Part 70: It Isn't Chaos; It's Fertile Ground for Change

"Dear Readers, We are delighted to know that there are some who follow our words every day and gain comfort and knowledge which helps them in their daily lives. That was our hope when we asked to begin this project. We have not previously ever had the opportunity to speak with many of you on a daily basis. You are becoming a family, although many of you may not know one another. Perhaps you will meet one day when we plan a gathering so that you can celebrate together. In the meantime, your energy forms a vortex of light, connected by the Web which surrounds the Earth. Like your internet, there is an energy web which allows feelings and thoughts to flow in every direction around the planet. Your energy is powerful, and growing. We are immensely gratified by this, and hope you will bring many more into the fold, as the work of changing your world begins in earnest.

"You are already feeling the changes beginning to take hold. People who were belligerent and arrogant (as some of your Congressmen have been) are beginning to soften, although we have not won over the whole lot yet. As the year progresses, you will see changes because the constituents, and others in Congress - especially the women - are becoming impatient with the rigidity and false righteousness with which any progress is blocked. The tragedy of this past Congress has been that most of the rigidity comes out of fear and prejudice, because white men do not want to be led by a Black president.

"We have spoken in the past of leaving behind the old fear-based civilization. These are the attitudes and actions have been standard form in past decades, based in the belief that rage and self-protection are a normal reaction in the face of change which might present a threat to one's personal power. This tolerance for hostility and prejudice will not remain unnoticed or unchallenged any longer. Decent people everywhere are awakening, and with that awakening comes higher expectations about the way people in power should behave, and how leaders should lead. They will no longer tolerate pettiness and lies which have been standard fare in the news in recent years.

"One glaring example was quoted in the news today, without comment, when a Congressman pretended to be outraged that a group of "sleep-deprived octogenarians" came up with a plan at 2 o'clock in the morning (referring to the Senate, of course). This clever-sounding sound bite completely dismissed the fact that this proposal had been under discussion for many months, but was only agreed to at the last hour. This has been a favorite tactic with those who wish to manipulate and frighten the populace into thinking that "government" (that is, everyone except them) is completely irrational and out of control, and their lives are in danger because of the recklessness and irresponsibility of this present administration. There is no acknowledgment that the present deficit was increased logarithmically by the inclusion of the debt from 10 years of war. These enormous numbers had been hidden previously by the magic of accounting. And so, deception was layered upon deception, creating a morass of lies which the media blithely repeats without question, and which created the atmosphere of anxiety and insecurity you have all lived under for centuries now.

"So, you see, as the population awakens, the atmosphere you breathe will also change, because the overall tradition of dishonesty, manipulation and power grabbing will no longer be taken for granted and therefore encouraged. Outrage will be expressed only when there is genuine unfairness revealed, not as a means of rabble-rousing. When civility and kindness become the norm in everyone's homes and neighborhoods, it will come to be expected in the office place, in the halls of government, and in the schools.

"No longer will there be a child who is isolated and lonely who remains invisible to everyone around them. No family will be expected to live on below-poverty wages while working full time, and no woman will be raped and beaten and then blamed for it, because when you, My Children, raise your voices to insist on creating a kinder, gentler society, you will be heard and respected. You will create together, completely new forms of organizing yourselves, new ways of educating your children, and more humane and effective ways of curing illness, which will become less and less prevalent as you clean up your environment, with Gaia's help. Individuals will awaken to the inner knowledge that health is as much a state of mind as it is a physical condition, and that each one is responsible for their own emotional and spiritual growth and for creating a culture of support for others as well.

"You are beginning, Dear Ones. You have planted the seeds for your own lives of fulfillment, and you will at last begin to see the fruits of your labors and of your dearest hopes and dreams. You will be the leaders of the New Age which has already begun, and you will lead by virtue of your strength and Light. You have patiently struggled against the tide, feeling isolated and disrespected at times, but the tide has changed, and you are the first ones now moving in the direction of the change. You have always had our admiration and love, but you will now find new respect and acceptance from the world at large. We celebrate you, and urge you on. You are truly the harbingers of a New Enlightenment which will begin to spread to all as the fundamental goal of life, and which will become the center of a life built on Faith, Love and Compassion.

"So, today's message is this: when you look around you and see chaos and conflict, shift your Vision to a deeper setting, where you operate in the very center of your brain, and you will see fertile ground being plowed up for a new planting, and you will envision the harvest to come. Should you find yourself longing for the old, orderly systems, remind yourself that the old Matrix, just as the movie portrayed, was actually enslavement.

"You are on the verge of discovering true freedom. Prepare yourself by anchoring with Us, with Gaia, and with your family and friends who will be your circle of Love and Support as you all go forward. It will seem like a great unknown, until you are able to reach deeply into your unconscious memories to reconnect with the plans you made before you came here, and with the Universal Truths, available to you through your Higher Self, where all systems and creations are already known.

"Go in peace, Dear Children. Do not be unhinged by the demands of adjusting to the new energies your bodies are absorbing. You will acclimate, little by little as needed, and the results will delight you, as they do us.

"We Love you and applaud you, our brilliant Lightworker team.

"Yahweh, (I Am That I Am), Mother/Father God and all the Legions of Light."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 2, 2012, 11pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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