Part 37, Lesson #11, Homo Spiritus Lives

November 26, 2012

We wish to speak to all of you concerning your transition to a higher plane of existence, in the form we have called Homo Spiritus.  Many of you are puzzled or confused or disbelieving about the possibility that such a thing could occur during your lifetimes, much less before the end of this very year.

We will try to explain further what this momentous event is, and what it will mean to each and every one of you.  As before, this channel, Kathryn has agreed to gather your questions and concerns so that I can answer them for you.

You are not used to thinking in terms of a shift from one dimension to another.  You have lived your lives in 3D, the circumstances of your planet Earth for thousands of years.  Your atmosphere is heavy and gravity-laden, your experience of life in your bodies is one of intense sensations, concrete feelings of touch and taste and smell, combined with the familiar sense of time passing in a regular and predictable pace.  All this is changing, as many of you have sensed.

As Planet Earth passes through the portal to a higher vibrational level, the perception of time has speeded up, sensations are becoming more intense, so that it may feel to many of you as if the ground under your feet is shifting.  Life has become less predictable, as the Institutions you have relied upon are shaken loose from their moorings, and change has speeded up to an unsettling and unfamiliar rate.  

Do not be frightened by these changes, my children.  It is a transition you have known about and looked forward to with great joy and anticipation when you have been in your pure soul state while you were with me in the Fifth and Seventh dimensions and beyond.  As souls, you planned this journey eagerly, even excitedly, as you all clamored for the opportunity to be here on the earth in body at this momentous time.  There was no fear or hesitation when you joined with the bodies you possess now.  No, you were one and all dedicated to the wondrous possibility of taking part in a new kind of event in the Universe.

It has been the way of evolution across the Multiverse for souls to travel to many different planets, experiencing various conditions of weightlessness, color, intensity of emotion and sensory possibilities as they are experienced in the infinite variety of expressions of life across the vast and expanding All That Is.  But nowhere is the experience of incarnation as rich, as deep and as tactilely stimulating as it is here with Mother Earth, the one we call Gaia.  Her beauty and exquisite natural elements are unique in the Universe, our gift to the human race to experience diversity, variety, and visual beauty unparalleled in the Multiverse.  

You have enjoyed life in bodies which look and feel different from one another in shape, size and coloring, and many of you have taken advantage of this great variety to come to life here as black, white, yellow and red races, as you call them.  Yet, you do not remember those varied experiences, and still tend to think of your present condition as the superior one.

It was not our original intention for you to use this diversity to feel separate and different from one another.  No, we offered this variety and richness of experience for its great possibilities to meld and build in love and joy, as you developed the unique talents and cultural possibilities of each of the races over the many generations you have spent here on Gaia.  Unfortunately, it became instead the habit of your leaders, eager for power and greater control, to encourage mistrust, suspicion and even hatred - a uniquely human ability - as they stirred up intense emotions in their followers.  Thus, free will as I have given it has become the tool of dissension and war, separation and strangeness, one from another.

We did not intervene in your events, even though we watched as your civilizations over the ages progressively descended into darker and darker ways of dividing, conquering and exploiting your planet’s abundant resources.  Always we had faith in the strength and the unlimited nature of your loving hearts.  You are considered throughout the universe to be the Creator Race, brilliant in your imaginations and possibilities, although much of your talent has been directed toward either destructive or trivial endeavors, such as the accumulation of material wealth, or the building of lodgings which provided physical comforts but misused the gifts which Gaia has so generously provided for you.  

You are indeed creators after my own heart, and I have loved you ceaselessly even as you strayed further and further from your knowledge of our hopes and dreams for you.  Many of you no longer experience the love of your Masters, your Guides, your Universal Mother, our son Jesus, and me, your mentors and loving creators.  We have had to increase our efforts to send the energy of our love through the veil of forgetfulness you experience when you enter your bodies.  

Although you have only heard murmurings and myths about the previous civilizations which have had the privilege to share the experience of living with Gaia, we know of every moment, every soul experience and every decision made by those humans and other living beings who have inhabited dear Gaia.  We have watched with concern, but always trusted in your creative abilities to find new ways to live, new forms of joining together to create cultures of beauty and joy.  

