Part 56, Upper and Middle Gaia Described

December 17, 2012

“We have been asked so many times about what it will be like for those of you who choose the path to the highest vibrations in this Ascension process, for there will be several options available. The middle-road option has been referred to the A/B option, which will be an highly improved 3-D life on Gaia, characterized by peace and prosperity within the tone of Love, which you can feel taking place already in response to the recent tragedies. There is already a growing intolerance for abuses of all kinds, combined with greater compassion. Those who remain in this configuration will not be aware of the departure of family or friends, except to awaken from the coming 3 days of Transition with the memory of relationships which ended naturally some years ago. There will be no trauma and no emotional pain as a result of the Shift.

We will talk now only of the highest path of Ascension, which is the one most of you are interested in. With this option, some of you will rise to the vibrational level of the 5th dimension, where everything is different. Yes, Kathryn, here you can levitate, in the sense that you have voluntary control over the effects of gravity to some extent, as many of you remember in your dreams from your earlier experiences here between lives. Here, Love was in the air you breathed, and regular physical needs of the body did not exist.

This time, however, you will retain some of the sensations and requirements of the body, which will evolve and change over the coming months and years according to your evolving preferences. Your familiar surroundings will continue, with some major changes which will restore the natural beauty of Gaia in ways which will delight you. Highly evolved technologies in the hands of Enlightened Beings will make your lives stress-free and convenient without the danger to Gaia's balance.

The most fulfilling parts for you will be the ability to create what you envision at will, and to experience unlimited numbers of relationships characterized by Unconditional Love. Yes, it will be Paradise on Earth, with the added delights of sensory experience similar to what you experience now in a body - the best of all possible worlds, in the eyes of those who helped to design this magnificent experiment. So, never fear, my Dear Ones, you can make this transition now without having to worry about those you may leave on Gaia A/B, or as we are calling it, Middle Gaia. Their lives will be far better, and they too will have the opportunity to advance when they are ready, and you will be there to welcome them!

Some of you have already made the commitment to descend back to 3D to help with the establishment of new social structures, new educational systems, and new ways of managing transportation, energy systems and other new technologies which will take the place of the toxic uses in existence now. So, you see, important skills will be needed to help with the smooth transition, which may take several generations, or hundreds of years, depending upon the manifesting intentions of the citizens. We will also be sending skilled teachers to pass on the new spiritual truths which will eventually take the place of religion as it is known now.

You can see by this description that it is the intention of all human souls to eventually raise the level of vibration on Middle Gaia, as you might call it, to more closely resemble 5D Upper, or Higher Vibration Gaia. This is the Dream you have all known for many lifetimes, and will be the destiny you will create, as you have created this glorious elevation. There will be a level for everyone along the way in their individual growth as a soul, whether beginner or advanced. Each experience is unique and precious and will be provided for without exception.

Now, I will ask Kathryn to accept your email requests to come to join with you on the Eve of your December 21st celebrations, along with our dear Archangel Gabrielle, to help with the group Ascension for those who are ready to make the transition on that day. Ask for them to attend, and we will make the arrangements for them to arrive at an appropriate time, to add to the festivities and to guarantee the success of the Great Event. Do not worry about distance or timing. Our Ashtar will take care of everything.

We send you unlimited Unconditional Love to speed you on your way, Dear Ones. Fly, and we will catch you in our waiting arms, with delight,

Your loving Yahweh, and all the Souls of the Multiverse, who watch in anticipation and awe.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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