Part 38, Lesson #12, Choose Your Own Version of Life After "The End Of Times"

November 27, 2012

“We have something important to tell you. The elements are coming together for the Ascension of the human race in a way that is more dynamic, more positive than we could have asked for. A tipping point was reached some time ago (we prefer not to use exact dates, although you love them so) which allows for the successful fulfillment of the Plan we have anticipated for eons.  

You see, this is not the first time earth has tried to accomplish this momentous transition. Earlier civilizations were unsuccessful, ending in the destruction of the way of life they had established on the planet. Although you have come very close to a similar Armageddon - it lives still in your consciousness as a remembrance of Atlantis - you and Gaia will not experience a similar fate.  

This time, Lightworkers in every area of life, including some political leaders, have worked very hard to mitigate the danger of nuclear disaster and global war, often behind the scenes, against the wishes of their more hawkish power-hungry colleagues. At the same time, the level of spiritual connection and understanding has steadily risen, to the point that large numbers of your population now identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” as you call it. This higher level of spiritual experience requires no dogma, no rules or restrictions, and no priests or popes to guide you. You have learned to follow your hearts and the voices of your Higher Selves, who nudge and gently prod you forward. Use that perspective of deep Faith as you read the words here.

We celebrate with overwhelming joy the fact that so many of you, along with your spiritual teachers, channels and other individuals who have been quietly searching and learning, have been able to elevate to higher consciousness over the last 20 to 30 years. Your combined hours and years of service to others has had a powerful cumulative effect in achieving the tipping point of which we speak.  

This tipping point has facets of energy/power which reaches into every area of your lives. The change has been gradual, so you hardly notice it, but we watch every nuance, as you turn away from the everyday horrors of racism, slavery, sexual predation and child abuse which were common practice just 50 or 100 years ago. This is conscious evolution at lightning speed, although it may seem too gradual to you who live within the timeline of one lifetime.

We have now reached the Moment of Truth, as you might call it. In less than one month, you will all make the decision to elevate or not. As we have told you, it is a free will choice. You cannot “wait and see” what others are doing, or decide at the last minute to begin the transition process of turning away from darkness, anxiety, depression, greed, competitive and destructive practices and then race through the gates at the last minute. The energy shift would be too traumatic for your bodies. This is why you are being prepared for the Great Event, even without your awareness. 

During your hours of sleep, you are taught to anticipate and acclimate to the pleasures and delights of higher dimensions. Many of you may find yourselves flying in your “dreams,” or being challenged by the “monsters” you have dealt with all your life: destructive, threatening people who have held you psychological captives.

Now is the time to defeat these specters of fear and self-doubt. Disperse them with vigor and self-confidence by reliving these dream moments in triumph. Clear them away, with any imaginative life-force you find suitable. Melt them away, or disappear them with your powerful wand of Light, or freeze them into impotence with the force of your will. In this way, you will free yourselves of the old fears and doubts which have made you “skeptical” about being able to manifest the life of your dreams and your hearts’ desire.  

Go forward in your Vision of Life to a higher plane - one where you create with the power of your imagination. “Imagination” is a paltry word for the power you possess as Creators. It is in fact a combination of mind, soul, and will (not mere brain power) which allows you to materialize the Vision you have created.  

This Vision of what you want your life to be will determine where you will go when the End of Times come.  

Yes, it is the End of Times as you have known it. Unlike your horror movies, this does not mean loss or death; it means elevation, or Ascension, as we have called it. Now it is your responsibility as souls, individually and collectively, to decide what that future version of life on Gaia will be like for you. Those of you who en-Vision (an active process) a life of joyful and peaceful community, instant manifestation of the dreams of your heart, and an environment of unconditional Love, will indeed experience such a place. You will achieve Paradise on Earth, as the prophesies and ancient texts have promised. You, with the help of all human being and animal, vegetable and mineral realms, have asked for this, and we have made it possible for you. Now you only need to claim your part of the glorious fulfillment of a new reality.

Those of you who insist on remaining in the life of darkness and heaviness you now experience will be granted that.  It will be as unsustainable as it is now, but without the mitigating effect of your dear Gaia’s dedication and healing powers. The results of any destructive action will be immediately and powerfully felt, since Gaia herself has ascended, along with her living body and her higher-consciousness inhabitants. The planet which remains will be a mere shell of the vibrant, conscious Gaia you knew. You see, your choices really matter, because nothing will remain as it was. Your powers of manifestation will remain, but you will be operating in the arena of 3-dimensional reality. The effects are very different, although difficult to predict or describe in the limited language we have available.


This is why I have asked many of the Enlightened Beings, Masters and Higher Consciousnesses to speak to you, through the various channels with whom they feel an affinity, to help awaken all of you to this Glorious Event. There are now many who speak on a regular basis, through internet sites, radio shows, and personal appearances, who offer their wisdom and perspective to present the material in many ways and many forms, to suit the audiences who come to them.  


We are making every effort, without interfering with our free will covenant with you, to inform you and to encourage you to shake off your fears and doubts and come forward with us to the Heavenly fulfillment of your soul path, the destiny you longed for before you came here. Do not hesitate or hang back now. Leap and we will catch you. Fly and you will be accompanied by angels.

Picture in your mind’s eye the sweet future you will mold and shape, together with your loving families and friends. There will be no more power struggles, no more suffering or pain, no more hunger or death in the eternal world of Unconditional Love we have created for you. How you live your lives, what you build, how you raise your children, what art and music you create for the enjoyment of all - all these things will remain to be invented, designed and co-created as you acclimate to New Gaia. When we say it will be the life of your dreams, we mean it literally.  

Dream/create/envision what you want, and it will be yours. And, as the old saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for.” Set your sights on Love, and it will be yours. I will not elaborate on the alternatives. We do not ponder such things here in the higher dimensions. We will create what you ask for, as always, and destiny will play out in all its possibilities. Manage your dreams to be filled with Light, and your future will evolve accordingly.

We send you Unconditional Love, as ever,

Your Yahweh, in company with All That Is”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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