Part 67, 3rd Through 7th Dimensions Described

December 30, 2012

“First, I would like to answer some of the questions Kathryn has brought to me. There has been a lot of talk about the Ascension process, and how Gaia is elevating herself to the 5th dimension and above, but we have not clearly explained what that entails, what is different about the 5th versus the 3rd, and where the 4th comes in, and what happens above the 5th dimension.

It is very difficult to explain what a dimension is in language. We usually resort to analogies and metaphors because a 3rd dimensional brain is not equipped to picture these things, but we’ll try to be as clear as possible, and at least describe what the differences are. As you know, your experience of the 3-dimensional world is one defined by time and space. You see it with your eyes as perspective, you see that things have depth, breadth and distance. This gives the appearance as if the things around you are made up of solid mass that you can touch, see, measure and weigh.

In fact, as your scientists have discovered, this could not be further from the truth. The things around you only appear to be solid. They actually are made up of atoms and molecules which contain tiny bits of matter and enormous amounts of space between them. However, the energy contained in the molecules is not limited to or created only by the mass, or the action of the mass. Einstein’s famous theory based on the velocity of the speed of light (C) was only true under certain limited circumstances.  

You see, the space between the particles is the key to understanding dimensions, space travel, and the ability for me to send information through space to my friend who is writing this down, and there is no delay as there would be if our thought-waves traveled only at the speed of light. I can be lounging in my Barcalounger in the center of the galaxy, millions of light-years from Kathryn in hers, and she experiences it as if I am there beside her, because I am in both places, in all places. Our conversation has none of the delays you see when TV correspondents stand in Tahrir Square and talk with the desk in New York. This is because the speed of thought is not constrained by the laws of physics as you have understood them.  

Now, this brings us to the differences between dimensions. The 4th dimension is adjacent to the 3rd in the way you experience it. It is the close-by place-which-is-not-a-place, the nearest space between the particles. When you dream, you are probably traveling in the 4th dimension or beyond. In this “place” your dreams have the quality of timelessness, events are not sequential, and you can fly. Thus, you have already left behind the constraints of space/time. However, your dreams are still concerned with 3-dimensional experience, people, and you feel the Earth-bound anxieties like fear of missing an exam, or falling off a cliff (but you don’t hit bottom). This is a manifestation of 4th dimensional thinking/feeling. Here we will keep our discussion to the experience of being in various dimensions, rather than trying to build a case for the scientific proofs.  

The 4th dimension is the transitional “place” human beings traverse after leaving the body, before going to the Light which carries them to the 5th dimension, the Home in the Spirit world of many souls. Those specters you call “ghosts” are those humans who have not completed their transition back Home after a difficult or confusing death. They remain close to the Earth, still connected psychically to the life they just completed. We think of them as the “lost souls.” who need encouragement and guidance to continue their journey to the 5th dimension to rejoin their spirit family and reconnect with Us in the state of Unconditional Love.

The 5th dimension is characterized by the atmosphere (the space between the particles) of Unconditional Love. You cannot see the substance, Love, but it operates like the dark star which can be detected by its effect on the behavior of its sister stars and planets. It pervades the space between, but the essence of Love can only be felt by a living consciousness embodied within a soul being. By embodied, we mean an organizing force, not a literal 3D body.  

So, you see, beings in the 5th dimension operate as coherent entities, communicate with each other telepathically, experience emotions, learn from the lessons of lives lived elsewhere, and are helped to integrate the experiences by being immersed in the feelings of Unconditional Love and companionship, and by assistance from Guides and Masters who have ascended to higher planes, but who return to help their students. A 5th dimensional soul who is newly ascended from a human life in 3D might feel fleeting feelings (memories) of jealousy or anger or frustration, but these feelings are mitigated by the overwhelming experience of Love, and are the subject of intense study or additional life assignments, leading to further elevation.

During the time of study in the 5th dimension, after completing their life review, souls have access to the wonders of the Garden, where all the plants and animals that have ever existed on Earth can be experienced in their most perfectly fulfilled state. The Library contains all information about every life, every soul, and every event, in past, present, and future timelines, to be studied by those souls whose special life goals can be more fully met by these forms of information. In the Conservatory/Hall one can experience all the music, art, sculpture and dancing ever created in its most perfect form, as the creators intended it. So you see, there is no limit to the possibilities for expansion of the soul/mind here.

As souls evolve through their lessons and have gained high levels of expertise in their preferred endeavors, they may accomplish the goal of raising their soul vibration to a higher level, which allows them entrance through the portals to the 6th dimension, where Creation takes on new meaning. Whereas creating what one imagines is a characteristic of the 5th dimension, these abilities are expanded to more esoteric levels in the 6th. You might think of it as the Laboratory of Creation, where high level Masters oversee and teach the study of physical properties of the Universe and their use (physics, space travel, energy forms), biology (species creation, hybridization) and other useful sciences. Here you will also find political scientists who work to design better forms of governance, architects who expand the boundaries of materials and design, and healers who combine ancient and modern techniques and medical treatments to be developed for the wellbeing of humankind.

Many are familiar with the 7th dimension as the Home of the Christ Consciousness. Here the essence of Unconditional Love combines with all the qualities we think of as God Consciousness in human form: Compassion, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, and especially Forgiveness. Our dear Jesus (Jeshua) is the representative of Christ Consciousness with whom you are most familiar. Here the School for Ascended Masters begins the training for those who feel drawn to become Teachers and Guides for mankind on Planet Earth or in other galaxies, but it is the special work of Jeshua to oversee the Ascension of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.  

Many of you have worked closely with the Christ energy between and during many of your lifetimes, to take your expertise as healers, community leaders and teachers to ease suffering and elevate the consciousness of those who have been under the spell of Dark Forces so long. This work is coming into focus with great intensity now, as Gaia moves slowly, leaving her active involvement in 3D and moving directly to the 5th and 7th dimensions. Like many other souls, Gaia does not stop to take part in 6th dimensional activities. So, you see, Ascension is not a strict step-by-step progression, but may involve leaps, returns to previous endeavors, and pauses to reintegrate, in harmony with the needs of one’s soul path and the needs of others, as Gaia is doing now.

For now, I will leave you to ponder this information. If you should wish to continue the lessons to learn about higher levels/dimensions, I will provide further information. Just ask your questions and your channel will pass them on to me, as we did with tonight’s subject. Until tomorrow, I Am eternally,

Your Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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