Part 42, Lesson #15, A Planet Based in Love and Friendship

December 1, 2012

“Many of you have gotten used to reading the words of channels who reach across the dimensions to make contact with us in order to bring you helpful information and reassurance during these difficult times. This by itself is a sign that the consciousness of the planet is rising. In just a few months, many of you have come to look forward to learning and sharing these messages, the words of Yahweh. It gives Us great pleasure to be able to communicate with so many of you on a regular basis. We know that it is difficult to pull yourselves away from the distractions of your fast-paced lives to ponder thoughts about cosmic events and the history of the Universe, when you are focusing on issues like how you will pay your rent and what to make for dinner.

It touches our hearts deeply to see how many of you are struggling every day to become better at what matters to you - being better friends, lovers and parents, searching deeply within yourselves to root out the source of your unhappiness and fear. We commend you for your efforts, swimming against the stream, as you might say.

It is a difficult challenge to look inside your own psyche when you are hampered by the limitation of a human brain, but you keep trying, and with greater and greater success.

We will remind you once more that the answers lie outside your brain, within the realm of your soul/body, that connection between soul, heart and spiritual mind which allows you to expand your sense of knowing far beyond this life experience.

As the time draws nearer to the 21st of December, your restlessness may remind you of the important choices which lie ahead. Again, I will remind you that although there may be difficult transitions for some of you, there will be no Apocalypse. Gaia is readjusting to her ascended vibrational level, which will effect all life on Planet Earth in the coming years.

There will be room for all to experience the soul path you chose before entering into this incarnation, whether it be to fulfill your desire to Ascend once and for all to the higher realms and to remain there to continue your soul journey, or whether you choose to continue the journey with your fellow humans in some way. Many of those reading this may choose to Ascend, and then return to be of service for your fellows. Others may choose to experience the birth/death cycle, but with the opportunity to experience a planet based in Love and Friendship.  

The coming years will be a transition time for those who remain with Gaia, a time for reevaluating and recreating a way of life which will be very different from the dark, fear-based experience of life as you have known it until now. As your DNA is activated to include abilities of greater spiritual expansiveness and connection, you will experience a level of exhilaration and peace of mind unknown to you now.

Generosity and kindness will become the way, because anything else would be unthinkable. There will be an end to greed, competitiveness in the sense of wanting to control or defeat others, and the wish to be superior in wealth or material goods. These tendencies will melt away, taking the institutions and practices which supported them along with them. It has already begun; your financial systems will undergo massive adjustments, as poetry, philosophy and architecture take precedence over economics of all kinds. Trade will benefit all, and the purpose of establishing distribution channels will be for the pleasure and comfort of all. Hunger and poverty will become unknown, as the source of those scourges - war, corruption and greed, become a distant memory.

Yes, what we are describing is a Paradise on Earth, compared with what has occurred over the last 5,000 years. As you go through the next few weeks, the shifts to your conscious and unconscious minds will prepare you for a new day, a new paradigm. Nothing you have experienced in the past will be repeated in the New Gaia, so your old adages about the need to study history lest you should repeat it will no longer apply, although you may want to study the history of your planet for the great interest and lessons it holds.  

This is a difficult concept for most humans - the act of suspending judgment, withholding reaction, waiting to see how things play out. It goes against your training, to judge, inspect, analyze and scrutinize every detail for answers. But, you see - and here is the philosophy lesson for today - all those activities presume that The Truth lies in dissecting and understanding something which has already happened. This is true whether you are analyzing a subatomic particle or dissecting a cadaver. You can only analyze something from the past. You cannot use these methods to predict or understand the future, because all the conditions will have changed. This will leave some of you feeling upset, even angry at the prospect that you cannot figure it out.

We want to reassure you that your God-given abilities (If I do say so myself) are more than sufficient to carry you through a life at a much higher level than what you are used to. What you experience as intuition is really your deep connection to your Higher Self, the soul-in-higher-dimensions which carries wisdom far beyond your near-sighted view from here on the ground.

Your heart, the formerly languishing source of Creativity and Love, will expand to develop skills in the area of telepathy, teleportation and Faith which have been previously practiced by only the most elevated spiritual beings among you.

Yes, you will all begin to feel and hear the presence of your Spirit Guides and Teachers, as you have seen the channels doing when they work with us. For most of them, their experience of us is of up-close-and-familiar teachers who speak to them all day long with Compassion and Love. This ongoing experience has taught them to feel no fear, and to seek fulfillment in service to others as a way of life because that is what feels famil-iar (as in family) to them. This is the relationship we foresee with all of you, in the New Gaia which will be realized within the coming era.  

The turning point will occur on Dec. 21. The hopes and dreams of all the Lightworkers of the entire Multiverse have been realized in the transition of Gaia from the darkest of 3rd dimensional experience to higher vibrational levels. It remains to be seen what form this new adventure will take in terms of the activities and structures which will be built anew on Gaia, with the combined consciousness of her newly elevated humans at work.

We celebrate the triumph of a Dream which has been awaiting fulfillment for thousands of years, with Joy and Happiness beyond measure.

We love you one and all, our Dear Courageous Children,

Yahweh and All the Legions of Heaven”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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