At the same time, your leaders, like the leaders who led their civilization to misfortune and disaster during the time of Atlantis, have been endlessly resourceful in their clever manipulation of the resources and wealth of the planet, until you have now reached the point at which Gaia can no longer struggle alone to recover from your profligate disregard for her suffering.  Your weapons of war, your development of the use of nuclear power before it was completely understood, and your invention of endless numbers of poisonous chemicals and vastly destructive practices of food production have reached the point where life will no longer be sustained for the large number of inhabitants of the planet.

Rather than see our children leave their bodies in painful and inevitable mass extinctions, we have devised a new and wondrous possibility for you.  It is the option to transcend, while still in your bodies, to a higher vibrational dimension, to accompany your Earth Mother on her own spiritual path of Ascension.  In order to accomplish this momentous event, I ask you to open your minds to entertain a brand new vision of life.

Look to the night sky.  Imagine what it would be like to soar, weightless, traveling with me through the infinite places without limited space or time, as I have traveled with your channel, Kathryn, to show her some of what the coming transition will allow for all of you.  

Look to your dreams, which have always given you a sense of what other dimensions feel like.  You have all traveled in your dreams to the places of your soul memories, gathering the knowledge of ancestors and guides, far galaxies and planets. I have given you this ability to prepare you for the transition to an experience which will allow you to see and touch, sing and dance with joy in the bodies you still possess, although there will be necessary changes in your most basic needs for nutrition and in the heaviness of gravitational attraction which you have experienced previously.

Your creative powers will expand to the point where you can manifest your dreams effortlessly, but without the dangers of destructive war machines and the horrors of physical torture and pain you have previously inflicted on yourselves and others.

You will live with the direct awareness of us, your angels, your Masters, your friends and ancestors who are here with us now in their soul light-bodies in the dimensions you have known as home between the many lifetimes you have spent on Gaia over the thousands of years you have prepared for this present event.  

Every one of you has known, has looked forward to taking part in this exquisite event you have called the Shift, or Ascension.  Now I ask you to expand your consciousness, not by trying to figure out in your brains what will come, but by feeling it in your hearts.

I asked Kathryn to spend many years studying and preparing to write our book which you can use as preparation for expanding yourselves for the changes you will experience.  You must be willing to clear your emotions of old resentments, old hurts and painful memories.  Begin now to express your abilities to help and support one another as you have always been able to do in times of crisis or emergency.  Make these acts of generosity and kindness a moment to moment way of life.

You have practiced these skills during times of war, floods and other climate disasters which have largely been brought about by the manipulation of Gaia’s weather patterns, which your leaders take pleasure in experimenting with.  You blame me, whom you call God, for the traumas and deaths, but it is not my wish, nor the wish of your Universal Mother, to see your suffer in such terrible circumstances as have been created by the tsunamis, chemical dumping and other environmental disasters.  

We have always expressed enduring love for you, although sometimes the challenges you experience in life have provided you with opportunities for soul growth at accelerated speeds.  Many of you have been ambitious in your wish to evolve quickly, to experience the soul-expanding growth which opportunities for heroic acts of generosity and kindness have provided.  However, these single actions do not have the power which can be achieved by a lifetime of service to others.  Small actions of kindness and sharing resonate with great power.  

The light of your individual beings shines brightly throughout the Universe.  There are many bright lights among you who may never have been famous or even known outside their own families and cultures, but who have had long-lasting effects which resonate down through the generations of children who benefit from their teachings.  Do not seek fame and fortune now, but rather turn your sights to a new possibilities for creating cooperative networks in your communities to provide for your continuing joy and expanding love, as you share your wealth, your happiness and your hopes for this coming planetary event.

Above all, do not fear lack or scarcity.  You have the ability to provide what is needed for all to make the transition without great suffering and loss.  We will help you, we will teach you to manifest wealth of a new kind - universal prosperity, without need for greed or hoarding, competition or forceful taking and protecting of individual storehouses of resources.  Loosen your grip on your belongings and your distractions.  Turn instead to each other, in love and companionship.  Care for your young ones with love and patience, and your elders with compassion and respect.  Find it in your hearts to reach outside your daily concentration on work and earning, so unnecessarily encouraged in your Western cultures, and instead find time to commune with each other and with us, your loving guides.  

