Part 34, Nine Women of Light

November 19, 2012

“Dear Readers, we wish to say something about the group which met with Kathryn today, even though we did agree to give her a day off from channeling.

We want all our readers to know about the --- words fail us here --- heart-stopping triumph which left us all overwhelmed with tears of joy. The women who agreed to be filmed as Visual Centering volunteers gave their hearts to the project of teaching the world by filming their own efforts to grow right there in front of the camera. That in itself would have been seen as an act of courage and great generosity, but they went far beyond that in their outpouring of love and support for each other. There was such an intensity of feeling, such enormous waves of unconditional love, tenderness and awe for the person who was working with Kathryn each time - it was wondrous to behold.

Seven women who had never met Kathryn before, and many who hardly knew each other were brought together by her friend Ellen for an afternoon workshop. The result was phenomenal. As each woman reached her Center of Authenticity and joy, the Light increased, to such a degree that a beacon of Light shined forth with such power that by the seventh glorious shift of consciousness in the group, all the angels wept with joy. We, Mother/Father God, looked on in wonder and adoration of the brave and glorious souls whose Light was so bright it lifted the hearts and the cumulative energy of the entire planet and was seen and felt across the Universe.

We thank you, our dear children. The event you created, seven volunteers plus Kathryn and Ellen, resulted in the glorious synergy of nine beautiful bright lights merged and reinforcing each other. This number is sacred in the geometry of light-energy dynamics. Nine souls together can generate enough energy to lift the Darkness around the entire planet by a measurable degree.

Yes, it can be felt, literally, from pole to pole, in every corner of Gaia. You have contributed to the Ascension of the planet as well as assuring your own progress on your paths to the 5th dimension and beyond. For this, we stand in awe of your strength, the culmination of years of hard work as individuals to clear away the accumulated pain of traumatic childhoods and life events. You had all worked hard to elevate yourselves, to become the brilliant, joyful beings you saw in your own mind’s eye, but never had you reached the level of brilliance and clarity we saw today.

We are not exaggerating when we say this was a truly momentous event, a shift for each of you individually, and a triumph for the Legions of Light who have, in this month of November, tipped the balance irrevocably in the direction of Light. You have assured your own progress and created a rising tide which will carry thousands across the boundaries of space/time to the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Ascension of Planet Earth.

Welcome Home, our dear daughters. Continue to glow brightly as you have today, and your lives will be filled with happiness and greater love than you have ever known.

We honor you, we thank you, we love you beyond words. Keep us, your guides and helpers, close to your hearts, now and forever.

Your Mother/Father God, your Yahweh.”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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