Part 46, Lesson #18, When The Time Comes...

December 5, 2012

When the time comes, you will all be exactly where you should be. You have made your plans with the full knowing of your Higher Self, who guides you in all important things. Even if you have defiantly refused to listen to your intuition and decided to be somewhere unlikely on December 21, it will be exactly where you need to be.

Some of you - the dedicated Lightworkers who have worked so hard to spread the word and inform people of the important good news about Ascension - have felt at times that your work has been in vain because so many people still seem to ignore the encouragement to look inward, prepare, be awake, and develop greater love and spiritual connection now, when it really matters. It has not been in vain. We wish to tell you that all your efforts are appreciated and meaningful, even if the people around you seem to be oblivious to your nudgings.  

You cannot see, from where you are, the ripples of light energy which flow outward from each of you, intersecting and overlapping sometimes when you gather, filling the space around you and flowing outward for long distances when you are alone. Your energy of love and concern touches the walls in your rooms, the trees in your yard, the neighbors’ houses, and much more. Once felt, the energy of Love never dies. It echoes forth across the Universe, raising the vibration as it goes. It has a powerful cumulative effect, which is why we are now at this exciting juncture where the level of Light energy has shown forth so powerfully that the entire Universe is being lifted to new levels.

What does this mean to you in your everyday lives? Everything. What does it mean to you that the air you breathe is fresh and clean? What does it mean that the mailman, the store clerk, the butcher, the baker and well, everyone, is feeling friendlier? When the level of civility and kindness rises in your children’s schools, at your workplace, in the sports arenas and the playgrounds, when the public servants and the service workers everywhere look at you with respect and consideration?

You may be thinking that this picture is impossible, given where you are now as a culture, where every news report contains descriptions of people behaving violently or mean-spiritedly. But look between the lines. There is growing disgust and outrage about the kind of “bad behavior” which went unnoticed 10 years ago, and there is also a new tendency to report incidents of heroism and kindness. Stories abound of neighbors helping neighbors, relief workers volunteering to help rebuild after the hurricane, firemen traveling a thousand miles to help their fellow firemen in need after the storm.

Turn off your televisions and look around you. Notice how often you hear someone spontaneously burst into song as they go about their day. It is working, My Children! The event we have called Ascension is already happening. You have been told about the individual choices which determine where each individual will “land” as they come out the other side of this historic event. Some will consciously choose complete Ascension, and will experience a brand new way of life in higher dimensions. Others will wake up on Dec. 22 and insist that nothing has changed, but even for them, it will have changed, because the energy of the planet has moved to a higher level, and they will have to adapt to the lighter atmosphere over time. Those who have chosen complete Ascension may be asked to return to help those who did not achieve it on the first round, but they will not be permitted to reveal all the elements of their knowledge to their students right away. They will become the spiritual teachers of the New Era of Enlightenment, bringing their wisdom, compassion and kindness to others. New organizations and institutions will be established which will change the balance of power and lift the level of well-being of the entire planet. It will be a truly Golden Age, as the second wave of human beings lift each other to a new appreciation of art, music, and beauty in all its forms.  

You see, Dear Ones, these last convulsions of emotional Darkness which you are witnessing now are a natural precursor to the shift toward Light. Those whose soul contracts are coming to an end now will be leaving the planet, one way or another, clearing the way for ever greater feelings of cooperation, companionship and light-heartedness.

Those who have created havoc with their power-hungry ways will be phasing their way out, as genuine freedom becomes the only acceptable form of life. Despots and tyrants, conniving bankers and crooked politicians will find their way blocked by individuals who are stronger, better organized and solidly in the Light.

Fundamental changes in institutions and social structures will evolve gradually, as old, rigid systems which favored the wealthy and powerful will give way to greater fairness and equality of opportunity. This does not imply a leveling of society to mediocrity or boredom - just the opposite. A new openness will encourage all to flourish in a way that will allow everyone to work at something they love, and love whomever they choose.  

You are truly on the verge of a new era, My Children. There is no turning back now. You have expressed your hopes and dreams for a new world of peace, and it will be yours. Now is the time for each of you to envision the beauty of living out your own part as an instrument of change, and to begin living each day as the Captain of your own Destiny.

You will reap what you sow, in the most positive sense. Those plans and dreams you initiate now will come to fruition in a new way, with the help of the Guides and Angels who will be ever ready to assist if they are asked. It will become a familiar and completely acceptable tradition to call on Us with the knowledge that we will be here, more visible than in the past.

We look forward with delight to the welcoming of a New Era on Gaia, your precious and hard-working Mother, who has supported and nurtured you for thousands of years. Your partnership will become more open and more satisfying for all. It is truly a time of celebration throughout the galaxy and beyond.

We send our constant encouragement and Unconditional Love,

I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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