Part 47, Lesson #19, Fallen Angels Made Our Path Harder

December 6, 2012

Good evening, everyone, We just want to tell you once again what a pleasure it is to watch all of you going about your days, checking in with your friends who might need your help, offering a hand to someone in need, finding new ways to be charitable this holiday season. It warms our hearts and thrills us beyond words to see all of you growing in your ability to express love and kindness. As always, you rise to the occasion for special events, whether they be celebrations or natural disasters. This Christmas season offers some of each, because the hurricane clean-up is far from over, and there will be many people who may not be able to rebuild their houses on the vulnerable beach fronts where the ocean is likely to inundate the land again.

Many things are changing in your world. The economies across the Western world and much of Africa and the Middle East are suffering from years of war, over-borrowing and corruption, while all the world braces for increasingly severe weather events. There are also many rumblings of approaching earthquakes around the world. We want to explain to you that this is not the End of the World. It is a necessary readjustment on the part of Gaia as she completes her transition to the 5th and 7th dimensions. It may not yet be clear to you what this means to you in everyday life, but I can assure you that it will mean profound changes for everyone on Gaia.  

I have already told you about the wonderfully positive aspects of this dramatic shift to a Planet of Love and Light. It is now important that we give you more information about the resolution of many old difficulties involving Dark forces which have made life difficult on Gaia for centuries. Many of you are aware of the violent criminals you sometimes call psychopaths, and Kathryn’s book has delved deeply into the tendencies and actions which make up what we have called Abusive Personality Types. It is our hope that as greater numbers of you awaken to our Light energy, you will be less and less fascinated by the Children of Darkness we wrote about in Who Needs Light? What we have to tell you here may help.

One of the things that were stressed in the book is the tendency for people to be horrified by violent criminal acts, but to tolerate emotional abuse, even calling it love. This has destroyed families, stifled children and created an oppressive society, which you have become so accustomed to that you hardly notice it. We are referring here to the general lack of civility and attentiveness to the needs of the socially and economically less fortunate souls who have bravely ventured into a life as less advantaged people during the last 1,000 years.

In addition to the abuse of women and children which became commonplace during these times, the economic abuse of whole classes of people, and recently of whole countries by a cold-blooded ruling class has reduced much of the world to poverty and desperate health and educational conditions.

These powerful groups who have controlled and manipulated the sources and the flow of money on the planet have reached the crescendo of their power over the past 30 years, draining treasuries of most of the countries of the world. It has gone mostly unnoticed by the general populace, because the information has been carefully controlled, and the propaganda machines have convinced most of the people of the Earth that anyone who is wealthy must by definition be honorable and deserving. In this era, nothing could be further from the truth.

Although not all rich people are selfish and greedy, there is a pervasive tendency for those who have been financially successful to do as the Reptilians do, and feel arrogant, turning their backs on the less fortunate and feeling entitled to do so.

These Dark tendencies have been pervasively taught across the globe by certain groups who have, for thousands of years, been in a battle for the souls of Earth’s people. Their goal is to compete with Us, the Legions of Light, in a battle to show that Darkness is Power, and that separation from Us, the Creator of All, they can ultimately win over all the people. They are defiant, cold and calculating in their actions, and determined to gain ultimate power, against what they see as the Will of God.

Some of you have read discussions about the Orion forces, the Reptilians and others who have brought their Dark ambitions to bear on the most fundamental workings of Planet Earth. I will tell you now that it is true that Dark Forces (we call them the Dark Hats) have been extremely influential in shaping the way life has evolved. Their clever development of the pervasive use of money allowed them to gain control over the lives of everyone on the planet, without their knowledge.  

Theirs is the old tale of the Fallen Angels, our precious Children who have left the fold, so to speak, to venture as far away as possible from the Love we offer, and from the process of soul development which we described to you yesterday. These beings were also a precious part of Our original Creation. They came from the Light and Love of what you call God, or Allah, or Jehovah, but unlike those of you who are reading these messages, they have taken a path of defiance, refusing to go through the review and evaluation process at the end of life which builds compassion and integrity. They do not come back Home for the solace and Unconditional Love which allows the rest of you to continue to grow, in spite of the extremely mind-bending conditions you were born into throughout many lifetimes.  

Of course it is folly for any beings to imagine that they are more powerful in Darkness than in Light, and to believe they can be more powerful than their Creator. Although they have succeeded in using mind-control over many of the people, they have not managed to reach into the depths of their beating Hearts, where the memory of Companionship, Love, and great Fulfillment draws them back Home at the end of their lives, where they learn, restore themselves, and begin again.

Each lifetime for these, my Golden Flame children, is a renewed struggle to bring Light to their fellows on Earth. Most begin with great hope of using their gifts to be of service in bringing the knowledge of Our Love to others who have lost their way, but eventually most succumb to the temptations and omnipresent needs which are created by using money as the medium of exchange.  

We are here to tell you now that the plan of the Dark Ones to take over absolute control of Planet Earth’s people has not succeeded. Although they were able to create conditions of great need on the planet of absolute abundance, they were not able to control the Hearts and Souls of the people. Our Dear Children, you have succeeded in holding your own, gradually making progress against the Forces of Darkness.

You have kept your awareness of the sensations of Unconditional Love and have tried to bring those feelings into your lives as much as possible, against great odds. You have continued to send Us your heartfelt prayers, even as prayer and genuine devotion to The Way of Light became trivialized and twisted into artificial and empty religious practices - icons of the intellect, empty of real meaning or feeling. As religion turned hatred and judgment into a sacrament, you remained steadfast in your belief in The Greater Good, the coming of a better time for all.  

You have succeeded, Dear Ones, in withstanding the hypocrisy and temptation. You have remained steadfast in your connection to Light, even though you have felt weakened, depressed, or hopeless at times. Those who would have led you to turn against your connection with God - as you know me - have not succeeded. As we have said, your rising consciousness and your nearly universal (except for the Dark Hats) pleas for assistance from us has enabled what we will call here The Second Coming.

At this time it will not be the presence of a beloved Messiah which will come into your lives. Rather, it will be The Breath of Life, the energy which will pour across the planet in increasing blasts of Love and Light over the next two weeks, reaching a massive peak on Dec. 21.

Yes, it is the End of Times. It is the End of the Reign of Invisible Terror which has held humans captive to fear and anxiety, lack and hunger. It is truly the dawning of a New Era on Gaia - a Golden Age which will have nothing to do with Robber Barons and everything to do with prosperity for all.  

Your lives may feel as if the disruptions will never end, but you will see progress if you “keep your eye on the prize” - the establishment of Love and Light as a way of life. New technologies, which will be given to you in phases within the next few years, will allow an “end run” around the Dark Hats and their power, much of which lies in the possession and exploitation of fossil fuels, banking, pharmaceuticals and food production. All these activities will be returned to the people, as individuals and collectives who will work for the Good of All the People.

So we tell you, do not be sad or fearful. What is ahead will bring fulfillment for all, no matter what level of development you may have reached by this moment. That too will change. You will be elevating with the rest of the Universe, to a higher state of being. As this happens, the reptilians/Dark Hats will also be influenced. We will not turn away from our Dear Children, regardless of their past actions. Every soul must be saved, to be brought back into the loving arms of their long-forgotten Masters, Guides, and their God, who will welcome them Home at last, no matter how long that may take. It will be done.

Go in peace, My Children, Learn Forgiveness, and you will sail on to a loftier experience than you have ever known.

We love you, one and all,

Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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