Part 43, Learning to Live with Love

December 2, 2012

“We will make this a short message tonight.  You have all been working hard to absorb the rising energies of love. What an irony is that! Your systems are so used to tolerating poison and small daily abuses, constantly inflicted, that unconditional love is enough to make most of you choke and squirm!

This will change. With each passing day, the field of energy sweeping across the planet will awaken thousands more, and then millions more, until every single person on the planet will have been either lifted by the ecstasy, or infuriated by the interference. Yes, of course there may be a few who are so cold-hearted and dead that they are unable to evolve at all. In fact, they are the ones in the news in the past few weeks. It is unfortunate that your news outlets are so fascinated with violence and gore, because it presents a very distorted perspective on what is actually happening on the planet.

What we see from our bird’s eye view is the beautiful Gaia and her inhabitants awakening to feelings of Love, excitement and pleasure in the small and wonderful events of everyday life. Friends are reaching out to friends with long-unexpressed warmth and gratitude. Children are being noticed and fondly affirmed for their charming ways. Animals - well, the animals are already on a very high level, with examples of the lion laying down with the lamb, symbolically. A recent story described a lion who adopted the baby gazelle who was orphaned after the mother was eaten. You see, the feelings of kindness and good will are felt in their most basic form by the animals who are sensitive to the resonance of energies around them.  

The effect of this energy is profound and universal. Your scientists have not yet discovered the subatomic particle which carries the emotional feeling/meaning which is generated by large numbers of human beings who feel an emotion in concert with each other. Studies have shown that meditations conducted with large groups can effect the purification of water, the level of crime, and the healing of seriously ill patients. They have not yet widely publicized the effect of many people together feeling an uplifting and celebratory feeling, but it is massive, cumulative, and ongoing.  

A crescendo of feeling is sweeping across the planet, lightening and lifting spirits. It has now gathered such momentum that the outcome will be unimaginably wonderful. We cannot tell, from our perspective, whether the result will be overwhelmingly spectacular, or simply unbelievably wonderful. It is that good, and it is thanks to those hard-working, well-meaning regular people whose dedication and love for their fellow humans has led them to spend many hours every day in connection with the children, family, and community members who matter to them.

This resonates far beyond the small group who experience this intimacy and contact. It ripples outward, building exponentially as it moves Heavenward to meet the incoming waves of Light energy flowing toward you from outside the atmosphere of the Earth. What a wondrous crashing of lightning and charged electricity emanates from the meeting of these positive energies! It has truly created a tsunami of Love!  

How it warms our hearts to see our beloved Children lifting their heads to the sky, calling out to us in joy and celebration! We hear your prayers and your gratitude, your lingering fears and your tender exclamations of love for one another. For your love, we send more love; for your fears, we send more love, and for your tenderness, we send more love.

Carry your heads high, Dear Ones. Join hands every chance you get, and continue to practice the meditation I gave you in Lesson # 1. It is gratifying to see the success and comfort many of you have found after practicing this Way of the Light.

We celebrate your ongoing successes, and we welcome your questions. Send them to us, and we will try to answer them all, to allay your fears and put a smile on your face at the same time! Just try us! Do not hesitate to contact this channel with your questions and concerns. You have worked for this for thousands of years. You deserve to be kept in the loop, as you like to say.  

We love you without limit, and look forward to your comments and questions,

Your Yahweh and Company”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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