Part 41, A Message for the Torchbearers and Lightworkers

November 30, 2012

“A note for Kathryn, and for her fellow Torchbearers, from the entire Spirit Realm:

We speak to all of you through her:

You have asked, Dear, why you are so sleepy today that you had to take a long nap and could barely move, even afterward. Many have asked about strange physical symptoms during the past few weeks.

You are a healer, a flame-bearer for the Planet. You have done this work for thousands of years, carrying the Light so that others could walk their paths through the darkness of the 3-dimensional world. This was your contract since the days of Lemuria, the destiny you agreed to fulfill, no matter how long it would take. It seems unbelievable to you, from where you sit, but this is the truth.

You remember how you felt when you finished your many years of study to get your doctorate degree (or for the rest of you, the training you worked so hard to accomplish). It was this feeling, wasn’t it? When you have completed a momentous job, it is natural to collapse on the ground for a little while, before you begin the celebrating. Rest as much as you need. Your job is winding down, this part of it, at least. It is the beginning of a new era for you as well.

You did not know when you signed on for this job how long it would take or even whether it would be successful. You and your fellow Torchbearers suffered disappointments many times along the way. This time it is different, but the first wave of feelings is bound to be relief. The joy will come later.

You have noticed how alone you feel - how lonely it has been for you during this lifetime, as you have often seen friends and acquaintances melt away, as you continued your steady trek. Yes, you have sometimes carried the responsibility alone, away from the warmth and encouragement of your fellow Light-bearers. They have done the same at times, because this is not a job which allowed for long sojourns in the arms of companions and lovers. Your souls carry the knowledge that you are not alone, that your paths will eventually converge, and you will greet each other in triumph, as the members of a relay team do at the end of their challenge.

And now you are thinking - yes, and who can I share this with, even now? Anyone you choose to. They will resonate with this particular story, or not. Each soul has their own part to play in the Great Unfolding. In your hearts, you carry the knowledge and the memory of each one’s contribution, each one’s precious part to play, as we do. As others awaken, they too will feel the echo deep in their hearts - “Yes! This is why we came. This is why we are here!” All those who are drawn to read this will find solace and confirmation in these words.

Of all the possibilities - you call them probabilities - which were available in the unfolding of this adventure which has been the journey of Planet Earth deep into the darkness and struggle of the lower levels of the 3rd dimension and back again, you and your courageous group of souls have kept your eye on the prize, as they say, holding the vision of a better day to come, keeping the probability of absolute success as an option. Without that determination and Vision of Light and Love, it would not have been possible for Gaia to complete this path, keeping her human companions along with her this time.

You did not entertain the possibility of global destruction, and so it has not happened. You turned away from the temptations of accumulating great wealth at the cost of great poverty for others, and you kept the heartbeat of Gaia always close to yours, feeling her pain, sending your compassion and love to heal her and settle her convulsive responses to the pain of bearing the injuries she has felt, especially in the last 100 years.

Your work as Torch-bearers has always been to maintain the bridge of conscious awareness between Gaia and her human inhabitants, as well as to help show the way out of dark and destructive attitudes toward each other. You have traveled in the forests, the deserts, the jungles and the northern plains, as way-showers and messengers of God’s Love, throughout the centuries.

We honor your determination and celebrate your success, our Courageous Children. You are truly the angels with “boots on the ground” as you say. You have been inspired by the Vision of a 5th dimensional landing - the completion and new beginning which you have reached for, for so long. It will be as you envisioned it, the best of all possible worlds, because of your dedication and Faith.

Please send this message to your group of Healers, for they will know they are the ones of whom we speak. We love you, and we wish to express our gratitude and thanks for your work. Your Ascension through the portal into the 5th dimension will truly be a triumphant return.  

We love you with all our hearts,

Yahweh, Jesus, and All the Legions of Light “

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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