Part 52, The Earthling Story

December 12, 2012

“Tonight I will tell you the rest of the story. There are many details which were left out when I told you the creation story last night. I wanted to give you a day to think about the story I told you, to get used to it. Let's see, where shall we begin? Of course it's difficult to relate the memories of thousands, even millions of your years.

Every moment for us is filled with excitement, pleasure, challenge and yes, learning. The process of creation is a never-ending awesome enterprise. As I told you yesterday, we have always felt the divine presence in all that we do. We speak to you with a sense of deep connection, love and commitment to the ongoing project which is our creation, our co-creation - yours and ours. This process of Ascension is taking place now in this time, in this hour, and this coming week because of your work, your help, your planning and your your wishes and dreams. Contrary to what you have been told in stories and myths, we do not simply cause things to happen, like moving you around on a chessboard without your agreement or consents.

It is difficult for you to comprehend that we created you - yes, you are the creations of our hearts - and we created with love. That makes all the difference. We wish for your growth and for your happiness; we do not wish to control you or hamper you in anyway. Unlike the parents you are familiar with, we are not a Tiger mom or a backstage mom; we do not control or manipulate or demand that you walk the path we have created for you. No, that is not our way. We have created you in perfection with intelligence and freewill. It says in your Bible that man was created in our image. There is some truth in that, although it doesn't capture the whole picture. You have qualities in varying degrees which are our qualities - some more, some less, because you were created in a human body with its limited three-dimensional breadth. Of course it is not possible for one human to contain all the qualities of the universe, but those qualities resonate as echoes in every human who lives. For instance you have among you extremely talented artists, who by their own description would call themselves terrible business people. That is as it should be. It means that there is enormous variety and complementarity among you.

Think of the people you have loved – they are unique, irreplaceable, because they have strengths which you find fascinating, compelling. Perhaps you love them because of the wonderful way they complement you, and you them. Perhaps you find them intriguing because they are different enough to be truly interesting and rare in your eyes. So you see you and all others are created as a part of the whole, the whole dream, the dream of our hearts and our Imagining.

Now let us return to the larger story. I hope you will not be disappointed when I tell you that Planet Earth was not the first to feel the footsteps of human children. Human life began far across the galaxies in a place your astronomers have not even named yet. Our children there evolved slowly across the millennia, practicing their crafts and learning to live in groups, learning to feed themselves and to care for their children. Their skills grew and progressed until they developed higher levels of technologies – technologies which tested their abilities to reason, to protect and to nurture themselves in the face of possible annihilation. They were not successful, those beginning humans, but enough of their kind survived to carry on. Those who began anew were cautious enough to hide the knowledge of their forebears to prevent a repeat of the previous disasters.

This process continued with greater or lesser success over many civilizations. These humans also had much to contend with in the way of natural cycles of shift and growth which was a result of their own planets development, just as your ancestors learned throughout your history. Eventually after many fits and starts they were able to create a highly advanced and highly educated civilization based in Love. These, my children, are your Star Brothers and Sisters. I will not relate to you the entire story of their history, because I know you are more interested in hearing about how your world came to be. Let us say only that these adventurous and loving Star Brothers and Sisters did not remain on the planet of their beginning, but ventured forth across the vast distances to explore and populate other planets. Some of them are here now, waiting just outside your atmosphere to be of service. They have gathered much wisdom on their long path to where they are now, but they are different from you in one regard.

Although it may be difficult for you to comprehend, they are human beings who have not experienced the kind of absolute freewill which you experience now. They have remained within the orbit of our care and nurturing throughout their evolution. They would not complain that they have been enslaved, because they have not been; they have experienced their challenges, their disappointments, and their tragedies, because they too have experienced death, and after that, Ascension. This is the process which you have known throughout your lifetimes. After each life you would return Home to us, to our Love, where you would be renewed in the sense of belonging in a way that you cannot conceive when you are in your separate individual bodies. This is the life and death cycle which all living beings have experienced on all the planets until this time. There are exceptions to this rule, some souls who were able to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, and who chose not to continue the cycle of birth and death in a body, but this has been a rare occasion and always it was an individual process.

