Part 59, Today's The Day

December 21, 2012

“Today is the day, Dear Ones. Today you will "meet your Maker" as the saying goes, and what a joyous meeting it will be! For all of us here in the higher dimensions, it is a birthday to beat all birthdays - the beginning of the granting of all fondest wishes, all true hopes and dreams, for today you will all begin a new life. The new life you will live will be the one of your choosing, and we can promise you this: there will be no more massive wars, no more starvation, and no more Dark Forces to distract and manipulate you, no more living in fear, and most of all, no more sad and lonely separation from Us, the Guides and Masters and Enlightened Beings who love you beyond measure, and who revel in the delightful prospect of being closer to you, now and ever after.

Some of you will decide to end the sequences of life and death on Gaia, because you have served long and well, remaining there through long and difficult times, beyond your own need for learning the lessons which 3-dimensional life has to offer souls on their path to growth. Others of you will find relief and solace in your sojourn with us in the coming days, and will then return in newly healed bodies to quietly help your friends, children and family members who have not yet fulfilled their life paths on Gaia. Yes, there may be some sadness for you who have greater knowledge of what awaits you here in higher dimensions when your work is done, but there will be many compensations for you, our Faithful Ones, as you dedicate your days to service to others. You will have your loving partners with you, some of you for the first time in a very long time, and you will no longer be threatened or vilified for your Faith, or for your advanced ideas which challenged those who could not open their minds or their hearts. We will remain ever at your side to support and sustain you, and you will have the acknowledgment of other Lightworkers who will create a community of friends to be good company for each other.

"Those Sleepy Ones who will remain consciously unaware of the massive changes taking place around them will have been changed in irreversible ways, at the level of their DNA, by the end of the coming three day period. Even the more belligerent ones will become more approachable and more loving in their everyday lives, although the changes will come slowly from your point of view. Be patient, my Dear Children - a new day is dawning, and you will stand in the sunshine of a glorious new way of life.

"I promised you these things before you came to live this lifetime on Gaia, and tomorrow this promise will come true.

"We love you, Brave Warriors, the passionate and loving humans who have fulfilled the promise of your True Natures, overcoming fear and pain to live with honor, generosity and kindness in spite of the difficult combination of Light and Darkness you have had to contend with in yourselves and in others. You have honored your commitments in a way that exceeded our hopes, and you will now reap the rewards.

There is nothing more we can say now, except to tell you to breathe easy, stay calm and experience the waves of joy and love we send you. Your transcendent moment is only hours away.

We await our glorious reunion,

Your Yahweh, Mother/Father God"

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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