Part 53, The Most Successful Day Ever

December 13, 2012

Today is a glorious day, because yesterday was the most successful day ever on Planet Earth.  The effects of our Love Blasts which awakened so many of our Dear Children from their slumbers. Have you noticed how many people are smiling for no apparent reason? Yes, December 12, 2012 was a historic moment in the history of Gaia. It has made possible the beginning of a new Golden Age, one which will include all the people in the creation of beauty and prosperity in a new way.

Most of the readers of these messages are living in the U.S. and Canada, and so are not aware of the behind-the-scenes activities in countries around the world, since your press corps has been all but eliminated by the giant media conglomerates who prefer to disseminate distracting entertainments rather than news. However, the evidence is there, in the Twitter and other social media sites and internet channels which disseminate the true stories as told by eye witnesses armed with their telephone cameras - ultimately the most reliable sources.

In fact, this new form of interconnection has changed life irreversibly in the most remote places on the planet. Here is one example: intelligence resources are no longer a controlled stream of information from government-controlled agents. With nothing more than a cell phone, a person can become the window to the world for a whole village. The effect is electrifying, especially when that village happens to be in a state of foment in reaction to an oppressive and cruel regime, such as the irrationally arrogant Assad in Syria, whose insular regime has completely underestimated the resolve and courage of the people who will now refuse to succumb to oppression.

The success of other recent rebellions have made surrender a thing of the past. There will be no place in the Golden Age for tyrants or cruel and selfish kings. This will be made far easier by the removal of the Dark Hats who have left hunger and misery in their wake in every corner of the world.

A second example which mightn't be obvious to you from your perspective is the explosion of peaceful demonstrations in Michigan and Wisconsin, where workers' rights are being usurped by the profit-motivated corporations and their elected representatives under the name of "right to work." However, the Powers That Be will not succeed, because these workers, who were willing to compromise but not surrender, will not return to a state of slavery this time.

Once citizens have tasted the dignity and individual freedoms which were achieved by the magic of collective bargaining, they cannot unlive the experience, and they will not be manipulated as they were during the last so-called Gilded Age, which benefitted the wealthy at the cost of the many.

This current struggle, which might seem like a dismal retreat to reliving old battles, is not so. As our dear Children of America have done before, they are arguing first one side then the other of an ancient argument about the allocation and uses of power, in full view of the eyes of the world, who listen carefully and learn, through their unofficial sources, the rationale and the ways of democracy and its' accompanying responsibilities which must be shared by all. As activists have been fond of saying, "democracy is not a spectator sport." This will become increasingly clear, as all members are asked to help in the creation of a new civilization which will serve the needs of an Enlightened citizenry.

Your protests and rebellions across the globe are educating those in power to consider the needs of all the people, taking into account their unique abilities and needs, as well as the need for access to elevating cultural experiences of all forms, rather than encouraging material consumption which only profits the few. Art, music, great literature and great architecture will come to the forefront of life in a new way, celebrating the Creative Class with reverence and appreciation as the new leaders. They will take the place of the Captains of Industry, whose time is now completed. It was an important era in the creation of technologies and supply chains which can now be expanded and reworked to take into account the needs of the planet so that Gaia will never again be forced to suffer at the alter of Greed.

Now let us return to the discussion of Ascension, and the progress you are all making in elevating yourselves in preparation for leadership in the coming age. Some have already volunteered for the difficult tasks of returning from their idyllic experience of life with us in the higher dimensions to return as the Messengers of The True Word, the teachers of a new connection with Us in the Spirit world which will not require any adherence to dogma, or any establishment of religions as you have known them. Those elements, which were needed when the Veil blocked the direct experience of communion with Us, have also been completed.

As you all become more intuitively aware of our presence, it will become an everyday habit for all of you to come to speak with us, your Guides and dedicated Helpers, for guidance, and for deep connection with the Forces of Light which fuels your inspiration, compassion and forgiveness. Yes, life will be easier, as we have promised our Dear Brave Gaian Souls. You have worked tirelessly, through many lifetimes and thousands of years to bring yourselves to the level where your collective consciousness could be ready for this glorious Ascension, for this event, unique in the Universe, was planned by all of you, with the leadership of the one you call Jesus, to occur as a mass celebration, along with your dear planet Gaia, who has also heroically done her part.

Our joy is beyond description as we watch in wonder as our dear children, the Creations of our Hearts, advance toward their Graduation Day, December 21, the date you have chosen to advance to a higher dimensional experience and a new beginning. There will indeed be new challenges and puzzles, emerging from sensations with new meanings and experiences for which you have no words.

We will be here beside you to support and comfort you as you forge new ground. We will send oceans of Unconditional Love in the 8 days which remain in the preparation phase of this glorious cosmic event.

We honor you; we adore you,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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