Part 73: The Work Of Building a New World Begins

"Dear Children, time is passing quickly on your Earth plane. This is not only a personal perspective - it is a reality. Because of the energy shifts happening over that past months, the flow of time was literally compressed, creating a sense of faster movement. You have now passed through ‘the eye of the needle" and are being propelled in the direction of positive change. It will be a time of excitement, exhilaration, and wondrous evolution as you are now working from a higher dimensional level than you were previously. Although the overall consciousness of the planet did not yet rise to the 5th dimensional level, you are on your way.

"Because the original contract you all joined into with Jeshua and your guides, there was an agreement that you would move together - something that has never been done before. Although some of you have indeed moved to the 5th level and beyond, we have asked that all remain for some time further, to help your fellows to raise their level of consciousness as well. Your work as Lightworkers is being felt, Dear Ones, even though you may identify with Sisyphus, pushing his rock up the hill. Your touch is felt every time you come in contact with others, and even when you meditate to raise your own consciousness you are making a contribution. So, do not become impatient with your own progress or the progress of others. We have designed alternatives for everyone, regardless of their level of awakening, so no one will be left without life lessons to help them elevate, as has always been the case.

"We did spur you on with our descriptions of the possible mass Ascension to the 5th dimension, because we could see how close you had come to lifting the entire population to walk through the portals together. In terms of overall success, yours was phenomenal. In the process of working hard to raise the vibrational level on the planet, Lightworkers everywhere raised themselves to new levels, and the people around them were greatly affected by it. For you to have accomplished the shift out of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th was a heroic act of will, and of Love. From the perspective of evolution, think about it! You have evolved to more loving, more spiritually open human beings within the space of a few months. This has given you a base from which to operate which will allow further change in a much accelerated timeframe.

"Now, we wish to encourage you to take up your banner once more, and to renew your commitment to the most remarkable social contract ever created. We know you may have become discouraged by the traumas and bad behavior which have flooded the airwaves in recent weeks: gun violence, seemingly pointless contention in the halls of government, and loud discussions on topics which in and of themselves sound barbaric, like whether women should be protected from rape or not, and under what circumstances. It does reprise the Middle Ages, but there is good to come of such idiocy. It is awakening those individuals who were so complacent they did not notice the Ascension process even when it blasted over them, because the discussions have reached such a level of ignorance and meanness that even those who had been inclined toward self-protection and isolation are becoming outraged. This will take some time to be felt, but the effect on more and more citizens in all parts of the world is reaching a groundswell.

"As Americans, you are not used to watching other countries closely, but things are happening quickly elsewhere too. For instance, Portugal's President has strongly challenged the banking system which has a strangle-hold on most of Europe's countries who have been forced to borrow from the cabal. The systems of economics and banking have become so secretive and protected from scrutiny that it is difficult to see that there is much more to the story than the fact that deficits are created by spending too much on social programs. This is not the problem. Countries all over the globe have been entrapped into taking part in the usury of the IMF and the World Bank, and once seduced, the noose tightens.

"We will soon see global resistance to the "austerity measures" imposed by the bankers who know well how they will cause suffering and hardship to the people, but turn the screws to maintain their power. This power has put them in charge of most of the wealth of the planet, except for a small portion controlled in Asia. The tsunami in Japan was partly man-made, an attempt to bring Japan to her knees, and to cause her to be forced to borrow and thereby be enslaved. So far, Japan and China have mostly resisted the siren song which has entrapped the rest of the world, but the money-manufacturers continue to try. You will see continued upheaval in the markets, which will affect mostly those whose goal it is to hoard money. Others who have deep connections with their communities, their neighbors and families will ride out the shifts together, finding creative ways to help each other as the world economies shift along with the global consciousness.

"Now, back to your personal development. Continuing your efforts to elevate yourselves and those around you will contribute to the swift and positive resolution of the global upheavals. The shifts are necessary and inevitable; the timing and smoothing out of the effects will be up to you. You have seen that prayer - especially group meditations - have a powerful effect on the planet's vibrational levels. In fact, this whole Ascension process began in earnest with the uplift following the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the first organized mass meditation to heal and bring peace to the planet. So, you see, it has been a mere 25 years since we saw the real possibility that mankind might reach Ascension by the end of 2012. And so it is. You have lifted yourselves and your planet to a place from which much greater change is now possible. You will now need to cultivate the ability to continue working toward it as you did when you had a deadline, without becoming discouraged or impatient. It was a useful strategy, to have a goal of a single date, but of course the Universe does not actually work that way. It served to spur you on, but at the cost that you might become disillusioned or upset if it didn't work out exactly as we all had hoped.

"Now that you have settled down and begun to integrate the changes which continue to take place, we hope that you will find it in your hearts to continue the climb to higher elevations. It is in your natures to grow and to build. Most of you have had a short rest, and will continue onward on your spiritual path. We congratulate you, we celebrate you, and we will be here, working behind the scenes with the ones who have pierced the Veil in order to keep in constant contact with Us, as we work together to co-create the New World on Gaia, which will evolve as quickly as your combined efforts allow. Look around you; more and more of your fellow humans are softening, learning to listen, and are becoming willing to reach out in service as never before. Take heart, and call on us to offer our support, our comfort and our Love as you take on the difficult challenge of moving your civilization forward, one nano-millimeter at a time.

"We send you our blessings and our Unconditional Love,

"Yahweh, for the Lightworkers who are working beside and around you always."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 5, 2012, 10 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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