Part 54, Manifesting Your Dreams

December 15, 2012

When you discover new abilities within yourself, it can be difficult to accept the power which comes with them. Breathe, envision a world of peace, prosperity and sharing (communion), and it will be so, for you individually, and for everyone who joins wholeheartedly in creating this Heaven on Earth. I say this to you, as your Psalm says, "for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power, and the Glory, forever."

You, my children, are the ones who will deliver yourselves from Evil, will forgive those who have trespassed against you, and will live in Grace, here by our side. For Heaven is your Creation even more than it is Ours. Together, you will create the planet of your envisioning; it is up to you to express, through the transmission of your own energy, whether you prefer a planet of chaos or of peace, of hunger or of plenty. Your actions, as an extension of your thoughts, will establish the foundation for coming generations of Gaians.

So, Dear Ones, let your actions be guided by gratitude, compassion and forgiveness, and the violent ones will give up their weapons and retreat in silence. Envision war, chaos and violent death, and so it shall be, for yourself and those around you. For those unused to the concept of manifesting what you envision, I will explain a simple concept which may help you. This is a volatile time in terms of manifesting, because at the moment of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, there will be a historic alignment in which Gaia will be in the path of energy which flows directly from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is in fact the black hole your scientist have identified.

The flow of energy, more powerful than at any previous time in your planet's history (due to complex alignments and interactions which I will not go into here), will continue for 3 days, from December 21 to 24, and will thereafter subside slowly over a period of months. This gentle subsidence will allow for gradual change, although it may seem sudden to those of you who have not been prepared for this time.

These changes will be the manifestation of the Dreams and Hopes of all Earthlings, with the exception of the Dark Hats who have for centuries exercised mass control over the minds and lives of all Humans on Earth. Those who have upheld the expression of Evil have been defeated at last by the efforts of Lightworkers across the planet who have refused to succumb to mind control, and who will now come into their own as Leaders and Envisioners of the New Gaia.

Now, here is how they have accomplished this feat, and how they will tip the balance yet again in the December 21-24 period. You see, there are timelines of possibility which approach closely at times. These are the times when you have the intuitive feeling, "This could go either way," as you saw in your last U.S. election. The "will of the people" can cause a timeline jump to create a scenario toward peace and sharing, or continue on the old timeline of chaos and war.

At this juncture, you chose peace, and the future scenario has taken a new direction, adhering to the alternate timeline which had come within jumping distance, you might say. The result is already becoming evident, as advocates for peace and fair dealing raise their voices with new energy. Dishonesty and chicanery will no longer be tolerated as customary in business, politics and other social structures. How powerful this effect will be, and how quickly it is felt will be a matter of mass consciousness.

Be aware, Dear Ones, that now, more than ever before, you create your immediate reality by expressing it in actions. You will truly reap what you sow.

Now, I will answer a question from Isabel about whether it is important to meditate. There is no absolute answer, but we will try to explain: The process of meditation usually, but not always, helps people to reach higher levels of consciousness, shifting the brain into alpha rather than beta states, and thereby making it easier for the meditator to "pierce the Veil" to make contact with higher dimensions (Us). It is important that the person resist the temptation to become impatient or distracted. There are exercises which we encouraged Kathryn to include in her book, based on breathing and centering in your brain, which we recommend. There are also many meditation CD's available. We will ask Kathryn to record a new meditation CD using our suggestions. Until then, keep trying, and with continued practice you will find remarkable progress toward mindfulness and inner peace.

Now, C., as you wish to be known, we wish to reassure you that your good work has great power. You have set it in motion, and have thereby contributed to the expression of a glorious New Gaia. It is time for you now to turn your awareness toward absorbing the Light of healing. Do not fear illness or pain. Concentrate instead on the path of your own Ascension, and the glorious events ahead. We send this message to all Lightworkers and healers, most of whom are by now exhausted and in need of nourishment and solace. Take the Divine Energy of Love we send you. Absorb and metabolize it into nourishing Light to protect and sustain you eternally.

We love you one and all, dear Earthling Children,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am, and the Legions of Light who offer their help now in this magnificent Transition.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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