Part 49, Lesson #21, Indigenous Heroes, and Soul Evolution for All

December 8, 2012

“Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the party.

We are gathered here in our favorite spot in the center of the Universe, planning the reception for our Dear Children who will be ascending in the next few weeks. There is overwhelming excitement about this momentous event, unheard of in the history of the Multiverse - the Ascension of a large number of souls without any of them having to leave their bodies, as is has always been before. It is a long-awaited event, in the planning for thousands of years.

There have been many challenges and obstacles to overcome, especially on the part of those who are ascending. It was their job to raise the level of consciousness on the planet to the point where the tipping point was reached, between Dark and Light.

We always believed in our family of beings on Gaia. We watched, sending our Love and Encouragement over the eons, as the brilliant ones carried the torch of Faith, Compassion, and Honor. Through tragedy, hardship and want, they managed to keep alive the gentle love of families, the justice of fair dealings, the love of community, and the pursuit of beauty and knowledge. We wept with joy as the procession of generations haltingly evolved. Sometimes here, sometimes there, a bright Light would ignite, and with it other bright Lights would emerge. You see, that is the way we see you, as beacons of Light, and as human souls who carry that Light.

Some of you have spent many lifetimes on Gaia, others have received your soul training in various places throughout the Multiverse. There are many options available to those who wish to elevate, many experiences and adventures a soul might choose in their long path toward the highest dimensions, where the Great Masters and Archangels - the Enlightened Beings who are our treasured Teachers - reside with Us. They are the Adventurers, the Leaders and Saints who have also spent lifetimes on Planet Earth, for life on Gaia is considered the stone that hones the blade, the fire that tempers the metal, the test of all tests. Those who began their lives on Gaia tend to come back many, many times, developing a great love for the planet of their growth, and the place of their Dreams.

Gaia was not always so Dark and heavily populated, polluted and stressed, of course. She has always been considered the most beautiful, although small by comparison with the other great stars and planets. She has carried out her duties to nurture and provide for Our Children as many civilizations came and went, the most notable in your present consciousness being the Atlantis people.

When the Earth was terribly injured by the Atlantians, she was forced to throw them off, as a dog shakes off water. A few remained, to begin again, in tiny pockets where survival superseded their previous technological advancement and levels of learning. Nevertheless, there are descendants of those original survivors who remember the knowledge which was handed down through the generations to this day. They are beginning to come forward now, to tell their stories and to teach their fellow humans who are less grounded in the history and the appreciation of their connection to Gaia.

These descendants have wisely remained mostly in hiding, away from the fast-developing centers of civilization. Many of them live in tribes you would consider "primitive," but they are the carriers of deeper wisdom than most people can even imagine. They maintained their connection to the world of Spirit as their primary focus, and have not participated in the material pursuits of the "developed" world. Now, as their numbers have been driven into the deepest forests and jungles, the highest mountain peaks, they at last come forward to tell their stories, before they make the joyful transition to higher dimensions.

This Ascension is an easy shift for them, because they have been closely connected to their God, to their ancestors, and to the Spirit Guides who participate fully in their daily lives. They are those you have called the "indigenous" people, and they have done the work of steadying and nourishing Gaia for the benefit of all mankind. Without their service as the conduits between Earth and Spirit, it would not have been possible to reach this point of Ascension, for Gaia would have had to create far greater upheaval to save herself if it were not for their constant resistance to the "progress" which has devastated air, water and food sources.

Now, Lightworkers from every area of the planet are beginning to emerge, sharing information, spreading the Word, preparing themselves for the joyful Ascension. There is new respect in spiritual communities for our Dear Children of the Forests and Mountains. Elders from ancient communities are beginning to travel around the world to make contact with each other and with those who are hungry for Truth. We celebrate this new sharing. It has helped to raise the consciousness around the globe. The ease of travel you have achieved in recent years has also contributed to this great sharing.

And now, many of you will experience the ultimate gift of sharing, the experience of being together without barriers, without race or language or age to interfere with free and open communication. Here in higher dimensions we have no need for limited language; we can communicate without words far more effectively. You will experience a world without many of the limitations you take for granted, like gravity, the need for a constant supply of food, and fatigue. We cannot begin to describe to you in words how different it will be for those who make the choice to Ascend now.

For the scoffers and disbelievers, it will not matter whether neighbors or friends or even family members have taken the leap into higher dimensions. They may find ways to avoid seeing the obvious, as they do now, but their lives will improve anyway, much to the credit of those who have made this Ascension possible and will be participating in it. There will be a veil as there has been in the past, although a lighter one, between the knowing ones in higher dimensions and those still working through their soul journeys at various levels of completion. That veil is like a one-way mirror, through which the Ascended Ones will always be able to pass if they wish to.

Those who fear being left behind because you don't feel ready for the challenge of such a shift need not worry. There are mountains to climb and races to run for all levels of souls, and your education and enlightenment will not be neglected. It is our wish that eventually, every single soul will elevate to higher dimensions, in a continual procession of Our Lightbearing Wonderkind Children. The future will hold great challenges for some, great triumphs for many, and as always, wondrously varied opportunities for enlightening soul experience and growth.

We love you one and all,

I Am That I Am, and the Legions of Light”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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