Part 39, Lesson #13, A Brief History of the Path of Planet Earth

November 28, 2012

“It is a time of great change on Planet Earth. In order to help those of you who are confused or doubting that there could even be such a thing as a dimensional shift right here, right now during you own lifetime, much less within the month, we must attempt to give you a longer view.  

We will try to jog your soul memories to recall the path so many of you have traveled over the past thousands of years - the path which led little by little, not all of a sudden, as you feel it now - from the beginning of human life on Planet Earth to the present. It has been a long and difficult path for many of you, with lifetimes of challenge, suffering, triumph and love, happiness, tragedy, comfort and hardship. Most of you have tried it all, evolving and learning profound lessons of empathy and compassion, forgiveness and love along the way.  

You see, Planet Earth is an exceptional place in the Universe. It is truly the testing ground, the Boot Camp for courageous souls who want to learn fast, evolve quickly, and overcome their own challenges, building their strength, fortitude, knowledge and commitment to the Light. The great Masters with whom you are familiar - St. Germain, Jesus, Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic fleet, Archangel Gabriel, Michael and many others - all have proven their mettle by testing themselves in the 3-dimensional experience on Gaia. Without that experience, they could not possibly understand how difficult it is to live in the heavy atmosphere, in bodies characterized by frailties and, at the same time, great needs and desires.

This is complicated further by the finite human brain, which is actually the least powerful of the body’s and soul’s combined intelligences, and which is hampered even further by the dichotomy which pervades human life at this time. You see the world and each other in terms of good vs. evil, friend vs. stranger, right vs. wrong, individual vs. group, religion vs. science, left vs. right, and so on and on.  

In other higher dimensions, as you may have heard, not only is there no time as you know it, but there are no dichotomies, no opposites and none of the competition or conflict you take for granted as part of the human condition. No, it is not an inevitably predominant genetic quality to be attracted to violence or competition. It has been encouraged and perpetuated by the history and training of thousands of years within the 3 dimensional energy of Gaia. This was not an accident, or an anomaly.

The design of 3-dimensional Earth was co-created by the beings who lived in Lemuria, the early civilization of Gaia which was the home of many of the older souls who are now among you as Lightworkers. It was in agreement with Us that they began the daring experiment to combine the elements of free will with 3-dimensionality, to create a new and exciting possibility for beings to come from all over the Multiverse to experience life on the beautiful Blue Planet. In its initial stages, while still in the higher levels of 3 dimensionality, it was the Eden - the playground of delights where angels came to frolic and experience life, sexuality and joy in the exquisite sensory intensity of a human body. As Gaia descended to the lower levels of the 3rd dimension, it became more arduous, and the addition of dichotomous thinking created the difficult conditions you now experience.

This was not a fall from grace, as some of your judgmental religions like to declare. It was with the combined consent of the Kumara people who had guided the original experiment and Gaia herself. It has been the Kumara who have been the Keepers of the Light, keeping the flame alive during all the subsequent civilizations which followed, for more than 100,000 years - a blink of an eye from our perspective.

The Lemurian civilization originally was centered in a large continent in what is now the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian culture and energy can still be felt in the islands of Hawaii, and is being revived with great joy by its descendants in Maui and to some extent in Kauai.

The experiment into 3-dimensionality has at last reached completion, as Gaia herself has ascended through the 4th into the 5th dimension and beyond. This process has been gradual, but has speeded up enormously during the last 30 years or so, as Lightworkers of higher consciousness have evolved in concert with Gaia’s progress, lifting themselves and others along with them.

Unlike previous attempts to complete this process, this time success is assured because of the power of large numbers of people uniting in prayer, meditation and visualization. You see, no movement or change in the Universe is simply a result of edict or unilateral Creation. This process has been a concerted effort, aided in recent times by the arrival of many others from the more advanced planets, who wish to offer their help and their technology to enhance your Ascension process.

Because of Gaia’s request and your call for help, we have been able to intercede in limited ways to prevent or mitigate the most dreadful manmade disasters. We have also circled the planet with a protective cloak which will prevent any interference from outside forces. A planet in Ascension is a sacred event, one of which all the existing planets and stars are aware, and are watching with great interest. You are ascending with Unconditional Love as the protective cloak and the ultimate energy state which you will exist within upon the completion of the process of Ascension.

So it is that enormous numbers of beings and celestial entities - your Sun and Moon are important players as well - are in the position of having what you would call “a lot of skin in the game.” You are not alone, no, not by any means. Your success is legendary, and visible by the amount of Light which shines from your planet at this time. Yes, there are still pockets of real darkness, but those are being shrunk little by little as more souls awaken to expand and elevate the level of Love and Light on the planet.

In the coming weeks, you will experience continued unsettling waves of electromagnetic energy, washing over you in waves of increasing intensity.

Many of you are experiencing the symptoms of Ascensionitis - illnesses, digestive malaise, headaches, sleep disruptions, aching joints, fever and chills to name a few. This is an unfortunate side effects to the rapid adjustments which are being made to your DNA, which will in turn modify your nutritional needs, your physical health and most dramatically, the expansion of your brains to accommodate the 5th dimensional mind of your future. As we have frequently said, you will not die, but will continue in your living bodies, with modifications.

Now, to help you understand the impossible: When we speak of moving, ascending, higher levels and so on, it sounds as if you will be going somewhere different in space. This is the way your brains work, to interpret change in terms of time and space. Your limited language and the structure of your present thinking does not allow for the understanding of the infinite possibilities of which we speak.

You will not be moving to a different planet. You are already there. Your experience will change dramatically, in a very short period by your time measurements, when it is actually the completion and simultaneous new beginning of a 100,000 year process. Dimensions are not places, or directions on the compass; they are possibilities within other possibilities. We can only assure you that your existence will change to one of joy, lightness, unlimited unconditional Love and creativity. You will just have to be there to know it and to revel in it.

The only requirement for you to join in the glorious completion of this process is your own agreement and active participation. No one will be dragged against their will into a new experience of life. Neither will anyone be denied if they are at the level of vibrational energy which allows them to move through the portal. It is a simple process, really, something like the experience of walking through an open patio door as opposed to banging into the glass.

The level of your energy alone determines whether you will sail through or hit an energy wall which is too different for you to move through comfortably. This is the case at every juncture of soul development, as a soul moves through higher levels of experience. One can always move downward through as many levels as they wish, but ascension requires elevation. You cannot go to visit the Ascended Masters at their level, but they can always come to work with you where you are. (You see, we have to use “where” as if it is a specific place because we don’t have a word for here/now.)  

We accept without judgment that each soul’s here/now is unique. Each ascends according to his/her/its own plan and preferences. We are here to help, to encourage and reassure you, but not to judge or decide. We hope to see all the souls of Planet Earth ascend at this glorious juncture. If some decide not to, well, the Multiverse is a place of unlimited possibility and infinite opportunities.  

All souls will be accommodated according to the level of development and their relative energetic preferences at the time. We can reassure you that those ascending to the 5th dimension or higher will not have to experience war, or greed, or slavery, or any forces of external control such as you have experienced in 3D. Those who choose not to ascend will continue in this vein to the extent they identify with and envision those things as their here/now.

Celebrate, My Children, you are being offered the life of your dreams, the fulfillment of the longings of your heart and soul.  

We await your triumph and your return to Us in your true Home,

Yahweh/Sue/Sam and the Legions of Light”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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