Part 45, Lesson #17, What it's Really Like "On the Other Side" Between Lives

December 4, 2012

“Today we’re going to talk about something new. We do not wish to bore you with any repetition in these messages. This is fairly easy, since there is so much to tell you about in these complex and fascinating times.  

Many of you are bracing yourselves for some sort of shock on Dec. 21. No matter how much you may have read about the transition coming up, it is not possible for you there on the ground to comprehend what is coming, but we continue to try our best to give you enough information to allay your fears while also preparing you to make what will feel like a dramatic shift in you physical, psychological and spiritual state.

We have talked a bit about your biological and emotional preparation involving a change in your DNA and the tsunami of Love which will lift your spirits and increase your feelings of love toward yourself and others. Today we will talk about your spiritual path.

Many of you who call yourselves “spiritual but not religious” have become aware, at least peripherally, of the concept of past lives, or reincarnation, as you call it. Perhaps if we give you a better picture of what reincarnation really is, and how it works in the bigger picture of the evolution of a soul, you will feel more comfortable about the dramatic events which are transpiring this month.

From a human, on-the-ground perspective, it would seem that the real life is here on Earth, and the time between lives would be some form of vacation in Heaven where angels and other spirit forms, only the good ones, float around playing music and sitting on clouds. At least, this is the way religions and Renaissance painters have mostly represented it. As you may be expecting, I am going to say: Nothing could be further from the Truth.  

Let’s start from a more accurate description of where you live when you are not here on Earth. There are many levels or dimensions of existence within the spirit realms. We will begin our discussion of the first 12 dimensions, of which those from 3 to 5 or 7 are of greatest importance in our present situation. The first two are the realm of thought (1st dimension) and the realm of unstructured feeling, among other things (2nd dimension).

The third dimension, with which you are most familiar, is your present Earth experience, where touch, taste, smell, sight and sound define the material existence where things appear solid, and your body is well tuned to process the relatively heavy energy and gravitational pull of the 3 dimensional plane. You are also fully immersed in an experience of space/time which unfolds in a linear fashion, giving you the impression that there is a one-to-one correlation between actions and reactions, cause and effect. Your human brains are highly adapted to this limited version of reality, such that you hardly recognize the possibility of other forms of experience.  

The primary reason you are not aware of past lives or of your life in other dimensions is because of the Veil of Forgetfulness, which your ancestors long ago devised with us as a way of creating a life experience which could be unique, discontinuous from previous lifetimes, and which afforded the full experience of free will, without a connection to previous fears, remorse, or ego complications. This Veil is not absolutely opaque. Memories and feelings, as well as access to Universal knowledge may resurface in dreams, and the ability to pierce the veil can be cultivated, as with people who are known as psychic.

It has been our wish, as the important shifts of this era approach, that more people have access to higher dimensional experience. This is the reason so many people are having “paranormal” experiences and are newly interested in the information which psychics can search out for them, and not only on the subject of future love and money in their own lives. Many are experiencing the happiness of communicating with ancestors and friends who have “passed on.” This is a much better description than “dead,” since there is no such thing. As the person’s body dies, the soul leaves its connection to the vessel which has housed it and returns to the higher dimensions.

Now we will tell you about what happens after a life is finished. The soul, set free of the bounds of a constricting material container, is able to expand as it rises gently toward the Light, which is the Light of Unconditional Love, generated and sustained, with the help of our Legions of Angels and Master Guides, for the purpose of welcoming and enveloping the Homecoming soul. Each soul is welcomed, as the prodigal son was welcomed in the Bible story, regardless of the quality of the life lived. Every one of our Precious Creations is welcomed with celebration and joy.  

After a period of rest, as needed depending upon the circumstances surrounding the departure from the body, the individual soul will go through a process of review which encompasses all the events and emotional connections which were made during the past life, under the mentorship of a highly evolved Guide. This process includes a reversal of roles, in real time, so that the soul may experience the feelings and thoughts of all the others who came in contact with him/her in any important way. S/he will feel all the disappointment, pain, anguish and anger which resulted from his/her own actions, as well as the actions of Love and community, compassion and forgiveness which led others to positive turns in their paths.  

The process of reviewing and feeling the darkness one has caused leaves the soul with greater understanding of the effect of dark actions on others, and inspires deeper empathy, compassion and forgiveness. It also encourages the attitude of taking responsibility for one’s actions, which tends to carry forward into subsequent lives. You can see now why the experience of living many lives, in many different circumstances and historical periods, would tend to hone a soul of greater integrity, depth and virtue.

The optimal soul path is one which carries the person along a trajectory toward greater and greater challenges, by living lives of greater degrees of difficulty as the soul grows in stature and confidence. We will revise one of your favorite adages here: If it doesn’t kill you (or even if it does) it will probably make you stronger. You see, from our perspective, “death” is just a familiar transition from one plane to another, characterized by great learning and evolution of the soul - a thing to be celebrated.

Of course, there are sometimes occasions where an ambitious soul takes on more than s/he can bear, or unforeseen shifts in the trajectory of a life may bring devastating hardship. Because of your free will contract, nothing is absolutely predetermined, although possibilities can often be seen in advance of an event. Therefore, a lifetime on Gaia has always held a sense of mystery, anticipation and great excitement for the brave souls who venture here. There is nearly unlimited variety in the possible choice of experiences - rich or poor, male or female, black, white, yellow or red - all options are encouraged as the soul works their way along the Ascension path through hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes.

Many of those souls who were born in the early days of Planet Earth are now working their way up the Ascension ladder to positions of responsibility as Ascended Masters in the higher realms of the 7th through the 13th dimension. Although inexperienced souls do not have access to the higher realms because the frequencies there would not be tolerable for them, souls from higher dimensions can descend to be of service to those who follow, as they most often do in some form.

We, the Creators and Helpers of the high realms oversee with compassion and deepest love as our dear children struggle through enormous challenges which test their valor, their integrity and their capacity for Love and Forgiveness. Some lifetimes may be more successful in one area or another, but all are fodder for learning and advancement, and all are looked upon with the utmost respect, because we are aware of the inherent level of difficulty which is inevitable in a life on Gaia in 3D, where even the privileged and well-loved individuals encounter difficulties.  

The goal of this process is to elevate yourselves to higher expressions of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Empathy, nothing else. In terms of soul evolution, it matters not at all whether you achieve great wealth or fame. Money, awards and accolades may make the journey more pleasant for a time, but they are not a measure of soul value or progress at all, in spite of the way you have pursued those things in your Western cultures above all else. We see these pursuits as unfortunate distractions, except in rare circumstances where the individual uses their position of wealth and fame to lift others from despair, poverty, and injustice.

As you can probably discern from this description, the process of soul evolution is largely reviewed and understood at the end of a life, in the Bardo, that place in the 4th dimension where planning and evaluation has taken place in the past. From there, souls have had the option to pursue training, teaching and learning in progressively higher realms, with or without further sojourns to “Boot Camp” on Gaia. However, it is understood throughout the Multiverse that soul-training on Gaia is the most perfectly-tailored testing ground to develop the higher frequency Light-filled qualities of Love and other virtues, which we consider the God qualities. Consider yourselves courageous, Dear Ones, no matter how bogged down and confused you might be feeling at present.

This discussion will serve as the introduction to the Spirit Realms for our purposes. We will continue in this vein in future messages with more information about the workings of the higher Spirit Realms. Please ponder this carefully and pass it on to your family members and acquaintances. Many will find this information enlightening, since it has been largely unavailable until now to those who are still in a body. 

Until tomorrow, We will shine on you with Unconditional Love and Light,

Your Yahweh, I AM THAT I AM.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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