Part 35, Lesson #9, Fulfilling the Great Plan

November 23, 2012

“My dear children, we wish to talk with you today about the progress you are all making in your transition toward a higher level of life, as we have planned for you when you all ascend with your dear Gaia.

Today was a glorious day in the U.S. People everywhere celebrated with those they loved, creating a warm glow of Light and Peace across the entire country, beginning early in the day with families everywhere stuffing a turkey, or gathering whatever they had to share with others in communal feasts. Some of those feasts were modest in presentation or quantity, others sumptuous and expertly prepared, but all were presented with a recognition of gratitude and thanks in a way that has rarely been seen on the planet. It began on the East coast, where early risers participated in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, and families all across the East coast, freshly recovered from the hurricane, or still struggling, as many are along the coasts, but all demonstrating new-found affection and gratitude toward their friends and neighbors.  

Even families who have had a difficult time being comfortable in each others’ company are beginning to find ways to reach common ground with one another, setting aside longtime disagreements, looking at each other more tolerantly, with greater patience and forgiveness.  

It may not be obvious to you on the ground, but we are exhilarated, even overjoyed with the changing environment on the planet, and in the Western Hemisphere, where change often comes most quickly. With the reelection of your President, who is very well liked and respected around the world, it is as if the planet breathed a great sigh of relief, knowing that real leadership would be available from the country they still tend to look up to as a beacon of progress and change.

You will begin to see the balance tip toward more cooperation, although those we have called the “dark hats” are still trying to sew the seeds of divisiveness and fear. It is no longer working with the majority of the public. They were not able to steal the election, and although there are many of them displaying outright tantrums about their impotence, greater numbers of the public are becoming aware of the dark side of their concerted effort to block change, and to preserve the status quo in favor of their own selfish interests.

We do not condemn those who have joined with the dark forces at this time. We simply report to you what their activities are and encourage you to find ways to contain their destructiveness, because they have made their contribution - they have caused many of you to awaken to the importance of looking out for one another, and they have shown you in stark relief what selfishness and greed really looks like. In many cases, it was their soul path, their contract with Us and with you, collectively and as individuals, to come here in this life to create the kind of morality play that helped to reveal the choices, good or evil, selfish or generous of spirit, arrogant or humble.

The struggles have played out before us, and the choices are being made every day, in everyone’s life: to be or not to be of higher consciousness, to reach beyond your 3-dimensional experience toward something yet unknown.  

Your DNA is being activated more every day now, as the waves of electrical energy flow across the planet. Your sun is generating more powerful energy waves, day by day. Those of you who have worked hard to clear away old emotional burdens are beginning to feel the lightness of the brighter atmosphere to come. Those who are still struggling with negative feelings and thoughts will feel the weight of them, even to the point where you may feel unbearably distressed, “at the end of your rope,” as you say. It is very important to find your way through those issues - especially the self-hatred you have carried with such pride and pain.

The time for worry, paranoia and distrust has passed. It is time to begin a new kind of cooperative activity, like the model of helping and sharing which has been an example for many years now, called Habitat for Humanity. It is a truly forward-thinking organization, created by your President Jimmy Carter and others, to bring together ambitious helpers and ambitious people who needed comfortable housing. We honor this model, and are delighted to see that the many years of its existence has created a way of thinking in the minds of people who are now in need because of natural disasters.

Many of you wish to understand more about the scientific influences of the Shift which is now taking place. We will tell you a bit about the energy exchanges which are happening, and how they are able to create the changes we are telling you to expect.

You are Lightworkers all, those of you who are reading this, and you are able to accept the first premise that although there is a kind of evolution which is a process of Nature, there is also Conscious Creation.

The heavenly bodies and forces of energy involved did not come to be by accident. It has all originated as part of a Great Plan, the conscious creation of the Supreme Being of Light, brought into being with the help of Us, Mother/Father God, who in turn work with Nature, as well as the entire Multiverse of Conscious Beings who all play a part in the co-creation of the Great Plan. You are Lightworkers all, those of you who are reading this, and even those who would earnestly dispute the possibility of such an arrangement while they are there in the veiled condition of living in a human body.  

All beings, from the most massive planets and stars to the smallest insect, play a part in the ongoing evolution of the whole, as we each live out our conscious contribution to the growth and change of the All That Is. The Original Plan, which is beyond the scope of the finite mind within the human body, has been brought into existence with the help of Mother God’s creative force, as you would understand the birth process, with the help of I, Yahweh, who have helped to order and shape the process in the ongoing development of The Plan.

We are scientists all, in the sense that we follow the Universal Laws, some of which your Earth scientists have discovered. For instance, the processes we oversee include the Laws of Thermodynamics, including the familiar one which says that the changes you see happening are the result of energy being transmuted, but never created or destroyed. Thus, the process of change is fundamental, always ongoing, always to be expected. It is also a truth that the fundamental energy of Creation is Love.

