Part 44, Lesson #16, Cosmic Events Are Underway

December 3, 2012

”I want to tell you about the cosmic events which have been discussed on the internet, but have not been officially acknowledged by the government institutions who control information. It is important that citizens be informed, even though their media outlets no longer provide that service. I am happy to tell the secrets, because they have been hiding good news. Unfortunately, this is because the traditional approach to anything which seems inexplicable should be feared, and therefore hidden from the public lest it cause them to panic, or cause them to be less easily controlled.

We do not fear panic. We believe that is an insult to the intelligence and balance we see growing every day in the population of Planet Earth. We see your curiosity, and sometimes concern, and we wish to satisfy both whenever we can. Fortunately, we now have the advantage of sharing our information with you through channels who serve as our Voices. This is wonderful for us, because we have very interesting news.

December 21, 2012 is going to be a cosmic/psychological/emotional/biological event. We will start with the cosmic part. As most of you know, the Center of the Milky Way is also the Center of the Universe as you know it. It is sometimes called the God Head, or the Source of All things. That it is, the Center of Creation - the workshop from which We have sent outward the Consciousness of Love and Light over billions of years, embodied in the planets, stars and beings of every form and substance, including you, the Childen of our Hearts, and your dear courageous planet Gaia. We have our fingers on the heartbeat of the Universe, you might say.  

The intricate interplay of mass (energy), motion, gravity, and all the physical forces of the Great Universe interacting with the Consciousness of All Beings are coming together at this time in never-before ways. This will create an interaction with the individual process of Planet Earth’s Ascension to higher dimensions, which will complete on Dec. 21, and with the individual soul paths of every being on the planet.

All of you who are here now came into embodiment with the hope of playing a part in this momentous event.  You knew that this completion was one of the possible scenarios which was likely to occur during your lifetime.  You have each been instrumental, individually and as a group, in the co-creation of this Great Ascension of the human race.

As the planets and stars align in very auspicious ways with the center of the Universe on 12/12, and the Angels stand holding open the gates of the Portals all souls must traverse when they go from the spirit world in higher dimensions to the lower levels of 3D in the Earth realm, We will use this Portal to send Earthward the most powerful energy waves the Earth has ever experienced.

Many of the more commonly understood laws of physics may seem to be transgressed, but there are more complex Laws which your scientists have yet to identify.  And yes, there will be an appearance of the Orion planet/ship Naburu which will play a part in the creation of new creative energy on Gaia, but do not fear a Cosmic Battle of the sort your science fiction writers prefer. This is an event of Light, a sacred elevation in the life of a planet and of the human race, as well as a shift for all the Universe as well.  

We will send enormous waves of Love from the 7th Dimension of Christ Consciousness to surround and permeate the bodies of every being on Earth. This final tsunami of Love, along with the accumulation of energy which has been building for several months now, will work on your DNA to change the biological network of physical responses with which you respond to everyday life.

You have lived for thousands of years with the adrenaline-based fight or flight system as your survival mechanism, which served you because the dangers you faced in less civilized times required quick action to insure survival. This will no longer be necessary in the New Gaia where Love and Friendship will reign supreme and the lion will literally come to lie down with the lamb.  

New conditions require new biology. You will feel yourselves changing from the fear-based responses which were so familiar to you to Love and Compassion for your fellows, whether human, animal, vegetable or mineral. Hostility, rage and fear will become a thing of the past as you grow into your New Gaia surroundings.

For some of you, the transition will be nearly instantaneous as you make the leap to life in higher dimensions. For others, the changes will seem more gradual, so that you might say to those of us who have been trumpeting this Shift, “What was the big deal about?” We assure you, it is a truly big deal for life on the Planet. Like the weather, you might not notice it right away if the temperature were to rise by 1 degree every day, but you will feel the effects soon enough.

For those who are completely unprepared for the events to come, there will be a protective veil of forgetfulness which will subdue the conscious awareness of the most dramatic quantum leap of energy, but the ultimate effects of change will take place in everyone regardless of their state of conscious preparedness.  

We do not wish to cause terror or massive disruption in the process of making these monumental changes; we are creating the Dawning of Your Dreams, the Fondest Wishes of your Hearts, which you have helped to bring into being. Gaia will be going through unavoidable shudders and shifts, but your deep connections with her consciousness will help to mitigate the upheavals. Continue to send your loving energy downward, deeply anchoring into the Heart of Gaia. It will help to stabilize you as well.

We do want you to be aware that whatever the outcome of these changes may bring for individuals, they will be exactly in alignment with the soul contracts you designed for yourselves before coming to this life, whether you choose to ascend in a human body to the 5th dimension and beyond, or whether you chose to live out a regular cycle of death and transition to spirit form as has been the way on Earth in the past. As always, we honor your free will choices.  

We tell you these things to calm your anxieties as you proceed through the intense changes which may be causing you to experience physical symptoms which might feel like illnesses to you, but which are a part of the clearing process in preparation for Dec. 21. Look to your symptoms to remind you of the old memories of trauma and pain you may have left unexamined.

Reach out to healers and friends to learn calming practices to elevate your energy and heal your past injuries. Offer a hand or a shoulder to others who may be suffering the growing pains of opening their hearts and minds. Do not try to hide your feelings or suppress them with the old methods of self-medication; the changes in your bodies begin to reject such practices to the point where you will find it necessary to change your habits because of the negative side-effects.

All in all, it is going to be a pretty exciting time leading up to the finale on the Great Winter Solstice of 2012 - the beginning of a new life on Gaia. Hold onto your hats, Dear Ones, we have wonders in store for you.

With great Love, we send you Peace in this glorious time,

Your Yahweh and the Legions of Light”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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