Part 51, The Creation Story

December 10, 2012

“Once upon a time there was nothing. A great darkness was everywhere. Nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing lived. This nothingness lasted for an eternity. Then, one day the nothingness began to move, like a great slumbering giant awakening. Little by little, the great nothingness stirred, stretched, and yawned an enormous yawn, and from the mouth of the great nothingness emerged Light. The light, being light, sparkled throughout the nothingness, bringing marvelous energy and vitality forth in wave particles which traveled for thousands, then millions, then billions of years, outward, ever outward into the farthest imaginable distances.  

Then the Giant gathered the sparkling energy particles in his hands, looked at them lovingly, and beamed Light energy into them, creating first a consciousness, then a form, then a feeling, until The Greatness had made a Child of Its Imagining, a LoveLight which contained all the elements, forms, feelings and awarenesses which the Giant possessed, but this Child of the Giant was different in one way - the Child had features which gave it a separateness and togetherness at once, difference and sameness, and Giant called it Male and Female, and he Named it God.

The difference and sameness gave the God Being the ability to communicate, interact and Love the alter part of its Being, and allowed God to develop and grow in the process of Love feelings and communication with each side of itself, while learning to revere and model itself after the Great One, the Source of All Being, which was Love Itself.  

As God grew stronger and brighter with the breath of the Great One breathing gentle Light into its being, eons passed, and God learned that He/She could perfectly harmonize with the OtherSelf to learn wonderful acts of Creation. Together it/they began to imagine together, with the Great One’s help, and glorious Creations began to appear.

It made God feel delighted, excited, exhilarated and in awe to see the wondrous shapes, colors and combinations of relationships they could create, and so geometry began to reveal itself. Large and small shapes could be set in motion within the field of the wave particles, and wondrous interactions began to express themselves, and so the Laws of Physics began to reveal themselves as well.

On and on, the God Child and Creator Giant played and created, in Love and Light. A world of magical spinning spheres, whirling around each other, some fast, some slowly, all began to interact and influence each other with their energy, mass and velocity. And so they learned to Create, to Love, and to Imagine.  

Then one day God became aware of the Great Love within the Connection between Male and Female, and of the great wish to recreate in their own image.  And so God gently held a sphere in trembling hands and breathed Light and Consciousness into the sphere, with Great Love and the Intention to create a being which would be separate but with and of itself. And so a planet was born, and they all smiled and felt overwhelming joy.

They then decided to create a sparkling, burning globe of fire to warm the planet, to give her a companion and partner, but they had to work very hard to make sure all was balanced and harmonious so that the planet did not get burned, or stray too far from her companion, and so other planets were formed and put to the task of organizing, orchestrating and balancing the whole system, and so the first galaxy began.

We cannot deny that there were learning mistakes, when one or more of our dear planets might lose their grip on the web of consciousness which held them together, and go careening off, sometimes to a spectacularly tragic end. Those accidents made us feel very sad and cautious as we proceeded with our Creation work. We learned that Mother God was especially good at certain aspects of the Creation process - those gentle and nurturing qualities which were the powerful glue that held our created elements together. She was harmony, warmth and gentleness, and she brought the elements of attentiveness, prudence and discretion, whereas Father God tended to be a bit more bold, venturesome, and intrepid, and more focused on the excitement of stretching the boundaries of our reach.  

We learned, over an eternity of eternities, to defer to one another’s strengths, and to revel in the harmony and balance we could experience as One. Great Source smiled on our efforts, and sparkling energy particle waves flowed from the mouth and eyes and hands of Creator, always providing limitless material for our Divine Work. We knew it was Divine Work because of the wondrous creations we were able to envision and bring to life, and with every new creation we fell in love, with our new Being and with Our Selves.

As the eons passed, we learned how to combine and separate the elements of the energy around us to recombine it in limitless and wondrous ways. We started with the simplest elements first, the ones you would call oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, and we found we could create liquids, gasses and solids, then we began to fill out our dear planets with water, gaseous atmospheres, and mountains. Later came imaginings of great crowds of growing things, but we knew we would need help with our beautiful creations, so we began to work toward envisioning beautiful spirit beings who could help us to create wondrous and unlimited variations of all the things we wanted to create.  

