Part 62, The Sirians Are Coming!

December 25, 2012

“It is a very important time now, because those of you who have prepared for the ascension process by working hard to live a life of service and to elevate your consciousness are very central to the continuing growth of the planet.

We do not wish for you to suffer because of the less than perfect ascension process during the last week. It is for you to know that this is not the first time that the population of Planet Earth tried unsuccessfully to achieve full Ascension. It has happened four times in the past, and never has come as close to the level of 5th dimensional vibration as you have. We were watching in wonder as you meditated, performed wonderful acts of kindness, and raised the level of light to unprecedented heights. You have come close to the goal this time, My Children, and we are delighted and proud.

We did not discuss the possibility with you that you might not accomplish the goal of complete ascension because it was within reach, and like the coach of a potentially winning team, we did not wish to consider how to proceed in case of a loss, until the game had been played. And play you did, with great Heart. Now we will go to Plan B, which we hope will make sense to you in the context of past messages.

The original Dream for Planet Earth, from her creation, was for her to ascend to the 5th dimension and beyond, taking her inhabitants with her. That plan was side-tracked for many eons with the invasion of the Dark Ones whom we have called the Orion/reptilians, and to some degree the greys, those beings without heart or soul connections whose only wish is to destroy the Divine Plan. Their only interest is in gaining power over the human population, and since the early days of Atlantis, their greed and selfishness has held sway, bringing misery to millions of Earth's inhabitants. And now, you have come close to freeing yourselves and your fellow humans. It will be done, Dear Ones, We know that. It is only a matter of awakening a few more, and getting them to work with you for the common good.

And now, I will tell you something more which may help you to keep going in good spirits. It is this: the planets turn, the evolution of the galaxies continues, and your good work has had a palpable effect on the rest of the Universe. Your Light emanates outward, helping to raise the level of consciousness throughout the living Universe. You are watched and admired, because of your determination and strong will to ascend.

While you have stopped to ponder the results of your efforts, which may seem less than you had hoped, a magnificent Shift has occurred on Sirius, the planet of your Star Brothers and Sisters. Their path of Ascension has led them into and beyond the 5th dimension, as each soul has worked through many lessons as you have, but over a longer history. Because of your inspiration, they have made the decision in their own Council, to attempt their own mass Ascension - for them it will be to the 7th dimension, the level of Christ Consciousness. So you see, you are heroes in the eyes of the Greater World.

You might wonder how this will affect your own process. We can assure you, without referencing the mathematical equations, that you will indeed feel the power of their decision. It means that your strong allies have dedicated themselves to lead a similar effort, and will be coming in greater numbers to be of service to you, as their commitment to elevating themselves through what you might think of as inspired "community service." Their arrival among you will bring you increased numbers of dedicated Lightworkers, who will be agreeing to incarnate, or in some cases, drop in to a body of one who wishes to move on to another plane. This will help to raise the vibration around you, and will increase your numbers very quickly.

We are delighted that they have considered this daring move, and that you will be helped further in your struggle to rid yourselves and your planet of Dark thoughts and fears. There are already some here helping, but because of the intensity of prayers for peace, and your rededication to the Christ Project over this Christmas holiday, you have set the vibrational stage to allow Us and our Helpers and Guides to come to help you directly. You will begin to feel the Shift in consciousness as you realize you are welcoming more Lightworkers and dear friends into your circles, and your burden, which has sometimes seemed solitary and effortful, will be lifted by the delightful experience of being one among an increasing army of dedicated and generous souls.

We hope you are able to appreciate the sacrifice this will entail for your Star Brothers and Sisters, who, like you, have lived many lifetimes on their own Home Planet, and for whom a "tour of duty" on Gaia is truly a heart-felt dedication to service in a difficult foreign land, or as you would call it "hardship duty." It might be compared to one of you agreeing to go to the Republic of Congo, or the deepest jungles of Borneo to serve for an entire lifetime as a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. And so, it will be done. Welcome them, Dear Children, for they will appear as some of the most forgiving and compassionate among you. Join with them in thanks and gratitude for their service, for they will teach by living their high vibrational consciousness (compared with the sleeping humans around you), and their humility, and they will need your support as much as you need theirs. You will experience a renewed sense of the true Universal Brotherhood of Mankind, as they bring their gentle perspective to life on fast-evolving Gaia.

And so, we leave you tonight with the good news that your Hollywood movie makers would revel in as good plot material: The Sirians are coming, they will join you in your struggle against evil, and they bring reinforcements which will strengthen your numbers and lift your spirits with their own inspired actions. They will join with the one some of you have already identified as "the Sirian Commander" to help speed your success and teach their own effective methods, not the least of which is a tendency toward patience, compassion, and high integrity.

We congratulate you on your ongoing resolve, and we continue to send our waves of Unconditional Love to help you elevate as you continue on your path,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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