Part 72: Radically Different Points of View Arise from Different Levels of Experience

"Today let's talk about why there is such a schism in American life between two groups of people who feel strongly about their heart-felt beliefs, to the point that it is difficult for both sides to even conceive of why the other would think and feel the way they do, since the feelings are completely alien to them. There is a simple, but not at all obvious explanation, which I will try to give to you. We understand that the readers of this blog tend to be spiritually evolved, relatively open-minded, and inclined toward fairness and compassion. Because of this, we feel we can offer you this information without danger that it will be misused.

"In our message yesterday, and in an earlier post, we discussed the process of elevating through dimensions, and in the Story of Creation and The Earthling Story we told you of the great influence of visitors from other places around the Universe who helped to "seed" their DNA for the early development of the strain of humans who have grown up on Gaia. Gaia and her children, by comparison, are at an early phase of development, still mostly stuck in the 3-dimensional heaviness of their lives on Planet Earth. By comparison, souls who traveled through and evolved on planets in the galaxies of Sirius, as I mentioned a few days ago, ("The Sirians are Coming"), the Pilaiedes, Virgo and many others, have already experienced the ascension process, have evolved into the spiritual levels, and so are not in need of further 3-dimensional lessons to complete their soul path. Instead, many of them have a special interest in Planet Earth because of their experiences on Gaia in the days of her beginnings and wish to help her inhabitants, whom they look upon as young brothers and sisters. These are the elder brothers and sisters we refer to as Star Seeds. They have incarnated in growing numbers as the Ascension of Planet Earth approached fruition.

"The Star Seeds of whom we speak have developed a sense of natural camaraderie and generosity toward their fellow humans from having lived in the atmosphere of Unconditional Love which is characteristic of their home planets. The ones we call Lightworkers are mostly these souls from afar. Their philosophy of life and attitudes toward their fellows tends to be one of taking the caring, compassionate approach which encourages gentle handling, respect for one's free will, appreciation for the struggles and failings of the individual, and a strong belief in the power of unified action. They also tend to be positive and life-affirming, and trust in the process of living through life lessons to provide for one's enlightenment, rather than externally imposed control. They are peace-loving, creative thinkers, they tend to strongly resist oppression, and abhor power struggles of any kind.

"On the other hand, "native" Earthlings have lived through a very different experience, and a shorter one. It has been complicated by the combination of complete free will and the intervention by the beings we have called the "fallen angels," who have deliberately and very successfully created a civilization of fear, mistrust of one another and competition engendered by artificially devised scarcity in every area of life. They have learned to be wary, cautious, and resistant to change. Since this has been the pervasive atmosphere on Gaia, it has affected everyone, including many of the Star Seeds, who have struggled to remain positive and self-sustaining in the face of the Dark Forces who have remained in power and in control of all the important resources, including the health of the planet herself, which they have come close to destroying.

"So, you see, Dear Ones, each of these firmly-held perspectives springs directly from the experience of the souls involved. Neither is strictly right or wrong; they are simply different levels of experience, projected outward onto the world. Someone who is innately fearful will see danger and expect confrontation and attack; someone who has learned and lived with generosity and trust will feel safe and trusting and will expect cooperation and friendship. Out of these differing experiences and their external expression come fully formed theories about politics, child-rearing, religion and education. You can see from this description why there are progressives and conservatives, Tories and Whigs, and the progression of similar opposites through the ages on the Earth Plane. Of course, this bifurcation is carried to fruition in the atmosphere of duality which is an inherent part of life in this 3rd dimensional world. It is combination of duality, 3-dimensionality and free will which makes life on Gaia seem so utterly divided at this point in the last stages of her 3-D existence.

"You are feeling the frustration of witnessing these extremes which are dividing the populace. However, the hopelessness you might have felt is not warranted now, as Gaia raises herself out of 3-D to leave this extreme duality and intransigence behind forever. The loudly proclaimed "conservatism" which has muscled itself into the town square is in its last throes, because elevating means leaving behind, not keeping and reifying old ways. It also means that during this incarnation on Earth, even the younger and less experienced souls will learn trust almost by default, by experiencing it in their hearts, their bones and their minds as they are bombarded from afar by our waves of Unconditional Love.

"It is an important element of this Ascension process that the new atmosphere be continued over an extended period, for one day or one week would not be sufficient to overcome the convictions of many lifetimes lived in Darkness and fear. It is for this reason that we proceed with a combination of compassion and insistence (for we know it is truly in the interest of the entire population of Gaia to elevate to higher (and happier) levels of existence. We nudge you if you stray from your path of fulfillment, and we celebrate ("Halleluja") when you go forth with renewed levels of Love for your fellows - yes, even the ones on the other side of the fence - and a sense of compassion where it is warranted. Be gentle but firm with those who would drag you down into their Dark view of the future, and of humanity's potentials. Just as you acknowledge with your own children, someday everyone will grow up and see the Light. It is the way of the Universe.

"For now, continue to teach patience, forbearance and tolerance, as your U.S. President has become so adept at doing. Do not slow down your pace of working hard to elevate yourself through acts of service, daily meditation to review and learn from each day's events, and by practicing balance in every area of your complex and demanding lives.

"Write your questions to us, or ask Kathryn, and encourage others to do the same. We will try to help you move through this difficult time with grace.

"We love you beyond words, our brave and resolute Lightworkers,

"Yahweh, and all the Lightworkers in Spirit who are standing ready to help you."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 5, 3 am

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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