Part 75: The New Spirituality, as Compared to Religion

"This is a good day for Light. The awakening continues across the planet, spurred by increasing numbers of Lightworkers like you, Dear Readers. Those of you who read these messages every day (and I know there are growing numbers of you) are beginning to feel comfortable with sharing your hopeful feelings about the future with others, and telling them about what we discuss here. Send them here too, Dear Ones, so that I may connect personally with more of you. We are working hard to make contact with as many of you as possible, and this new era has given us this new medium of the internet with which to come closer to you. We appreciate this, because it removes the "middle man," the priest or pope or minister, who have always pretended to be the go-between for "lay people." We do speak through our channel, Kathryn, but she is careful not to impose her own opinions or feelings, and the more you read these messages and do your meditations, the better you will become at contacting us directly. This is the goal, you see, for each and every one of you to feel comfortable opening your channels to speak with us directly. And then, there will be no need for religions as you know them now, where individual humans set themselves up as experts in how We think and behave. We can tell you that a great deal of what passes for "Holy Scripture" is nothing of the kind.

"While we're on this subject, let us give you a few examples of places where the Bible pontificates on topics which are simply made up to reflect the feelings of the writer, not Us. For instance, we do not punish or retaliate against our Children. The system of soul development which is in place is sufficient to allow each soul to progress individually, at their own pace. Punishment doesn't work anyway. It just makes people angry and resentful. We also respect Gaia's independence, and her need to shake the violent invaders off her back from time to time, as she has been ready to do when underground nuclear testing became a popular fad among rich governments. And now, fracking - a diabolical invasion of her mantle - has caused her enormous pain and anguish, but we have not intervened. We do not single-handedly create tsunamis to drown sinners, nor do we cause earthquakes to swallow up fornicators or merry-makers. We gave you sexuality for your pleasure, not to punish you over it, and we love singing and dancing, especially rock and roll. (I am told to put a ;) here - K.)

"In the book we wrote with Kathryn, our beloved Jesus asked to have a single chapter which could debunk the most unfortunate myths about himself and his life. I will not paraphrase the chapter here, but we will mention a few of the most horrific lies. First among them was the lie that Jeshua, as he prefers to call himself, was a celibate monk-like man, and that Magdellan was a prostitute whom he befriended because he felt sorry for her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Mary Magdellan was a strong and loving wife, passionately dedicated to teaching the Word as he was. This slander has remained unchallenged for centuries, to our amazement. Only in recent years have scholars begun to search for the truth. As with many other myths, this will eventually be cast aside as fantasy, or a powerful tool for the manipulation of vulnerable minds. It was perpetrated by power-hungry men who deliberately fabricated lies in order to weaken the power of His teachings, and to enslave people with a rule-bound religion which is impossible for normal people to succeed at, but which does create enormous guilt and shame. People who are immersed in guilt and shame are far easier to control. "The second Big Lie was that Jeshua came to Earth to establish a new religion which would worship him, and which would be called Christianity. There was no such intention, to pit the Jews of his heritage against non-Jews. In fact, as you know, Jeshua was a Jew, and was carrying on the traditions of Judaism with the intent of opening it up to more expansive and joyful traditions, bringing the practices back to direct contact with Us, rather than becoming even more rule-bound and rigid. But We will not spoil the story for you; you can read it for yourselves.

"Now, back to how we manage difficult challenges when they arise anywhere in the firmament, and especially on the topic of not resorting to punishment, which it seems we cannot explain too many times, since the concept is so ingrained in your picture of who We are. No matter how many times we describe our respect for your free will status, there are still those who object that our actions are arbitrary and unfair. This misunderstanding may arise from the 3-Dimensional perspective which requires thinking in terms of duality - good or bad, fair or cruel. Just as with your complex societies, we are often confronted with complexities which arise from the destructive actions of an individual or group which presents danger to other souls. We are dedicated to the Protection (Yahweh's traditional role) and Nourishment (Mother God's role) of our beloved Children. Yes, all the beings, even the deranged ones, are our Children, and we will make great efforts to help those injured souls heal and come back to the Fold, but not at the risk of damaging those who are working hard to ascend.

"For this reason, the Ashtar Command is standing as Protection against any negative outside forces which might interfere with Gaia's successful Ascension, for a planet in Ascencion is like a mother giving birth. She must not be interfered with or damaged in any way. We are grateful to Ashtar and his Legions, which number in the millions, but that is a story for another day.