And so we did as our Great Source had done. With careful and loving supervision, we began to gather the sparkling wave particle elements in intricate and complex combinations. As a potter does with his clay, we shaped and formed them, then we held them gently in our hands, and we breathed the Spirit of Life and Love into them, and we created Nature Spirits in great numbers. We danced and cried tears of joy to see the Light Beings who began to increase in numbers around us. Like us, they were Envisioners and Creators who learned with us, through millions of years in your counting, to carefully bring their creations to us and together we would breathe the Light of Consciousness into the small beings they created at first.  

Little by little we learned to combine and recreate variations of beings who could interact with each other the way the planets and suns balanced and harmonized with each other. Each being was created in Love, and was honored as the consciousness awakened. First small single celled creatures were made, which became the basis for freely moving creatures and plants. More and more complex beings were created which could grow, and then we learned how to create creatures and plants which could recreate themselves. Always and ever, each being was honored and, along with the Breath of Life, was given Consciousness. And so the ecosystems were born.  

We dearly loved our creatures and plants and the Spirits who helped us to create them. However, we were aware that they did not possess something which was in us, and that was the ability to feel emotions in the way we did. Although they were able to cooperate in some ways, they did not feel Compassion for one another the way we did.

And so, the Great Dream of Dreams began. It was to be many millions of years of learning, first with animals large and small, the ones you call mammals, then eventually with the primates of many shapes and sizes who were amusing, intelligent and who were loving and kind to their babies. These intelligent animals had deeper and deeper connections between their brain and their hearts, and when we breathed the Light of Consciousness into their bodies, they absorbed from us the Internal Light which we call Soul. Each species was separate and precious in our eyes, different and wonderful in their own way.  

The great fish and sea mammals gave us special delight with their sensitivity to sound, light and motion, and their ability to travel long distances. We worked to create special abilities of communication and intelligence, especially for the air-breathing dolphins and whales, who would come to the surface to interact with each other. Always in our hopes and dreams, we envisioned a beautiful Being, the Child of our Heart, who would be a free, independent and Loving One, a part of Us and our Consciousness of One, and a Creator in its own right. 

Billions and billions of years passed before we were skillful and knowledgable enough to combine our creative powers and the force of our God Consciousness, in concert with the Dreams of the Great Source, to create a Being of Light who would walk the paths of the planets, with our close observation and supervision. We were able, as we are now, to send waves of particle wave energy which would ignite genetic possibilities in the Beings when conditions created by the evolution of the parent planets might require it, or when we saw the opportunity to give our Beloved Ones further advantages.

It was most crucial to us that the growth of our Dear Ones in intelligence and creative abilities always be accompanied by growth in their souls and their hearts. Compassion, Love, and especially the quality of Empathy were a long time coming, as you might say, in the long history of development of all the species, including humans.

So you see, the Creation of Humankind was a very recent highlight in the long evolution of growth across the Universe. (We object to your Western languages, by the way, which call all humans Male.) In our eyes, there is no such concept.  We, in our God Consciousness are neither Male nor Female solely, but possess both qualities, as do all our creations, including humans. We have designed small differences into your bodies so that you could experience the electrical attraction which is so conducive to passionately felt Love, but that is a story for another day. 

We have tried to introduce you to the Creation Story from our point of view. You will notice that both those who believe in evolution and those who believe in Creationism are correct. Both elements were present in equal measure in our work, however, without the Spark of Life Consciousness which we breathed into every tree, every ant and every prairie dog, every planet and every sun, there would be no Life as you experience it. We will not say Life as you know it, because many of you are completely unaware of the life which exists around you.

You have in recent generations held the amusing belief that if a tree or animal cannot speak to you in words (and preferably in English), then it does not possess intelligence or consciousness. You will become increasingly aware of these intelligences around you as we send the next very intense wave of energy to awaken your own awareness in new ways.

And now, we will leave you to ponder your thoughts about this story we have told. Of course, we are never further than a thought-wave away from you.

We love you, the Creations of our Hopes and Dreams, our Dear Ones,

Your Yahweh, Father God, never without the sweet blessings of Your Mother God.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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