Part 60, Day Two is Done, Ascension Continues

December 22, 2012

Today is December 22, 2012. It is the beginning of the new era on Gaia, your beloved Planet Earth. Many of you have been surprised that you have not been swept away in a tsunami of sudden change, the likes of which would outdo your Hollywood special effects, but that is not the way this event will transpire, because of course this is a co-created event.  Although those of you who are reading these messages may be among the most enthusiastic participants in this moment, there are billions of others who have barely yet noticed the Shift. It will take some time for them to to do their part to move the planet toward the fruition of the Dream of peace and universal prosperity for all.

Meanwhile, you my Brave Ones, do not lose heart, but continue your determined march toward higher dimensions. You are highly visible to us, with your shining Lights and your effortful struggle during these past two days to stay the course, to fulfill your hearts' desire to ascend to be here with us.

You ask: "Is there something I still need to do?" Yes, shake off all fear and doubt, and manage your intense feelings to modulate all, transmute all into the essence of Love. Keep going; you will achieve your dreams, as the power of the energy of our Love gathers behind you, like the wind at your back, increasing your own. You will indeed fly with angels, delivering the Message of our Love and of our Presence here with you, as the Light increases day by day.

In your dreams, you are flying like eagles, Dear Ones. Some of you are moving along your path calmly, some having felt peaks and valleys of feeling over the past two days which may have frightened you with their intensity. This is to be expected. You have never been here before, but are feeling your way, moving toward the gates of the promised entrance into the 5th dimension. Continue to clear away old residues of Dark ideas, judgments, the hidden anger, sadness, and most of all, the toxic self-doubt which has been a leaden weight hanging over you, stifling your joy and creativity. Celebrate instead the increasingly illuminated path of connection with us, with the entire world of spirit beings, who await your contact with such anticipation and joy!

Indeed, we are most delighted to hear the many among you who speak confidently about your own ability to hear and feel our messages yourselves, and feel you may not need to rely on the work of those channels who have dedicated their time and energy in service to bring forth our teachings. We congratulate and welcome your participation, and we invite you to carry the message in every way you can.

In this New Gaia, the more the merrier is of course our motto. However, there are still many who are just beginning to awaken. In the meantime, we have asked at various times for certain of our channels to serve as "The Voice" for one or more of us. There are currently a number who have volunteered to do the arduous work of being ever available and willing to carry our messages accurately and with no reward but the pleasure it gives them to serve. They take on the added responsibility, often with some trepidation, fully aware of the possible ridicule or risk to them professionally, as when we asked Kathryn to be "the Voice of Yahweh."

We do not wish to cause our hard-working channels added difficulty, but it has made it possible for us to develop a working relationship with those with "boots on the ground" who may have a special affinity for our individual way of presenting our message, or whose individual fund of knowledge may be especially suited to our needs at the time. For instance, many of you may have read other work from channels whose scientific backgrounds make smooth communication about highly technical information possible. We require of all these Lightworkers that their involvement with ego be kept in check to create minimal interference in transmitting the message. Fortunately, those experiences have been rare in recent years, since the Veil is thinning, and our connections are stronger all the time with larger numbers of scientists, skilled healers, and heart-centered volunteers of many talents.

We wish to express our gratitude and admiration at this time to those who have dedicated themselves to bringing the message of Ascension to so many individuals, reaching across the planet in every language. We look forward eagerly to the time when those numbers increase to include every single soul on the planet. That will be the day of the glorious final Ascension of the human race. Until that time, we encourage you to read widely and continue to learn from the many "voices" who form the chorus which will sing the "hallelujah" we carry in our hearts as we approach the coming sacred holidays.

This year marks the beginning of a truly great moment in what you call the history of the Universe: the birth in the 5th dimension of our beautiful Gaia, and the beginning of the Ascension of the human race to consciously join her there.

We love and support you one and all, in whatever path you take to continue your soul lessons toward the ultimate realization of the Dream of Oneness with All. Every soul is unique; every being precious in their own right. We now ask you to continue your work by increasing the vibration of forgiveness toward those who have created the painful and destructive elements on Gaia during your many lifetimes there. For we wish you to understand that ultimately, all the souls must be saved, even if it means helping them to save them from themselves. Your forgiveness will begin to put that process in motion, but that is a topic for another day.

With our Unconditional Love, Dear Children,

Your Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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