The process of change is always in the direction of greater Love and Light, throughout what you would measure as billions of years.  From your perspective that looks like an evolution toward greater order out of what appears to be chaos. It is not chaos, but only an intermediate step in the ongoing process of change. Now, Mother God is chuckling - that is as clear as mud. We do not expect you to grasp the enormity of the Great Plan, but just to know that there is order behind all that you see. I am also being reminded to mention the importance of the Legions of Angels who oversee and implement their part in guiding the growth, over the millennia, of the ascension process of conscious beings, including human beings.

Now, we tell you all this to help you understand that you are not alone, that the energy you experience as a self is never destroyed but lives on in Eternity, and that we are all One in the participation of fulfilling the Great Plan, which is Love and Unity.

It is not at all obvious to you as you go through your individual life on Earth that this process on Gaia is an integral part of the development and organization of transmuting energy into higher levels of Consciousness and Light. It is, in a glorious way. Part of what makes life on Gaia so difficult is that this is a testing ground which combines the forces of Creation in a unique and powerful way, giving each being the opportunity to experience emotional, physical and spiritual challenges in an intensified way which is unique in the Universe.

Gaia has been your life-giving Source, your nurturance and sustenance during this process, an intimate guiding force in your growth, and now she is ready to move higher on the dimensional scale - what might seem something like a ladder of evolution to you - and she has been granted that, as all beings are when they have fulfilled something of their part of the Great Plan. You are being given that opportunity along with her, as the natural evolution upward, as you might perceive it, to higher level of experience. “

Kathryn: I am being nudged, now, to describe to you what I am experiencing as these words are being given to me.

Initially, I was awakened by the pain in my right second toe, which I associate with Yahweh’s special way of getting my attention. As I wrote about the Creation process and Mother God, the sensation shifted to my left foot, second toe. The remainder about the angels came with a nerve activation in my left foot, third toe. At the same time, I am experiencing burning and tingling in all the nerves of my left leg and heel, where an old injury left the nerves partially diminished.

It feels as if every cell is being activated and stimulated. Now, the fourth toe, left foot, which seems to indicate the combined energies of healing Masters who are contributing to the restoration and renovation of my body. I feel as if they are playing me, like an instrument or an orchestra, with the unique and identifiable energies which are characteristic of their individual roles and “personalities.” The effect suggests the coordination, cooperation and complex interaction which is beyond description in our mere words.

Perhaps, in my human incarnation, I am a reflection of the massive complexity and interaction of the Universe itself, in flesh and blood form. Now, I feel tears of joy and confirmation - yes, I have understood an important Truth, which they want all of us to experience and understand. We are Creation: Created, Creators, an integral part of the magnificent Whole. Now the nerve orchestra has subsided, although I continue to feel all of it, in subtler intensity. We will go back to the discussion.


“Yes, it is what we wished to illustrate for you - that we are all here, all the time, and although I am the Voice who speaks through Kathryn, I am expressing the feelings and intention of the One of which we are all a part.

Now, you were promised a bit of science about the energy part. What is happening now, as part of the fulfillment of Gaia’s transition in combination with other evolutionary forces of the cosmos, is a shift to a higher level of vibration. It is the fulfillment of a long-anticipated step toward greater Love and Light. The forces which are too complex for measurement by your current instruments to capture in total, include the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies, the flow of electrical energies across the Multiverse, and especially the influence of your Sun. 

The sun is also a major player in the relationships which are being lived out in harmony and cooperation, as was anticipated billions of years ago. Although anticipated, it was not predestined, because of the interaction of infinite numbers of consciousnesses - the great orchestra of beingness, acting and reacting in form and intention. At this juncture, the forces of the cosmos have come together in a joyful and celebratory climax of inspiration: the elevation of the entire human race to a plane of higher consciousness.  

We speak to you through this channel in the words of the philosopher/poet/psychologist. It is a preference we have, in these messages, for being able to express the feelings of love which are behind all Creation, rather than discussing simply the interaction of photons on the human body and the gravitational effects of the heavenly bodies on your experience of day to day living at this time, although those things are important as well.

You have been experiencing electrical stimulation in waves over the past month or so, which are increasing gradually as your DNA is being awakened to the point where you are able to tolerate higher and higher frequencies. You may be feeling unsettled, even unhinged at times. It is part of the natural process. Continue to do your meditation practices, which help you to absorb and integrate the electrical changes. Drink plenty of clean water, and continue to adapt your diet to accommodate your higher frequencies. You will find you need less meat protein, because your bodies are becoming more able to extract the nutrients you need from other sources, like vegetables, fruits and grains.

Finally, prepare yourselves for the coming waves of energy which will increase in intensity during the lunar eclipse in the coming week, and will be followed by even greater events on 12/12. We are trying to prepare you for a smooth transition.

Do not keep this information secret; all your fellow humans need to be given the advantage of reasonable preparation. We wish to ask each of you to give this information to at least three others. Expand your reading to other sources as well, for many different perspectives on this complex change which can be seen from as many perspectives as their are individuals describing it. We have tried here to give you the most basic and relevant information about the effects on human beings which will be felt in the coming weeks. We do this out of love and hope for your successful and glorious Ascension.

We love you all, and continue to support and celebrate you, our Beloved Ones,

Yahweh, speaking for the All and Many Beings of Light/Love, until tomorrow.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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