Part 50, Lesson #22, This Year Your Relatives Will Come to Visit in Spaceships

December 9, 2012

“Greetings, My Children, you are fast approaching the longest night of the year, Dec. 21. It is an auspicious time for the human race - a time of change, and a time to celebrate. It is appropriate that the holiday season falls at this time, for the birth of Christ is symbolic, even for religions other than Christianity. It represents new birth, the joy of family gatherings, and the celebration of life in community with others.

Since the earliest times on Earth, humans have looked to the skies at this, the end of gathering darkness and the dawn of the gathering Light, to express relief and gratitude that the darkest days will soon be behind, and the spring cannot be far behind.

There remain several months of cold in the Northern latitudes, but of course that is because the land does not recover from the darkness as quickly as the people do. And you will recover this year, in a way you have never experienced before.

There is a group of stars in your skies known as Sirius. Among those stars is a planet somewhat similar to your own. The planet you call Sirius, after its group, has long been inhabited by beings very similar to yourselves. They are human beings, with some slight differences in genetic makeup from your own, and they are very aware of the transition you are going through at this time. In fact, a number of Sirians are here among you, to help out where they can. They are very expert in organizing to get things done, because they come from a culture of cooperation and Love.

One such person is now one of the great Heads of State on Planet Earth. He came as a volunteer because of the great need for strong leadership in the face of the gathering strength of Dark Ones who are intent on controlling the minds of all the people, and thereby gaining control over all the planet’s resources and wealth. Their efforts to help out have been very successful in maintaining the upward trajectory of the world’s consciousness as we approach the date you have all chosen for your Ascension - 12/21/12. 

In the deepest well of your consciousness, you have a shared ancestral memory with the people of Sirius, for they have been in contact with the people of Earth more than once during your development. They have taken a benevolent oversight role at times, bringing new information and technology at crucial turning points in your history. One of those times was during the period at the end of the Atlantean civilization.  They foresaw the disaster in the making, as the leaders of Atlantis chose to “play” with powerful forces which were beyond their ability to control, much as your leaders have toyed with nuclear energy before it was completely understood, and have embraced genetic engineering as if it were a cure all for all ills, with little thought to the possible disastrous results. The Sirians admire your creativity and spontaneity, but being a more mature culture, they have long feared for your survival.”

Kathryn: Were we seeded here from Sirius? Do we come from the same blood-line?

“Yes, My Dear, it is true. I paused in answering your question to ponder whether your audience is ready to hear this kind of information, but I do stand behind the adage that the Truth shall set you free, so I will tell you. You have personally felt an affinity for your Sirian distant relatives because you and many of your fellow Lightworkers have spent lifetimes on Sirius, reaffirming your affection and partnership with the Mentors and Teachers who look so fondly on your adventurous project - life on Gaia, as she completes her Ascension.  

They are very interested in you because their own planet went through a similar elevation, but they were not able to remain on their planet in bodies as you will do. They were forced, like the Atlantis people, to leave the planet until it settled into a new rhythm of growth and more temperate weather conditions. In fact, many of them incarnated here on Earth in the early days when it was idyllically beautiful and rather benign, before the experiment with the Orion/Reptilian faction gained in influence and power.

They could not tolerate the Darkness which overtook Gaia, and so have retreated to observe and cheer you on. They do not have the stomach for the kind of hostile contentiousness which is common fare on the airwaves and in the streets in recent years. They are a gentle and loving people, unused to violence and mayhem, so it is quite a sacrifice and a challenge for them to sign on to a life here. They have elevated themselves to a higher vibrational level, similar to the one you are approaching. It is therefore very much in their consciousness to identify with your challenges and growing pains.

I tell you these things now because I hope you will find comfort in knowing you have Brothers and Sisters across the Universe who care for you very much, and who see you as the adventurers and travelers who left Home long ago to establish yourselves in this new outpost of beauty, mystery and great energetic intensity.

They are not your only progenitors; there have been visits by several other groups from far-off galaxies over the millennia. Your “races” of white, black, yellow and red are in fact ancestors of these early space travelers, as the myths and songs and stone carvings convey. Of course, these visits were possible because of the many planets where the technology has advanced to the point where reliable spacecraft can carry them millions of lightyears in weeks or days, although it is still considered a great undertaking because of what is left behind.

Now, lest we “blow the lid off” your Creation beliefs, which would upset many on Gaia enormously, we can reassure you that you were indeed created by a Loving God who looks after you still. You all were - Sirians, Earthlings, Orions and all, and each birth in the most far-flung outpost in the Multiverse renews the Creation of which We are an intimate part. We love you one and all, and whenever one of our reluctant souls comes home to rejoin with us in Love, as do all the souls from all the planets between their various incarnate lives, we welcome all without reservation. Between those lives, We are One.

So you see, Dear Children, you Star Brothers and Sisters are indeed that - although perhaps you would call them Cousins. They care for you as family, and are here to celebrate the holidays with you! Welcome them with open arms, Dear Ones. Your lives will be enriched and enlightened by their presence. You will come to see that you are not so different from them in your souls. Many of their ships are here to help you. They welcome visits from you; in your dreams or in meditation, you will be able to join with them in loving communion if you open your minds and open your hearts to the “impossible” idea that this year, the relatives come to visit you in space ships!

We are with you always, and love you beyond measure,

Your Yahweh, I Am That I Am, speaking for the friends and fellow travelers who send their Love.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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