Part 36, Lesson #10, Homo Spiritus: The Adventure in Our Future

November 24, 2012

‘The event you call Black Friday is over at last. People who stood in line to purchase gadgets and trinkets, clothing and toys have gone home with their treasures, but at great cost, in every sense of the word. This process of creating great need for things people really don’t need by advertising endlessly and promising everything from happiness to popularity if one owns a particular item has created a sickness of materialism which has spread across the planet. Since the promises are false, the buyers will feel disillusioned and unfulfilled shortly after their purchase, but will not associate their malaise with the failure of material possessions to satisfy their hunger, but will instead go in search of a better or more interesting treasure to try to ease their hunger. It is an endless pursuit - one that is destined to fail for several reasons. 

The most important reason is that it does not satisfy the soul. The soul needs are for connection with others, in a state of love and cooperation, and the attraction to beauty and excellence, which drives us to create, to build and to shape our environment and ourselves in the pursuit of something greater, more wonderful and more perfect in the most glorious sense. It is an essential part of the human makeup to want to build and create, experiment and learn, things which are entirely too scarce in your present cultures, where some people, who dislike what they do, build and create things of inferior quality and design, for mass production, while the artists and musicians go without work. A video to this effect was circulated on the Facebook page of the spiritual seekers who traveled together with Kathryn in September. One of them astutely questioned whether this was a 5th dimension perspective.

Yes, indeed, Diane. In the 5th dimension, no one works at something they dislike, because there is no need for money or for obedience to any system of economics. In fact, there are no “economic” needs, other than the Law of Preservation of Matter and Energy, which we discussed yesterday. In the 5th dimension and above, souls work and create and build whatever they choose, because of their own inner drive toward beauty and Light.

There is no greater need, no greater fulfillment than to express one’s individuality and skill in the pursuit of beauty in all its forms. The greatest architects, as well as the greatest painters and musicians have famously pursued their work with complete disregard for the ego demands for fame or fortune, going without food or sleep if necessary to bring into form the vision of their inner eye, the soul’s eye. These are the needs which are met most exquisitely in the higher dimensions.

Yes, Marjorie, you will build castles or schools, concert halls or houses - whatever you wish, and you will work with greatly skilled teachers if you choose, who can satisfy your need for more inspired levels of creation, the creation of objects and buildings for the greater good, whether it be for individuals or groups.

The second important reason why your current economic systems do not work any longer is because they have devolved so far from the original purpose of what you call “capitalism” - the opportunity for all to do what you have been used to in your trips Home between incarnations on Gaia.

You are souls first, having adopted these human bodies temporarily for the purpose of learning, but with each passing century, humans have drifted further from a deep connection with the Earth and with their own soul desires. That drift has created ever deeper feelings of alienation and hunger for what you miss in soul fulfillment. The result is the pursuit of replacement satisfactions like wealth, material possessions, and bodily cravings like addictions.

Your current state of depression and disease is a symptom of these unmet needs. In your souls, you naturally yearn for the Paradise you lost when you made the great sacrifice to take the path of learning rather than comfort, soul challenges rather than the eternal state of grace you enjoy with us in higher dimensions. This is one of the reasons your contract to live on Gaia is limited to relatively short lifetimes, with interludes in higher dimensions between each lifetime to recover and process what you have learned.

You see, the Ascension you are being offered is truly the best of both worlds, as you would say. You will retain many of the sensations of physical experience, without the soul-challenging conditions of hunger, suffering or want. You will manifest your desires for Beauty, Love and Light as is the rule in higher dimensions, while continuing in the bodies you have become used to, and the life experience you cling to, even to the moment of death in most lifetimes. This time, you will keep many of the conditions of life as a human as you have known it, but with perfect health, greater and more expansive intelligence, and a closer connection to Us, the guides, ancestors, Masters and angels who have been your constant but unseen companions on your difficult journeys to Gaia and the 3 dimensional plane.

You will become a new race of human beings, the expression of a spiritual evolution rather than Nature’s slower version your scientists examine with such diligence. It will be a quantum leap, as they say, from 3 dimensional experience of Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.  

Homo Spiritus is the new combination of human body with higher level consciousness, suited to life the 5th and higher dimensions - as far as your inspiration carries you. This is what we offer you now. It is your free will choice whether to ascend with your fellow humans of higher consciousness or whether to remain in the heavier, darker atmosphere you acclimated to in this single lifetime. Either way, your eternal soul will live on, either with Gaia in her new home in higher dimensions, or elsewhere, where the atmosphere will match that of your current level of dark/light energy, whatever that might be at the time of final transition.

Perhaps you now understand better why we are urgently encouraging you to lift yourselves now, relearn the ways of Home, even as you remain in your familiar bodies, even as you cling to old suffering and complaints. Release the old familiar pain and begin your ascent to greater Love, kindness, forgiveness and the freedom it brings. As you do, you will daily draw nearer the portal through which you will all travel at last, to fulfill the destiny you came here to achieve, that of eternal life in human form.

We encourage and support you. You are now being protected, as was our contract with those of you who wish to Ascend. Do not fear for your “survival” - it is guaranteed either way. We hope that every soul will ascend. Help your loved ones and new acquaintances to understand what is happening, and what wonderful events lie just ahead, in this historic year, 2012.

With our love, 

Yahweh and Company”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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