"Now, about evil. There have been times when, in rare cases, a soul may become so deranged and dangerous to others because of a dedication to Darkness that no amount of counseling, Unconditional Love and special attention has succeeded in convincing them not to act outside any contract with other souls, by bringing misery and death as a matter of their own choice. There have been rare occasions where those souls were denied further incarnations, and if they continue to cause havoc around the Universe, they can be "dissolved" back into the infinite matter from which all souls are created. We strongly resist doing this if there is any chance a soul can be saved, and sometimes We wait for many centuries before we decide to take protective action to safeguard the smooth succession of soul work for others. So, you see, we are anything but the angry, punitive male with a white beard who sits on high, meting out punishments and rewards. Well, perhaps we are a bit liberal with our praise and planned festivities to celebrate the triumphs of our Children, but we celebrate all equally lavishly, because all our Creations bring us delight.

"There are circumstances where one of the angels or other Master Teachers may be authorized to intervene in an individual situation which might otherwise end badly for ones who have not yet fulfilled their life path. For instance, there have often been reports of angels sighted around accident sites, like car crashes, where one or two people might have died without helpful intervention. There are also nature spirits who sometimes help out when an animal or even a plant is suffering. These are individual circumstances which are deemed to be out of sync with the soul path of the person or being involved, and it gives our beloved angels great pleasure to rescue a child from a fire, or deflect a bullet when the targeted person did not include such an incident in their life plan. So, you see, it is a complicated and many-faceted organization of which you are a member.

"You have a plan before you come here; one which will best serve your evolution as a soul. You have chosen to come into this life with certain other souls because your plans are in synchrony, or because you have spent lifetimes together in the past and you wish to complete unfinished business. Always, the goal is to elevate along your individual path, and the plan is to devise scenarios which will benefit all involved. Your idea of karma accumulated from one lifetime which needs to be "worked off" in another is not accurate. Each life is a learning experience in its own right, and further lessons along similar lines would only be recommended if it would benefit the soul in question. There are often life plans which include, for instance, one life as a slave master and the next as a slave, but this would be planned as a logical learning experience, not as punishment for having played the role of the slave master. It is common for a soul to request a wide range of experiences to fulfill their need for learning all the difficult lessons on the way to Ascending to the highest levels.

"Our original plan, which we have tweaked over the eons, has always been to allow our children to experience as wide a range of life choices as possible, and they choose for themselves which challenges they wish to take on, with expert guidance from more experienced souls. No one is ever forced to live a life which is beyond their ability to succeed, although souls do occasionally take on a great deal, from the comfort of the higher dimensions where Love and Light reign supreme. They may be counseled against extreme difficulty, but none are ever denied their heart's desire, as long as it is not damaging to another's heart's desire.

"So, Dear Ones, we create and we oversee, but we do not control and manipulate you as you do each other. We are not concerned with power, because we have the power to create, and that is enough. We have concern for each and every one of you, and we follow your progress with great interest and pleasure, especially when you find ways to fulfill your path by being of service in ways which use your talents and gifts most effectively. Remember: the things you are good at are your gifts. Do not take it for granted if the "only" thing you are good at is making friends, or baking, or riding a bicycle. This is a gift which will play an important part in your life path, and which may bring important learning experiences for you and others around you. This is what matters, all that matters - your soul development - not making money, not being famous or winning awards, not building an empire of one kind or another so that you can be the emperor of your own domain. No, it is only the relationships you create with Love, and the contributions to the greater good you make from the bottom of your heart which really matter.

"Accruing knowledge is a valuable pursuit, if you can use that knowledge to help lift the level of vibration around you. So, look to your strengths, my Children, and begin to find ways every day to use those strengths in service to others. You will find your heart expanding along with your mind, and you will feel fulfilled in ways you never dreamed were possible. This is the only religion human beings need: the commitment to one another, and to making the connections to Us, your loving Creators, who will teach you, comfort you, and encourage you to learn the ways of God, which is the ultimate resolution to your Ascension - to join with us in joy and Unity, and we will truly become One.

"I Am That I Am; We Are That We Are; You Are That We Are. Yahweh."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 7, 2012, 11 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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