Part 74: A Time For Forgiveness

"It is good news We bring today. The forces of Darkness have taken another blow. This time it is in the area of politics. You will soon be hearing news of another scandal; this time it will bring down one of the most powerful and contentious of all obstructionists in the U.S. government. We tell you this with relief for your continued uplifting, but with sadness for those who have dedicated themselves to the conquest of wealth and power over others. We ask you now to prepare yourselves for further shocking revelations, and to be ready with forgiveness for all the diabolical acts you will see revealed in the coming months. We remind you again that it is through the lessons these Dark Ones bring to the populace that you are able to grow in your resolve to carry on in integrity and Faith. By their example, they teach, and by your feelings of revulsion, you are taught to turn away from Darkness and from the people who seed much of the pain, material deprivation and political upheaval on the planet.

"The levels of extreme deprivation you have seen in your brushes with poor neighborhoods in your own country or documentaries of "third world" countries, will cease to be, as quickly as your envisioning and actions can make it happen. You have felt powerless to effect needs of such monumental scale in the past, but the portals have opened, and the winds of change are indeed blowing fiercely across the entire planet. The charity work of past generations which provided a drop of hope, or a grain of rice to millions will now bring real change, as travel to remote places becomes more available and people with love in their hearts are able to find new ways to offer themselves in service, for an hour or a week or a lifetime. They will be seeing with new eyes - the opened third eye which sees every human being as a brother or sister - and there will be greater resources available at every turn.

"Just as you are preparing yourself for forgiveness toward those who created such starvation and want, also prepare yourself for hope. You have an expression, "the tide has turned." Well, it has, and rather than receding, prosperity will increase, but in a completely new form. There will be no room for hoarding to assure one's "security." Rather, security will come from being part of a nurturing, reliable community where no one goes hungry, and no one is alone or isolated. This will require increasing vigilance concerning the way your food is produced (by small farmers who raise their crops and their animals with love), and the way your natural resources are distributed and consumed. Water would be plentiful in areas of current drought if the technologies to minimize waste were used, and if humans again learn to associate the water flowing from the tap with the streams and rivers it originates from, and the needs of the planet to distribute her riches across vast regions as is natural to her own inclinations and tendencies.

"It has long been standard practice for the most powerful cities, states and nations to take what they need and more, regardless of the impact on those whose land, water and energy resources are pillaged. There has been a sense of entitlement - in fact, general agreement - that the one with the biggest stick gets the victor's spoils, whether it be in politics, commercial competition, or social interactions. This philosophy, which celebrates greed and wanton gluttony, has been the source of great sadness for Us, for Gaia who suffered terribly, and for the victims themselves. This wantonness is the legacy of Darkness, brought to Planet Earth by the Dark Hats we have referred to the Orion/reptilian faction. We have watched as they co-opted the hearts, minds and spirits of our Dear Children of Gaia.

"It was our hope that as you came back to us between each life to restore your balance and heal your hearts, that you would one day be able to return to your dear planet as the Warriors for Light you intended to be as you returned for each round in the ring, where you were pummeled and beaten down by the Dark Forces. Our contract with you did not allow us to intervene directly, but we continued to be the team in your corner, cheering you on, throwing the weight of our Love behind your brave project. And now, the power of your convictions and the persistence with which you have pursued justice and fairness has tipped the scale. Every act of kindness, every vision of Light and Love, every expression of compassion has had its effect in increasing the Light and decreasing the Darkness.

"It is now a time for celebration, and also a time of mourning. The Legions of Light are clearly carrying the day, and it will be a time of reckoning for the ones who served as the Dark catalysts for change. Some of them are fallen angels, but some are victims of the cruelty which destroyed their connections to their own hearts and souls. They were "recruited" to be foot-soldiers of Darkness, sometimes for only one lifetime, against the protests of their Greater Souls. Others - and this may seem strange to you from your perspective - were our highest Masters, who came to create havoc on such a grand scale that all the world would rise up against them to create a groundswell of change.

"These valiant souls (Hitler is a recent example) have done Our work at great risk to themselves so that vast changes could be initiated. The Jews, our special emissaries of strength and commitment, were souls who volunteered for the Great Wave of Change which became World War II. We understand that this may be shocking news to you, but we urge you to remember: We do not command or order our Dear Children to take part in events which will be dangerous or deadly. The volunteers who come for these difficult assignments do so because of their own commitment to Light, and to creating a better world for those who come after them. They also come from the higher dimensions, where it is known that Life is eternal, and that enlisting for duty on the Earth plane is a brief opportunity to elevate and grow.

"We tell you these things now to prepare you to forgive, for the ones who may appear to be the worst enemies of Light are not necessarily as Dark as they appear. You see, the Legions of Light are not strangers to Special Ops activity, and have had their own ways of rebalancing the scales. Therefore, do not judge, but simply work to protect your own, and take the necessary steps to constrain the activities of the Dark Ones, but do not turn to revenge or inhumane punishments, for that taints you with the lower vibrations of Darkness. Those who have created evil will be required to return to the fold - the cycle of reviewing their lives and feeling the effects of their destructive actions as they replay every act, every word which caused pain to others. Thus, each soul learns compassion and empathy. We can assure you that the Darkest Ones sometimes become the strongest advocates for peace and justice after a life of evil.

"And so you will now enter a phase of Peace and Reconciliation. How effectively you are able to negotiate these sensitive issues will have great bearing on your progress toward establishing the foundations of the New Golden Age. Great responsibility will fall to your lawmakers, judges, attorneys and especially, your Presidents and Prime Ministers. Choose carefully, My Children, to assure the qualities of steady hands and big hearts in those who will lead you into an arena filled with either hatred and vengeance, or with compassion and Light.

"Breathe, fill your hearts with joy and hope, and go forward together, my Dear Ones. You have begun a brand new phase of evolution in which companionship, kindness and prosperity will reign once more on Planet Earth.

"With love and admiration, we envision your success,

"Your Mother/Father God, speaking as Yahweh, I Am That I Am."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 6, 11 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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