Part 33, Lesson #8, What Will Change?

“It is November 17, 2012. I remind you of this date so that you can mark in your memory the fact that I/We are speaking to you now of the things that are to come, and the things you have already left behind. Look back over the past month and see how far you have come in such a short time. Those of you who are reading these messages on a regular basis are awakening quickly, beginning to acclimate to the way of discussing shifts to higher dimensions, even though you live in a culture where most people do not openly discuss these things, even if they do sense them and believe in their hearts that what we say here is true.

Yesterday, I encouraged you to talk with your friends about Ascension. I know that the idea of opening the conversation with people who have not already declared themselves to be “believers” is a challenge for you. It is unfortunate that you all live in cultures where being the first one to discover something, or the first one to openly discuss something puts you in the position where it is likely that you will be ridiculed or thought of as “crazy,” or misguided, as if you are easily deluded or seduced by unusual ideas. You have people who label everything new or unusual as a “conspiracy theory,” for instance, even though there are massive and real conspiracies which have allowed powerful groups to control large parts of the world economies and/or religions over many hundreds of years. It has long been difficult to present new ideas - look how the greatest of your spiritual and political leaders have been assassinated in recent past, and before them, the scientists whose new ideas threatened rigidly held beliefs.

Yes, I am asking you to “stick your neck out” now, because here in the higher dimensions we have a different view of what is happening on your planet than you do. We see the numbers of people awakening, hungry to learn new information and to have an explanation for their dreams, their new feelings of longing for connection at the most unlikely moments, with a boss, or a co-worker, or a neighbor who has not been close to them in the past. Follow those impulses of your own, to reach out, to acknowledge that you talk with God, by way of these messages. Say to someone tomorrow, “ I know someone who talks with God. Do you know anyone who does that?” You may be surprised when they tell you, “Oh, yes, my grandmother (aunt, cousin) always used to tell us what God said to her.”

You will probably be surprised at the willingness to talk about it, if you approach the person when they are alone. Better yet, try it with 10 people in a row, and keep track of the response you get: on a scale of 1 to 10, (with 10 being an enthusiastic positive) how do they respond? This way you can broach the subject in a way that is not threatening, but allows you to learn more about what others are thinking.

We are not asking you to risk your life or your reputation here. We want you to have fun with it, and at the same time be reassured that you are not alone in your sense that something is indeed happening - it is happening now, and it is important to every single person on the planet. In addition, you will reassure them at the same time that this is a subject that others are talking about and questioning.

You do not have to declare to the world whether you absolutely believe that Ascension is imminent, and that you will be going along. Just open the discussion, and along the way, you will have the opportunity to mention that you have felt new electrical energy surges, or your diet and sleep patterns seem to be disrupted lately.  

People often are fascinated by those who quote scientific information. Tell them that December 21, 2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle in which the stars and planets will align in a powerful way. (Read a few articles to brush up on which are the major players in this alignment. I will tell you that major influences have to do with your sun and the center of the Universe.) I am not suggesting that your planet will change magnetic poles or send all of you flying off into space. It will be an enormous shift in the energy fields which you, as human animals, are able to detect with the finely tuned center of your brain.

Those who are centered in their brains and firmly grounded in the heart of Terra will ride through the changes as if you are on a great tsunami of joy. You will feel yourselves being lifted, body and soul, in a surge of freedom and lightness the likes of which you have never experienced before.  

When the wave comes, do not try to fight against it or control it, or mitigate its effects on you or those around you. Ride it, like a surfer on the Great Barrier reef or the beaches of Hawaii. If you have never had the pleasure of riding an ocean wave, imagine yourself in the videos of surfers who soar along under the crest of the wave, steady on their feet, riding the powerful wave to its completion, where they emerge, unharmed, into the soft surf and warm sun. You will experience the exhilaration they feel, in even greater measure. Another example: Have you ever seen films of expert skiers who leap into a crevasse to soar across the white powder, arcing across the mountain, barely skimming the snow, as if they might at any moment launch into flight? You will feel that, only better, for the transition you are making holds no danger, or discomfort - only the exhilaration of expansiveness, freedom and Light.

Be ready to fly, my children. Reach into the memory of your soul and prepare yourselves to soar with happiness. You will land in a place of absolute love, together with the ones you love, including your pets, your favorite gardens and forests, the trees you have known all your lives, and the people you have been most comfortable with and trusted the most. What will you leave behind? We answer Diane, who was reluctant to leave behind what she knows, what is familiar. We would ask you, Dear, what is it you want to keep? The tax forms, the dentist appointments, the slums in your cities, the limp and unattractive vegetables in your supermarkets, the plastic toys, the air pollution, the harried pace of your over-scheduled lives?

Or would you prefer to spend long hours with those you love, walking through pristine natural landscapes with your children and friends, basking in the warm sun, or perhaps you prefer to work together, building a glorious hippodrome for the performance of music and dance, where you can all go without having to buy a ticket. Perhaps you would like to play a musical instrument, with the greatest teachers to instruct you, or try your hand at painting, weaving, drumming or teaching children. You will decide how many hours you wish to spend at your favorite pursuits, and you will have eternity to try them all.

We do not mean to imply that there will be no more challenges for you, if you wish to evolve on your spiritual path. You will have the entire Universe at your disposal, as you always have had, to continue your efforts. Some of you have already determined that you will work toward becoming Ascended Masters, a fulfilling and revered position in the Ascension process. All are encouraged to continue toward that goal, but you, my children, may well want to “spend some time” in the Paradise beyond time, New Gaia, the beautiful Blue Planet which has been your home, in a new and more wonderful incarnation.

Do not be tempted to bring worry and fear into your days by bringing a vision of disasters, pain or loss into your experience of Ascension. Remember: you will be moving “higher.” Those who have ascended to the 5th dimension can always go back to lower dimensions if you wish to visit those who have not come as far as you have, to bring them with you, to teach or to express your love and encouragement to them. We have already told you that many Lightworkers have volunteered to be here to help you at this time. More and more of your star brothers and sisters are here to witness and share this wondrous event.

We will continue to explain, encourage and reassure you in any way we can. Send your questions to Kathryn and we will answer them. Do your meditations every day, and it will become easier and easier for you to feel the peace of mind, warmth and unconditional love which comes as you rise, little by little, until you find yourselves here with us at last.

We await you, my children. Do not delay out of fear of losing anything that is dear to you. You have so much to gain, and you have planned this with us for thousands of years. Fulfill your own promise to yourselves, this week, this month, this year.

We love you. You are the children of our hearts.

As always, Yahweh”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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