Part 66, A Message of Love to Lightworkers

December 29, 2014

“Yesterday’s message was a bit stern, we know. It was not simply positive, as we have tended to be for many months now. It was a change of pace because we saw that after the 21st passed without chaos and mayhem, many of you who had invested a great deal in preparations for Ascension were confronted with rather self-satisfied “I-told-you-so” responses from family and so-called friends. It was a tragic reminder of how out of touch these folks are; how insensitive they are to the energies swirling around them. Even if they were feeling the Shift, they interpreted it as a headache, or something they ate. We hope that our reminder gave you the opportunity to answer their obliviousness with another challenge. Please pass on our words to as many as you can. Do not be concerned that they may refuse to believe it, or may even refuse to read it - some will, and it will touch their hearts, if not their minds.

There is a method behind our approach, you see. The opening line was intended to appeal to those who still only respond to fear. It was not intended to upset those of you who have worked as hard as you could to be of service to others and to clear away old fears and prejudices. You are continuing your ascension work regardless of the naysayers around you, and we admire and appreciate you for that. You have been resting more, spending time in meditation in order to communicate with Us, and have been attended to by our Legions of angels, healers and guides, who are helping to recalibrate your nervous system to accommodate the higher vibrations.

It may be amazing to you that people around you seem to be going about their days as if nothing were happening, while you are reeling from the effects. It is a measure of how far you have come, Dear Ones.  

Gaia has slowed her final ascent in order to allow more time for her dear children to accompany her, although we cannot know how long that will be. Those of you who have been the staunch environmentalists and Earthkeepers are very close to her, and will have little trouble remaining in her embrace as she achieves the last degrees of elevation. The same is true for LIghtworkers of all kinds, whose work has been to bring compassion and healing to both humans and animals.  

However, we are concerned that the rest of the population, which is still a large number, are lagging behind, and we need your help to lift them, awaken them, and help them to see the fulfillment in a life of service. Because of this problem, we have asked large numbers of you who would otherwise have ascended to the 5th dimension, Gaia A, to remain on New Gaia, which we have referred to as Gaia A/B, the planet-still-in-ascension. Your continued efforts will be rewarded with deeply satisfying moments of fulfillment and pleasure, and life will be easier for you now, if you have learned well the lesson of manifesting your dreams.

This soul work is a continuing process, wherever you might be, in any dimension, time or place. We have begun another phase in the work which combines the efforts of your dear Mother Gaia with her human inhabitants, and all the Kingdoms of Earth. It is a complex and challenging process, requiring the cooperation of all involved, and the help of many Lightworkers here in higher dimensions.  

For each of you in bodies at this moment, there are dozens who are watching in anticipation or actively working to hold steady and balance the enormous energy generated by the Ascension of your planet and the highly charged and conflicting energies of Light and Dark which are colliding with tremendous force across the surface of Gaia. From our perspective, it is like a lightening storm, flowing in waves around the planet, and must be managed carefully in order to avoid the apocalypse which was one of the timelines which many envisioned and still are fascinated by. That timeline, which is just recently passed, included the possibility of another complete cleansing of the Earth, so that she could begin again in a higher dimension, but it was one which many of you, in deep connection with your dear Gaia, did not permit to come into fulfillment.  

You will feel the atmosphere lighten as you come out of your deep meditation state. For those of you who have traveled far and wide with us to higher dimensions and other Universes, it may take days or even weeks for you to feel balanced, but you may continue to have the unreal sense of disconnection from time. You will adapt to it, but it will become a familiar feature of life on New Gaia, since ties to the 3rd dimension have already been broken.  

Allow yourselves time for solitary reflection, My Children. This is a necessary part of every day, from now on. Breathe the life force around you; it will strengthen and sustain you. Be open to change in every sphere of your lives, whether it be relationships with people, with food, or with the animals and natural environment. Everything has changed; it is now beginning to unfold. Anchor yourselves deeply into the center of Gaia, and ride with her as she ascends higher into the Light. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from your joy and inspiration. You will find it will become easier and easier to maintain your compassion and Love, even in the face of negativity and violence around you. It is all a part of the unfolding of a new way of life, the triumph of Light over Darkness. Thank those who have played the role of the Dark Hats who inspired your resolve to live in Light and to rise above their destructive ways. Forgive them, knowing that their days are numbered, and their path will be harder than yours is now. In forgiveness, you will be lifted higher, your energy will become lighter, and you will begin to smile in your heart.

It is night in the Northeastern U.S., and a deep blanket of snow has created a profound quiet on this transition night, approaching the New Year. All the creatures who were so busy foraging and chattering with one another during the day have gone to sleep. They too dream of Us, and we send them our Love to brighten their dreams, as we do yours.

Be at peace, go in love, and remember that we are always here with you,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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