Part 57, A Message of Love And Gratitude to Lightworkers

December 18, 2012

Dear Ones, it is such a pleasure to know that so many of you are reading these words, sharing the joyful expressions of Love we send to you every single day. We are grateful for this opportunity, and for your faithful reading and absorbing the deeper meanings of these messages, which are always and ever, Love.

"You are the sensitive and aware ones, Our Dear Children. You look forward to our communications as much as We do, and as the momentous time approaches for the Great Ascension, we become even more joyful and excited as we see your Lights beaming forth, and your energies becoming more loving every day. It is working, yes, it is! You can feel the waves of Love energy sweeping across the planet, filling your hearts and awakening the deepest parts of your minds, where you remember, you are remembering, Dear Children, why you are here!

"It was not simply to live out just another life on Gaia, oh, no, it is so much more than that! This is the new beginning, even more than it is the ending of a difficult, painful era which you have all lived through and mastered beautifully. You have learned forgiveness in the midst of tragedy, compassion in spite of brutality, and kindness in the face of cruelty. You are brilliant, glowing examples of the goodness human beings are capable of, and you increase in skill and in Light every day.

"Yes, we are sending enormous amounts of high vibration energy every day now, but that is not the reason you are moving at such speed; it is you! You have continued to raise your levels in concert with the vibrations we send, making it possible for you to absorb and metabolize the higher dimensional energies, just as we hoped you would. You are growing and expanding in your capacities before our very eyes, and it is truly a wondrous thing to witness. We honor you, and we thank you for the contribution you are making, each of you, to raising the vibration on the planet, higher and higher as each day passes. The hopes of thousands of years is truly materializing now, and We are the Creators and Co-creators of this wondrous event. How can we express to you in words the joy of witnessing the fulfillment of something so momentous that it will resonate throughout the Universe, and will raise the vibration everywhere, for every planet, every star, every being in the Universe is effected by this elevation of energies on your beautiful Gaia. We are One, and we are All. You, as individual souls and as part of the One have done your part to create this miracle.

"Tomorrow, we will send you helpful information, but for tonight, we are moved beyond words... we send you Unconditional, unending Love,

From Us, all of Us”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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