Part 48, Lesson #20, DNA Changes Happening Now, and God's Opposition to Religious Law

December 7, 2012

Kathryn: Today was an especially difficult day for me and for others I spoke to. It feels like the physical symptoms of being overwhelmed, frazzled, but I am not feeling it emotionally, just physically. It is a different combination of feelings than I ever remember feeling.

Yahweh:  What you are feeling is natural, given the stress of what you have been trying to accomplish recently, but that is not the most powerful reason. You are right about the feeling not being recognizable, because it is a response to all the new energy around you, like a whirlwind that kicks up dust as it passes.”

K: It also feels like the physical symptoms of being really tired, and a little off balance and out of synch with time as I usually experience it. Wobbly.

Y: That’s right. Your system is being overwhelmed by the energy we are sending, in ever greater intensity, even though you have been prepared for this emotionally. This is why we send the energy in waves, to give you a chance to absorb and adjust, then rest for a while. Today was a case of energy rising quickly, from about 9 am on the East Coast.  

The energy is made up of a combination of things. Of course the “carrier” energy is our Unconditional Love, which many of you are accustomed to feeling, but there are also other elements which are more disruptive to your nervous system. There is electrical energy of a special sort, involving photon particles, which create an interplay with your DNA.

Genes which were dormant for thousands of years are now being activated to fulfill the human destiny which we envisioned from the time your race was Created. There has always been more potential than you were using, as scientists have noticed. Those dormant abilities are now being sparked into action. This is why we tell you that the planet will be changing; because the human race is changing.

It is natural that a disruption in your genetic make-up would make you feel grumpy, or at least off-balance. The process is ongoing, not yet complete. The result for all humans will eventually be a more open sense of connection with the Earth herself, with Us, and with each other.  

We have said that greed will become a thing of the past because it will no longer be a part of your genetic make-up to be as aggressive as you have been. This will not change your drive to create - just the opposite. The energy which you used to have to use to subdue and manage your difficult emotions will be available to accomplish other things. It will not be an absolute change right away, just subtle shifting in the tendencies to react from a fight or flight stance. Rage will be downgraded to anger, anger to mild irritation, irritation to neutrality.

On the positive scale, happiness will increase enormously, for many reasons, but first among them will be the sense of calm and self-confidence which comes from managing your emotions well, and trusting yourself. This will become easier as subsequent generations of children are surrounded by people who are balanced and companionable.  

“The early atmosphere which most children are forced to acclimate to is generally one of anxiety, irritability and impatience, even in the best of families. This will change as more and more parents are free to work only at the things which bring fulfillment and creative satisfaction in harmony with others.

The days of 50, 60, 70 hour work weeks will be a thing of the past. Families will spend relaxed time with each other, enjoying outdoor activities and community events. Life will be more like what you have felt when you are “on vacation.” Yes, I am describing an idyllic state. It may take some time before all the elements are in place, but life on Gaia will begin to improve very soon.  

The first changes will be felt internally, since that is what makes external change possible. You will feel a greater sense of calm, which will lead into gratitude. You will begin looking around yourselves with pleasure, noticing the beauty in Nature, and in each other. Your ability to “read” emotions in each other will increase, making communication less strained, more fluid, as your telepathic abilities develop and become acceptable, appreciated, even admired.

You will notice in your friends and family members a new recognition of who you really are, which will make it easier to at last embrace the True Nature of your own being. This dramatic shift in the way you are perceived will reduce the anxiety and paranoia of having been largely misunderstood by those around you. 

It is our fondest wish that none of our Dear Children ever again experience the terrible depression which results from “being hard on yourself.” It was never our intention for you to suffer this harshness to your deepest Self. To us, you are perfect, wonderful Creations of our Hearts, unknowing and badly misdirected, but perfect in the Body and the Soul we created for you.

You took on this challenge of coming to Earth now.  You are the ones who were most eager and insistent about volunteering at this time. There are only so many soul-slots to offer, depending upon the possible births available over the past 3 or 4 generations. You are the ones who were chosen to be here now, the special emissaries of Light and Love who have worked for many lifetimes to accomplish this feat of Ascension. Be assured that not every soul who might have been ready to incarnate has been able to do so yet.  

“It is important for you to know that from the point of view of Spirit, the opportunity to experience life in a human body is a precious gift, not an affliction which you must suffer through. You, My Children, were the eager and excited ones who worked hard to accomplish this transition to higher elevations, and without your efforts, every one, it would not be possible. You may be thinking that you have not contributed enough, or what you came here to do, but that is not the way we see it. In our eyes, you have risen to the challenges, even when the results do not seem remarkable. You have continued to learn and to grow. This is what we appreciate and admire.  

“You see, we are more aware than you were before you came here of the actual in situ challenges you would encounter. It is often the tendency of eager souls in Spirit form to underestimate the extreme difficulty of adapting to the dense, dark atmosphere you have all been experiencing. We know how hard it is to maintain your balance, to withstand the forces of Darkness, and to maintain your strong connection to Us under those circumstances. From Our point of view, getting through a life with the ability still intact to breathe a comfortable breath and reach out a hand to another is a triumph. If you are able to maintain a sense of goodwill and achieve a level of introspection it is a grand victory.  

“We are also aware of the tendency you have to think of your God as someone who critiques and judges everything you do, and thinks in terms of punishment and deprivation for those who fall short of their original plan for their life. Worse yet, many religions preach a hellfire and brimstone scenario in which God/Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh would frown and condemn you if you have pleasurable sex without getting married first, or dance ecstatically, or sing rollicking, exuberant songs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We revel in seeing our Dear Children feeling joyful and free, and we hope to see much more of it in the coming times. Of course we smile on those who adore their children and their partners.  

"Regardless of the legalistic entanglements your cultures have imposed as law, Love is all that matters. We find it especially regrettable when those laws are passed in the name of religion. Why would we care how and where you create Love? If a relationship is based in Unconditional Love, it will spawn good feelings in the people around them.

Laws should never be imposed to control how or when or whom a person can love or marry if they want to, except of course to protect children from abuse. There would be no need for such laws in a loving, respectful culture where abuse was not a way of life.

We understand that the strong sexual instincts you have lived with can also be very difficult to manage, and can lead to unfortunate lustful transgressions from Unconditional Love. It is unfortunate that the combination of a harsh and judgmental culture combined with strong sexual attractions can produce an environment of impossible oppression of those instincts, making them even more difficult to manage. This too will be modified as the more aggressive tendencies are mitigated with DNA changes. You will find your love relationships more fulfilling, less demanding, and richer in tenderness, companionship and genuine respect for one another.

We tell you these things to try to come between you and your self-hating disrespect. We cannot stress enough how wrong this Dark-force inspired idea is. It was one of the most destructive original Dark ideas which came between you and your Spirit connections, along with the idea that We are cruel as well. If you believe we want to threaten, condemn and control you, then it would be all right to do it to yourself, wouldn’t it? It is not. We love you, and we do not want to see you suffer unnecessarily, especially at your own hand.

Accept our Love, Dear Ones, and begin now to establish the same conditions on Earth as we have created here, in the higher dimensions, and which you have experienced each time you come Home to us after a life on Gaia. Have no fear of the future, because we will not initiate circumstances which were not in our Original Agreement - your Soul Contract. Look forward with joy, as we do, to the coming adventures.

We love you as our own, every One of you, regardless of your successes or failures as you see them. Be at peace, live in Love,

I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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