Many of you are familiar with the actions of our legions of angels who watch over and help you in times of need.  they are here with you now in great numbers, as are the beings from other galaxies and planets who have come, out of friendship, joy and great expectation to help you in the transition which they have already experienced as a part of their own soul journeys.  They come in peace, to offer you helpful technologies to ease your way to a more egalitarian and loving way of life.  Do not fear these beings, who are already filling your skies, and who have volunteered as leaders in your political and social organizations to help you elevate to a more loving experience of daily life.  They do so at great danger to themselves, because of your suspicious and warlike reactions to anything that is new to you.  

Do not allow your leaders to convince you that “aliens” pose any danger to you.  They have been long aware of the possibilities for advanced technologies, which they have attempted to keep secret in order to increase their power and control over the population of the planet.  Many of you have been asleep, following blindly the dictates and pronouncements of your most arrogant and selfish leaders, who sow the seeds of dissension and hatred.  

Awake, my children.  Take charge of your own lives.  Open your hearts to your neighbors, and to those who appear less fortunate than you in their economic and social status.  These people generously provide you with opportunities for compassion and empathy.  Do not allow yourselves to be turned away, toward habits of greed and acquisitiveness.  Material wealth is meaningless, and will become increasingly so as you all begin to experience the elevated feelings of love and joy which this Ascension provides.  Manage your passions, my children.  Learn to work with your bodies and your strong feelings in order to channel those energies toward the greater good.

There are teachers among you who share their knowledge and their experiences with you.  They have written about their own soul journeys and have accelerated the development of spiritual teachings in very recent years.  Turn to those who present their teachings with humility and generosity.  They will be the leaders whose courage will shine brightly as beacons of wisdom in the coming months which may cause inner turmoil for many of you, as you are required to shift your value systems and familiar habits.  

Do not fear this process.  There are those among you who have prepared themselves to act as leaders, shepherds, teachers and friends as you find your way  through these turbulent times.  Look to those who give selflessly, without ego or pride.  They are my legions of angels in bodies, having struggled as you do with the strong currents of emotion and intense feeling which are inherent in your human condition.

Do not bury your consciousness in your addictions and preoccupations with electronic entertainments.  Be daring.  Be courageous, and above all, expand your sense of what it means to love far beyond the romantic sentiment you have been taught to expect.  As Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many others have taught you, love your neighbors as you would have them love you.  Begin with simple courtesies.  Move on to deeper expressions of kindness.  Develop patience and forbearance, and you will be able to move with grace as we all ascend together to the expanded possibility for joy and enduring love which has been planned for you.

Some of your kind have already made the transition to higher planes while still in their bodies.  Many of them have been asked to return to their Earth existence to help others make the transition.  They will help to show you the way.  Partake of their wisdom; ask for their help.  

You only need to say “Yes!” in your hearts.  Do not listen to the doubts and arguments which your ego - and your brain - will try to use to drown out your great hopes and dreams.  Loosen your attachment to concrete arguments and intellectual explanations.  “Rational” explanations will not serve you well during this period of rapid change. Turn to your poets and your visionaries, your artists and philosophers and musicians.  They will speak the truth of our greater consciousness, our expanding Universe of possibilities.

Anything is possible for you, my dear children.  Join hands and proceed fearlessly into the present/future of your higher destinies.  There will be nothing to dread, nothing to regret, but much to enjoy as you travel to new Universes with us.  We anticipate with great joy the coming of a new world on your dear Gaia, the planet of Love and Light.

Come, my children.  Elevate, ascend.  Begin by practicing each and every moment of your days.  You will find yourselves ready, filled with joy and expectation when the moment comes for you to make the transition to a never-before phenomenal experience.  Of course, your words do not allow for us to describe to you the possibilities which await you.  In this, your will need to develop the sense of faith which is only possible if you allow yourselves to feel our constant and unlimited outpouring of love for you.

Go in peace, live in love.

Your eternal Yahweh, I Am That I Am”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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