energy field, it will happen even faster. This is one of the inherent rewards of elevating your vibrational energy - you don't have to wait for things to play out. In fact, those of you who have objected to the fast pace of life in recent years will see that it was preparation for life in the New Age. The difference will be that you will be doing things that are meaningful and fulfilling, rather than things that make you feel frazzled and unsatisfied.

"Gradually, more of you will be finding more satisfying work environments, because there will be greater acknowledgment of the need for satisfying, creative work for all. Secondly, there will be a leveling of the pay scale to provide for those who work hard but do not manage a massive stock portfolio or hedge fund. Pay for work will become more equitably distributed, with greater recognition for the time dedicated to work, regardless of the skill level, or whether there is money management involved (the exorbitantly over-paid sector). Workers who dedicate themselves to jobs benefitting the greater good, which have been notoriously under-paid, will begin to be appreciated for the valuable contributors they actually are. Already the public is beginning to look at teachers differently, since the brave educators of Sandy Hook displayed valor befitting Medal of Honor recipients, when they shielded the children in their care with their bodies, at the expense of their own lives. Parents of those children will never see their educators in the same light, after such evidence of selfless love and caring.

"Relationships will also take on a new meaning. Marriages of convenience or economic advantage will fall apart, freeing the imprisoned partners to find genuine soul connections. It will become not a romantic fantasy, but an everyday reality for soul partners to find deep and lasting heart connections which begin with putting their energies into service for others. Worthy projects like hurricane clean-up, neighborhood rehabilitation and building, like Habitat for Humanity and other community-based organizations, will become the new dating sites for young people in search of meaningful life experiences. Long hours in the gym to sculpt one's appearance will evolve into challenging and heart-filling community service, which will take on a celebratory atmosphere as more and more young people join in the group projects which bring everyone, of every age and skill level, into the embrace of a loving community. The hubbub of laughter and fun will draw even the most reclusive, shy teenager out of the shadows and into the action. No one will suffer alone in their room or fantasize about killing their neighbors or fellow-students when those people are the source of Unconditional Love and belonging rather than torment, rejection and bullying.

"We are not describing an impossible dream. It is a reality, just a heart-beat away on the timeline adjacent to where you are now. It is one of the options that has been envisioned by large numbers of you, and one which could manifest very quickly if enough of you turn your attention to making it a reality. Goodness spreads, as you have seen in recent "good news" news reports - a fairly new feature in the mainstream media. Just as copycat murderers have been known to proliferate after a horrific highly-publicized event, acts of good will are freely contagious, and gain much more traction, because Light is always more powerful than Darkness. Alongside the acts of violence and greed you hear about every day is a rolling tide of goodwill, capturing the imaginations of every-widening circles of individuals and groups. It is a quantum leap to raise the vibration from 4th to 5th dimensional reality, but you did it during the Winter Solstice. You could do it again for the Summer Solstice. Proceed, Dear Ones, as if December 21st were Gaia's birthday, a joyful event to be celebrated every year, or every season, with offerings of gifts of friendship and service to your fellow humans.

"The entire Universe celebrates with you when you feel joy. Part of the new global awakening will be a sense of almost unwitting acknowledgment of the Oneness of life on New Gaia. There are no separate races, but only the human race in all its magnificent variety. There is also no such thing as two separate and unequal genders. You have already seen this in the outpouring of compassion and concern from around the world when two young women were the targets of vicious attacks - one shot for her activism for women's education, and one raped and killed just because the perpetrators knew they could get away with such barbaric acts because of co-conspirators in law enforcement. These have not been the only such horrific acts against women, but they vividly illustrated the primitive conditions still oppressing more than half the population of enormous areas of the globe. Even women in "developed" countries have not been spared the psychological trauma of having been made to feel less in every way than their male counterparts. The women's movement which began more than a century ago will gain enough high-vibrational energy to create a world in which both men and women will feel comfortably equal in value and equally treasured for who they are as individuals.

"We give you this encouragement and this Vision so that you can put the snapshot you see in your mind as you read these words on your minds-eye refrigerator, in full view for you to remind yourselves of your deep connection to the lives of others around you, and what a powerful influence you can have on their happiness. Yes, you are your Brother's Keeper, but this does not mean you have to let your brother sleep on your couch rather than working. It does mean you are responsible for creating the environment in which all can thrive. Remember that perennial favorite fable, Dickens' Christmas Carol. It required only a shift in Scrooge's consciousness and a bit of change from his bulging pockets to rewrite the lives of an entire family, and for his trouble he gained a sense of belonging and a future filled with love. You, My Children, can have even more wide-reaching positive effects because most of you are starting from a much higher level than Scrooge. So, as you are fond of saying, "Go for it!"

"Until tomorrow, we send you Unconditional Love,

"Your Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 7, 2012, 9 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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