Part 64, We Have Reached the 4th Dimension

December 27, 2012

There is much to tell you, My Children. It is a time of fast-paced change. You may have been feeling the waves of energy which continue to wash across your planet, elevating and illuminating everything around you. You may feel moments of unreality, as if things are shapeshifting in front of your eyes; you may have trouble staying awake. These are normal feelings, a response to the powerful energies of Light we are sending to help you. You are doing your part, Dear Ones, by “going with the flow,” allowing the change to take place deep within your nervous systems and your minds. It is part of the agreement we had with you before you came here to live out this life, so do not fear, it is all as it should be.

As the Light energies take hold more and more, people will find themselves doing more of the things which are acts of service, and less of the things which were self-centered or ego-driven. For some, the change may seem slight enough to be barely noticeable, but it is change, nevertheless, and it will continue. For those who were already in alignment with 5th dimensional ways, there may be little change in their outward actions, but inwardly they will find far greater peace of mind, and a sense of destiny which is powerfully fulfilling.  

And so it is, Dear Ones, that the evolution of Planet Earth continues. Gaia herself has reached the fulfillment of her dreams of Ascension, evolving as she was determined to do, into the 5th dimension, with elements of the 7th and beyond. It is difficult to describe to you in words, since your language does not allow for understandings of things without the concepts of time and place, but we can tell you that you have elevated with her, into the 4th dimension, to remain in the circle of her care, with the option to continue further to ascend with her into higher dimensions. So, you see, the road is open to you as never before. The actions and thoughts you create now will determine, in a much more direct and powerful way, what will happen in the coming days.

You are taking your places as the Creator Race you were born to be. You have freed yourselves of the heaviness of 3rd dimensional reality, by lifting yourselves above it. Things will become easier now; acts of kindness will resonate powerfully, putting into action the Law of Attraction, which will bring like to like, fulfillment in the most direct and immediate form. You have worked heroically to create this Ascension, and your efforts have been felt throughout the Universe.  

A second effect of your ascension is that Dark characters whose lives were lived in the energies of Darkness - lust for power over others, accumulating riches at the cost of others, feelings of arrogance and superiority in their disregard of God’s wishes for all to live in harmony. These beings will find the air on Gaia too rich for their blood, so to speak. They will find themselves sickening and dying one after another. No medical help will make a difference for those who are unable to breathe Light. The air you are breathing now is filled with the energy of Light and Life. It will lift and sustain those who raise their consciousness to align with it. So, breathe, dear Children, and celebrate. A new day is truly dawning for all of you.

We will bring you further news as the days pass, but for now, meditate, strengthen your connection to Us through the opening of the Veil, and know that we are always in your midst, 

Your Yahweh, in concert with All That Is.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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