Part 32, Lesson #7, Talking With Others About Ascension

November 17, 2012

“Now, here we are right in the middle of a dramatic transition, and half the population of your country, the United States, is still asleep. Actually, that percentage holds true for much of the Western World. Other parts of the planet, where indigenous people have continued to live close to the land, are in a different phase, in which all the people will be elevated because of their ancient wisdom and practices.

But, here you are, surrounded by people who are either indifferent or oblivious to the momentum gathering all around them. We have plans for waking them up, but so far they have not responded in large numbers to the waves of Love we have sent. Those who are defended against change or any kind of direct experience of Spirit connection - although many of them profess to be religious - remain shut down, reluctant to experience anything they don’t already know. Ironically, they may even react to our Light and Love energy treatments with grumpiness or anger. It is clear that more help is needed if all the souls are to be included in this glorious transition. We must ask you, our children - all of you within the sound of our call - to help awaken the others.  

We know it is difficult to broach the subject of Ascension with someone you know is closed, but we ask you to try. You may be surprised how many people have been thinking about these things, but they have closed their minds because of the disaster movies and Apocalyptic predictions they do not wish to believe. That is not a problem. What we have to tell them is good news. Here are our suggestions about how to broach the subject:

Talk about the scientifically documented facts. We are heading into a cosmic event which has been predicted and measured by the astronomers. On December 21, the Earth will align with other heavenly bodies in a way that occurs only once every 26,000 years. We are already beginning to feel the shift in energy that results, just as the Earth tides are effected by the moon’s alignment, but this is a much bigger event. Tell them that your friends are talking about a cosmic event which involves a shift of dimensions, an evolution which involves not only the planet’s land and water masses, but the destiny of the Earth’s soul. We do call her Mother Earth, after all.

Refer to the ancient mythology of the Mayans and the Egyptians, and the predictions in the Bible - not the ones that talk about hell-fire and brimstone, but the ones that promise Eternal Life. Do not try to argue them into anything. Ask them if they think all these people who are joyful in their hopes and dreams of a new way of life in a new dimension are just insane, or deluded? There seem to be many who have agreed with them, like Albert Einstein and more recent physicists who are talking about how a particle can be in two places at once, and therefore we could have a body here and a soul in the “afterlife” at the same time.

And what about the people who have died and come back, because of our advancing medical treatments? They all talk about feeling overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, and about meeting guides and angels, and about coming to greater understandings about our Oneness with all things. How could a lack of oxygen produce the same vision in so many different people, from different religions and walks of life? Many of them say they never believed in any form of afterlife or spiritual connection until their “near-death” experiences. They talk about how wonderful it was, and how reluctant they were to return, but came back so they could share what they learned. They have said it was a life-changing experience.

Ask your friends and neighbors what they plan to do on December 21st, and if they are going to have an Ascension Party. Plan a party yourself for that night, and invite a number of people who do not believe there is any such thing as Ascension. Let them mingle with others who joke, sing and cheer for rising to higher levels of consciousness. A few doubters can add spice to the mix, as long as they are not violent or hostile in their beliefs.

This is asking you to do more of what you have come here to do in this life: Every time you face a problem which causes you to rise to the occasion with your best intelligence and an open heart, you become stronger and more confirmed in your own beliefs. You may not succeed in convincing anyone to Ascend, but you will have planted the seed for a later time that day, or that month. We understand this is a difficult task, but one which is crucial to the success of our mission - to see everyone come streaming through the gates, even if it is at the last minute.

The reasons the Mayans and others used a single date to predict the Shift is because that is the way of thinking humans are familiar with. We have resisted placing a particular date on this event because it is ongoing. The so-called gates have already been flung open, and the early transitioners have already begun to come. Like Kathryn’s client Diana, you may have been having vivid dreams of people ascending, as in Diana’s dream of many people dressed all in white in an all white area, being carried upward on an escalator. Her dream was not an accident or a weird anomaly. It was a gift from her guides, who have all been instructed to present their humans with such imagery to jog their memories so they will remember the truths they knew before they came to this life. You all were aware of the importance of this life journey, and the promise of eternal life and the ability to pass over to the 5th dimension without having to die to get there.  

Will you see the souls who have passed over before this time? Your grandmothers and friends and loved ones you miss so much? Yes, of course you will. They will be visible to you, as I will be, in our energy forms of Light.  

You may have noticed symptoms in yourselves during the past few weeks, like headaches or wooziness, or days of unusual hunger, or times when food does not interest you. You may have noticed a greater craving for vegetables and fruits rather than heavy meats. Even the cats and dogs have become more interested in vegetarian foods. You may remember the prediction in the Bible, that the lion will lie down with the lamb. It is already beginning to happen. All across the planet, animals are becoming more loving and nurturing, more attached to members of their own and even other species. They are the first to show the symptoms of Ascensionitis.

Humans are more likely to attribute their symptoms to illness or stress. It is not simply those things. You are all reacting to the higher vibrational level, as if your space capsule were being filled with a denser mix of oxygen. Unfortunately, you are reluctant to talk with each other about real things, so you might not know that your neighbor is suffering the same disconcerting feelings you are.  

Ask. Ask the people you meet standing in line at the grocery store. Ask the mailman, the gas station attendant, the butcher, and your children’s car pool parents: “Have you been noticing what everyone is calling ‘Ascensionitis’”?  Children will also feel the lifting sensations, more purely and without as much fear as adults, because the younger they are, the closer they are to Us. You need not worry about the children. They will be among the first Ascenders.

Yes, we are asking you to be the leaders, to risk your credibility and perhaps your reputation as an Old Guy (or Gal), one of the crowd, a go-along with the crowd regular guy. Stick your neck out, take a risk - all those dreadful things you call being yourself or expressing your own opinion. You see how constricted and oppressive your culture is? Anyone who dares to think original thoughts or believe something not entirely within the mainstream is considered a kook or a weirdo. Do not be swayed by this rigid thinking. You sense in your bones that what you are reading is true. You are the ones who are educating yourselves in order to be awake and ready. They will either learn from you, or they will be left behind.  

Unfortunately, the environment for the ones who stay behind will not be as pleasant as New Gaia, because they will be left with the residue of the destruction, greed and competition for resources which has poisoned all of you, physically and psychologically. This is the legacy the left-behinds will cling to, and the kinds of struggles they will take part in. So, you see, it will be a truly tragic thing to see people clinging to old ways, while you and your friends and family ascend, full of joy and gratitude. Many would say it’s just not fair, but do you really want to recreate a world which would be exactly identical to the one you are leaving behind?

Choose your conversations to optimize the possibility of making some headway, but choose them. You might be asking yourself: How is this lesson #7? You will begin to see as we go through these lessons that they are like the Life Lessons you are accustomed to in your life path on Earth. You will be challenged in a way that feels like a stretch, beyond your comfort zone, as you say. It will create a situation in which you must reach deep to find your strength and affirm your convictions. In doing so, you will grow and become stronger every day.

So, my children, go forth and conquer. Conquer your fears, win over the reluctant hold-outs, and be secure in our love and our gratitude for your energy and your help, for it has been your ability to raise your own level of existence which has made it possible for this Great Experiment to take place in the first place. Without you this would not have happened now.

Go in peace, live in love,

Yahweh (or you can call me Sue)”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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