Part 69: We Are Being Given a Make-Over, and It Isn't Surface Deep

"Today I'm going to give you some more information about the dynamics of Ascension, and how the forces which are now playing across the planet will affect all of you in the future. The forces of which I speak are twofold - the energy blast we have sent to you through the opening which was created by the special alignment of the Milky Way, your galaxy, which reached a peak on Dec. 21. The waves of energy we spoke of earlier contain the Unconditional Love essence, and more. It is the very essence of your Mother/Father God. You might think of it as God's breath, which we breathe into your lungs, your eyes, your hearts and minds, that you may know Us and feel our presence. A second extremely powerful influence is the solar activity - your scientists call them solar flares - but they are much more than that. Our dear Archangel Metatron has described the process in detail elsewhere, but here we will simplify the concepts for you.

"The Sun was created along with Gaia and other planets to be a co-creators in a partnership which would provide a habitable environment for the human beings who came later, after a long period of evolution. The traces of that evolution are now becoming available to your archeologists for study. It has only been during the last 100,000 years or so that humans as you know yourselves have existed on Planet Earth, and this is the first time in that period that the conditions we describe above have happened here. So, you see, this is no ordinary 11-year cycle of sunspot activity. It is a momentous event, allowing the great force of plasma energy to flow across the planet uninterrupted for many months.

"What we are calling plasma energy is made up of photons which bombard the Earth with great force, disrupting and changing molecular structures in your bodies and brains. Although the feeling it creates may be unsettling, it is a very positive occurrence, which will help to recondition your reactions to events around you, making you less prone to fear or rage responses. It is also beginning a shift from the carbon-based makeup which has been your biological structure to a crystalline structure. This will create in you - especially in those who welcome this Shift and take an active part in moving into the new configuration - the ability to radiate Light in a more powerful way, much the way the crystalline structure of a quartz crystal absorbs and radiates Light.

"We understand that it is difficult for you to grasp how all this could be possible, since you experience your bodies as solid and finite in their nature, but it is not so. There are many possibilities for variation in the body's biological make-up; for instance, consider the small variation in DNA which brings about the ability for a fire-fly or a phosphorescent sea creature to light up. Many of the potentialities you were born with, as seemingly inert strands of DNA are being activated, and it will make it easier than every before for humans to raise their level of consciousness and make direct contact with Us behind the ever-thinning Veil of Forgetfulness.

"There will be those who will be able to return to Earth as Lightworkers who will not be unaware of their origins or their life path, but will come ready to be of service in their own unique way. This too will bring enormous advantages to the humans who are on the planet in the coming New Age. In fact, we are already there, for there are many among you who are remembering, day by day, what their mission is, and they are taking up the challenge, against all odds, to speak out, act on their spiritual beliefs, and help others to awaken to the Truth of who we are, what we wish for our dear Children, and how the world works on the other side of the Veil, here in the Heights.

"You see, we are not the severe and humorless lot your religious teachers of old and even some of the painters of the Renaissance portrayed. We do not condemn or torture, or even judge you. We simply make it possible for you to learn, and that learning is not inflicted upon you - no, it is co-created according to the needs which your Greater Soul identifies and helps to design. While some of the life paths your Greater Soul creates may seem cruel or unnecessarily difficult, such as lives in slavery, or death by torture, or an early accident, you cannot know from your perspective (unless you learn to discuss it with your Greater Soul) why such experiences were chosen until you begin to understand your soul path, and the growth which results, as the driving force behind these choices. When you begin to truly grasp the nature of Life, which is Soul Life, you will see how the most difficult lives help to elevate your sense of compassion, empathy and forgiveness, thereby raising your level of consciousness to higher levels.

"This process of raising your level of consciousness is what we refer to as Ascension. This brings us back to the connection to what is happening now on your planet. The conditions have never been better for each one to elevate, and you have been given the great advantage of not having to live through many more lives of arduous work to realize it. The photon bombardment which will work to adapt your bodies to higher energies is a tremendous gift for those who are able to be here now. Do you see now why so many souls were clamoring to come to Gaia during this historic event? Even the most unattractive slots, by most standards, were filled, with waiting lists. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, as you might say, because much of the soul work is being made easier for you by the biological changes. And so, the Boot Camp which was Planet Earth will be no more. As your cultures evolve to higher levels of cooperation, heart-based governance and spiritual connection, lives lived as war refugees, abused women and children, and in extreme poverty will cease to exist.

"Now it is up to you, Dear Children, to clear away the din of negative news reports, trivial arguments and selfish grandstanding, and forge ahead, with your heads held high and your hearts singing in celebration. Shine your Light, and your Light will increase. Share your knowledge, your wealth, your food and your kindness, and you will receive ten-fold. This is the Universal Law of Flow, which we explained in our book. When you give selflessly, you elevate yourself neurologically, biologically and spiritually. You will be exercising the new potentials as they come on line, just as you did when you were a toddler, and you threw yourself into learning your new skills of walking, talking, and learning about the world. It is the same now. Approach your new life with wonder, openness and Love, and you will thrive. This we know.

"Go forth with courage and Love, Dear Ones; your future is bright.

"With all our love, Yahweh and the Legions of Light"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 1, 2013, 8 pm

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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