Part 61, Let's Keep Going

December 24, 2012

This message is for the many of you who have worked hard and who feel disappointed that you have not yet felt the dramatic shift you were hoping for, and which had been described here and elsewhere as a palpable and perhaps visible change. I know you are feeling disappointed, although you have felt the energy flow across the planet, and have known the experience of being lifted by the feelings of Love which you felt coming to you during these three days. You may be feeling headaches today, as the wave crests over you, the culmination of many weeks and months of hope and expectations.

You have asked why, when you were led to believe it would be different, is this all it is? Our answer to you is no, this is not all there is. You have not yet reached the highest level of Ascension, because the timeline in which a large number of people would ascend together has not yet reached the crescendo which would allow it to come to fruition. This does not mean it will not be possible for any individual to Ascend, as we described it. It does mean, however, that the Ascension process will be somewhat more gradual and less dramatic than we had hoped.

Of course it would have been gratifying for all of us as well as for all of you if large crowds had flowed through the gates together, but it appears that there will be further work to do, for all of us. We understand your disappointment, but we encourage each of you to continue as you have done over the past months and years, to lift yourselves up in your daily lives, to create the centers of love, safety and comfort which you have already envisioned.

The time will come for you, My Children. Do not be disillusioned, but do redouble your efforts to live the lives of Compassion, Love, and Forgiveness which will fulfill the path of ascension for each of you individually. For this path of soul development is an individual one; no one can do it for you, even Us, your loving Guides and Master Teachers. Each of them has experienced the path of Ascension on their own terms, living out many lifetimes of service before they could reach the level of soul vibration which would carry them into higher dimensions.

Each of you had a contract coming into this life, and that contract will be fulfilled in various ways, at different times for each individual. Although some of you had one timeline option which would allow for Ascension in the December 21 to 24 period, if that possibility was not fulfilled in this short timeframe, it does not mean it cannot happen in the coming days or years.

Many of you have felt, as the time drew near, that your connections to your present lives were too precious to let go, and you found it impossible to envision ascension without the sadness and separation which you associate with death. Perhaps it will take further work to accept the letting go of old expectations and beliefs in order to free yourselves sufficiently to completely accept that you will be experiencing something you have never felt before, that it will be unimaginably joyful, and that it does not automatically mean loss.

It has been part of the human psyche for thousands of years to expect that change is to be feared. We deeply regret, for your sakes, that our hope for the highest possible outcome has not yet occurred, but from our point of view, what we see is a wonderful success. Everywhere on the planet, people who did not have the same expectation of positive change that you had, have breathed a sigh of relief, and have stopped predicting and imagining chaos and disaster. This has already had a very positive effect on the energy of the planet, and will relieve her and Us of the burden of having to push against the negative force, the accumulated energy of Darkness, which reached a crescendo on December 21, and which is still being promoted in the media as a continuing possibility.

Even the massive energy of Love and Light which you all felt has not yet been sufficient to overcome the counterforce which is the residue of evil you have lived with for centuries. We will need the participation of many human beings to achieve the Second Wave of Ascension.

We urge you to continue, individually and in your groups, to work hard toward freeing yourselves of all fear, all negative expectations, and all anxiety. As we have told you in the past, it is by riding the wave of your own love and joy that you will walk through the portals to a higher dimension. Examine your poor aching hearts, Dear Ones, and make even greater efforts to heal yourselves and each other.

It is not over just because one marker on your calendar has passed. Not at all. The December date was chosen by the population in general as their target date for mass Ascension. Now you can choose another date if you wish, but we would encourage you instead to simply continue, feel the ongoing wave of energy which will remain strong for many months. Let it continue to propel you forward to the dream you have envisioned for yourselves.

We will continue to be here to encourage you, and this channel has agreed to continue to bring our messages to you as long as necessary, as have others. Greater numbers of Lightworkers will begin to awaken and come forward to assist in the process, and all will proceed along a more gradual timeline, but still one which, in evolutionary terms, is extremely rapid change.

We love and support you, and urge you not to be discouraged or trapped into absolute forms of thinking, like a now-or-never scenario which will prevent you from keeping your eye on the goals you set for yourselves during the preparation for this week.

Look back now, review the picture you had of yourself and the life you envisioned, and make it come true. This will be fulfilling the path toward Ascension you were planning. You see, it is very difficult for us to describe to you what a life of absolute Faith and Love looks like while you are still operating with a fear-conditioned human brain, but we will continue to try.

For now, try to accept that all is going according to plan, that your dear Gaia is accomplishing her Dream, you are still on track for Ascension if that is your soul path, and these days have been successful in every important sense except for those who tend to think in terms of deadlines (which we do not). There is no deadline for soul evolution; it is an ongoing process. The coming weeks will test your resolve further, and thus will prepare you for your own eventual Ascension. Look at your progress over the past weeks, celebrate your dedication to growth, and press on, Dear Ones, the future is in your hands.

We love you one and all,

Yahweh and the Legions of Light.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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