Part 40, Lesson 14, No Planning Needed

November 29 2012

“It is time to give you some more information about what to expect concerning the Ascension, and how it will effect each of you. We understand that it is very confusing to you to try to imagine a transition which will involve going from the life you are familiar with, complete with mortgages, smog, train schedules and root canals to a life in Paradise in what seems to you to be a change with no time to plan for it.

It is not that there is no time to plan for it - there is nothing to plan for, because you don’t need to pack or make reservations or arrange for your bills to be paid. When we say that everything will change, we mean absolutely everything. The things that will seem most familiar will be the natural beauty of your Gaia, and some of the creations which are beloved to many, like your wonderful museums full of artistic masterpieces, and the buildings which were built with love, and all the music you love, well, it’s already here. There will be enough of the familiar for you to rejoice and celebrate at continuing some of the things you love, but you will not be restricted to what you have previously known.  

We wish to answer the many questions which have been asked of this channel in the past 2 days.

Let’s begin with the transition itself, which seems to make so many people anxious. Yes, there will indeed be a moment in which you will go from the state of heavy atmosphere you are familiar with in 3-D to a lighter, brighter feeling in 5-D. We have made every effort to ease that transition by lifting the level of energy on the planet gradually, as we will continue to do over the next few weeks. Perhaps a visual analogy will help. You are familiar with the way the Panama Canal locks work. The ship enters at the lower level, then the water in the channel is raised to allow the ship to float higher, until it reaches the level of the next lock, and so on until the ship has risen to the new, higher level where it can sail away into new waters. You will experience it similarly - as if you are being lifted and carried to a higher plane.

You do not have to “go” anywhere. You will be transported, body and all, along with your loved ones, children and pets, old and young. No one will be left behind. You need not worry about those who may be reluctant or even belligerent about refusing to transcend. As the atmosphere lifts them to new levels of energy, they will find themselves feeling more agreeable, less aggressive, more loving and compassionate, sometimes in spite of themselves, because the energy waves sweeping across the planet are activating long dormant DNA strands which will expand your capabilities.

There may be some who will take a little more time than the others, but as I have said before, it is not my way to abandon or punish my own Children, the Creations of my Heart, no matter what their current state of mind might be.

All will be treated with fairness and compassion, because that is Our way, always.

Perhaps you are wondering why, if this has all been decided, should anyone need to be told of the process at all? Why not just transport you all in your sleep, or something of the sort? There is a very important reason - the one which seems to give you the most trouble. We granted you free will when you decided to make this journey to Gaia, to experience the 3rd dimension as the proving ground for your soul growth. This contract will be honored for each and every one of you. This means that you will be required to be “on board” with the general intention of the project, which is to allow the human race to fulfill our long-awaited co-creation, life in Paradise cooperative and generous in your day to day lives. Witness the self-help for all.

Ultimately, each individual must cast their vote to be included in the final step onto the shores of New Gaia. As you acclimate to the higher vibration, you will become aware of the past/present/future nature of understanding as well as the state of unconditional love you will experience there. You will then appreciate how important the role of each individual has been in the fulfillment of this plan.

The process of Ascension was able to begin because of the rising tide of consciousness on the planet, the tipping point we mentioned in the last post. It will proceed because more and more of the community of souls are fervently praying and helping to raise the consciousness of more souls every day. This is a necessary component of the success of this Great Plan: it is a joint effort, equally shared by Us, your Legions of Angels, Enlightened Beings, Ascended Masters and all the guides and ancestors who have worked to make this possible. This also includes the devas and nature spirits, the beings of All the Kingdoms of the Earth, and you, the human beings who are at the center of this enormously complex confluence of energies.  

Your choices and the desires of your hearts have guided the direction and timing of this Great Plan. Nothing was preordained or taken for granted. You have been playing your part by being who you are, and especially through your efforts to become more loving, more movement which has swept across the planet in the last few years. This has had a powerful effect on the expectation of how people should be treated, in relationships, in families, in the workplace, and has gone a long way toward clarifying what loving treatment actually is.

The confluence of all these influences and more have come together to create the glorious moment we are about to witness. You have each been an active part all along, so the outcome will not come as a complete shock to you - not at all. It will be the outcome you have planned for yourself, in cooperation with your Higher Self. For a few of you, that has been an entirely conscious process, an act of will. For others, it may have been carried on at a mostly subconscious level. It does not matter; your wishes have been taken into account.  

So, you see My Children, you are more ready than you think to make this historic journey with Us. The coming weeks will bring a shift which you might have thought of as magic just a few months ago. Now, you will adjust and balance and move on with each wave of Unconditional Love you experience. You are resilient in your makeup and courageous in your psyches; you will become more-so with every passing hour.

Go in peace, live in love, and you will truly arrive in the Promised Land.

Your Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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