Part 68: A New Year's Blessing, and Guidance About Ascensionitis

"Tonight is the last night of your year, 2012. It would be fitting for us to celebrate this glorious transition with a song. We are singing the Hallelujah chorus here in the Heights, as we jokingly call the higher dimensions. Open your soul ears, that intuitive reception capability you were born with, and you will hear the Angel Chorus singing the most beautiful celebration music of all...Hallelujah, hallelujah...

"Let those sounds play for you in the background as you read this message from me/us, with hearts brimming over with love and hope for the New Year — a truly historic New Year, even from our perspective where we measure time in terms of millennia. You cannot possibly imagine our happiness at seeing more and more humans awakening, looking around them and discovering that life on Planet Earth is indeed worth living, and worth celebrating.

"A wonderful, heartwarming event occurred in Canada this week, when 228 people, one by one, decided to literally "pay it forward" as they pulled up to the take-out window at a Tim Horton's shop. For hours, each person who approached the window paid for the order of the person behind them. Each one in turn did the same, as the restaurant workers counted gleefully. 228 individuals did their part that day to reach out to a stranger, purposefully making someone else's day begin with a smile. Those playful and generous Children of God expressed the simple principle of living in service to others: Just do it. Will any of the people in that wonderful line ever forget that exhilarating moment of shared giving? Will the workers in the restaurant or the reporters who told the story ever feel the same about human potential for kindness as a natural instinct? We congratulate and celebrate them all, for they, and the thousands like them are making the world a better place for everyone.

"Now we would like to answer Linda's question about the illnesses she is observing all around her. Yes, it is a common symptom of adjusting to the new higher levels of energy for many people to experience digestive and respiratory illnesses, great fatigue requiring many extra hours of sleep every day, and lowered immunity to contagious diseases. This is indeed due to the physical stress on the human body of adapting rapidly to the changing environment. Unfortunately, it is not a choice at this moment, to adapt or not — it is simply a necessity, but one which you are capable of without any permanent damage. It helps to know that you are suffering from Ascensionitis, as we have called it, and that it will occur in waves, and will decrease over the coming months. Think of it as similar to the acclimatization needed when you go from sea level to 12,000 feet. The body will go through a period of adjustment, then will balance out in time. Be patient, drink plenty of fresh water, eat lightly and keep to predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and any processed or otherwise unnatural foods, and you will adapt quickly. Above all, do not revert to the old paradigm of fear. It is normal, and it will pass. As for treatable medical conditions, it is not time yet to radically change our approach to healing, but that too will shift as the new attitudes of Light and Awareness come to the fore.

"It is truly a time of great change on Planet Earth. The Age of Aquarius has begun, and all life will be shifting from a time when fear, anxiety, competition and want filled the human psyche, to a time of love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. The energy shift within Gaia and in the air that you breathe will bring about rapid changes, in evolutionary terms, but we trust that all of you will embrace the changes and "roll with it" as you like to say. Never in your lifetime has this kind of Shift taken place.

"It is a new experience for everyone alive today, and it is a new experiment in the Universe itself, so we urge you to raise your level of consciousness by applying the following simple rules:

- Do not think or speak negative ideas, not to yourself or anyone else.

- Monitor you attitudes and thinking to reject any future-oriented feelings of dread, anxiety or fear. (What if??)

- Meditate several times a day on the people and things you are grateful for.

- Care for yourself and others in an attentive, loving way, always seeking the greater good.

- Practice deep breathing, absorbing the nutrients and sustenance now available in the highly charged air. You will find you have less need for food.

- Sleep when you need it, regardless of your previous needs.

"And now we must close, to allow our dear Scribe to sleep as she too must do. Stay the course, Dear Ones. Practice your consciousness-raising techniques every day; read the book we have created to make this Shift easier for all of you (Who Needs Light?), and continue to bring your questions to me so that We can offer you any information or encouragement you might need in this important time.

"Until tomorrow, Your Yahweh, speaking for the Universe of Lightworkers of the Higher Realms"

Via Kathryn May, Dec. 31, 2012, 11-1am

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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