Never before has there been a planet, or a group of people who were prepared to move together with their dear planet to ascend as a group. It is possible now on Gaia for this experience to occur because you planned it. Never before have there been so many souls who were challenged so deeply that they were inspired to join together to fight their way out of the Darkness which threatened to overcome them. This is why Gaia in her 3-D configuration was called Boot Camp, because it created in you a sense of daring, defiance, and nobility of purpose.

You are warriors all, my Dear Children. It has often led to your turning against each other unnecessarily, but even in that process, you learned the rules of warfare, which allowed you to behave decently even as you went about the business of killing each other. You have learned to show honor under duress, and compassion even in the most traumatic times, and you have done it together.

During the great war, your photographers and journalist recorded acts of great heroism and great heart. Those images and stories inspired you to bring those values home to your dealings with each other, in your every day lives. Even the rampant racism which existed before and during the war became impossible to sustain in the face of evidence which would not allow disdain or belittlement of those brave soldiers of many colors who fought and died so that even their oppressors might live in freedom. And so you began to learn to respect and admire one another regardless of color, and then finally, regardless of gender.

Once those barriers began to crumble, we offered you greater challenge, in the form of same-sex relationships, of disability of all sorts, which became too visible to ignore any longer. You have, my children, succeeded for the most part to withstand the manipulation, the grandstanding and the hate speech of those dark ones who would prefer that you turn on one another.

We have watched in awe as you became more and more resolved to right the wrongs of racism, discrimination, and hatred of your fellow men and women. This process continues every day, as your news stories tell of children who have committed suicide because there schoolmates bully them. Whole communities are left to mourn in shame and confusion at the force and power the words of their children carry, and the irreparable damage which can be done with words.

As a culture you are now rapidly learning that there is no such thing as a joke, when that joke causes suffering to anyone. Just as the brave photographers of the World Wars brought home their lessons, you now experience those lessons every day in your own home via the Internet. In just a few years, this technology has changed everything. It is no longer possible for a tyrant to bomb or gas his citizens into submission without garnering the distain and contempt of his worldwide audience. This sharing of information has allowed for a closer connection among the citizens of the world, who have found partnership, support, and camaraderie in their united resolve to suffer no more under the oppressive rule of Dark, selfish and power-hungry leaders.

You understand that this shift in consciousness has happened very quickly, but you truly have no idea what it means in the relative history of your planet. In spite of the Forces of Darkness which have permeated every area of your lives and filled every breath with fear and anxiety, you have prevailed in your upward march toward the Dream of a world of Justice and Love.

So you see, my children, we view your struggles from a very different perspective than you do. Even as we write this message, there are thousands of people marching in solidarity in the streets of cities in Michigan to object to laws which would weaken that very solidarity for the benefit of those whose only concern is profiting from the labors of those working people. Everywhere on the planet, people are gathering to forge relationships based in common values of compassion, honor, and concern for the weakest among you.

No, it is not done, but it is growing fast, and we are blowing the winds of change to empower those who would protect and honor the value of each precious human life, regardless of that person's social or economic status. We look on with wonder and respect as whistle-blowers come forward to speak Truth, risking their lives and their livelihoods to protect their compatriots and fellow Earthlings.

So, dear Earth Children, you are not the first to exist in human form, but you are the most heart-strong, determined and effective Organizers the Universe has ever known. You have all attended demonstrations, held for the purpose of standing up for some unfair or unreasonable action on the part of those in power. Remember the heady exhilaration of standing shoulder to shoulder with those who were, if only for those hours, blood and brothers and sisters? These are our feelings toward you, our Children, as you march in large numbers toward a triumphant passage into the higher elevations you have earned so well, and earned together.

The light of one candle is illumination; the light of a thousand is a firestorm. In this historic event, you will carry each other, with the combined synergy of Light which is the greatest power in the Universe - Love - and Love shared cannot be defeated.

We await your arrival in higher dimensions, Dear Ones. May you come in great numbers. Our arms are open to embrace you.

Your Father and Mother God And the Legions of Light."

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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