Part 31, Lesson #6, Old Gaia and New Gaia Contrasted, and a Joke From God

November 16, 2012

“Now, my dear, we will try to answer some of your questions.

Why can’t you wake up in the 5th dimension, and only come back here to Old Earth by meditating your way back when you need to be here? You can. Some others have done it that way, but you have made a commitment with us and with yourself to spend the greater part of your time here, helping others to learn about Ascension. Look at your schedule. You spend 18 hours of every day, sometimes more, in your work to teach our message. It has been our guidance to you in your sleeping hours that for now, it will be less stressful for you to remain in 3D for the greater part of your waking hours.

It is already difficult for you to manage the details and demands of your complicated life because your heart is in the 5th dimension, where conditions are simpler, truer and more humane. You are aware of how difficult it is when the rather primitive technology you must use to accomplish your video presentations and radio show seem unnecessarily difficult and complex. You have learned to manage the frustration well, but can you imagine how impossible the contrast would feel if you spent long hours here, where everything is created in the blink of an eye?

We use your questions as a lesson to those who are learning to elevate their consciousness to prepare them for Ascension. The contrast between the arduous and nonsensical demands of life on Old Gaia, and life on the New Gaia is as different as night and day. Money, for instance. You just read a quote which said something like, “Humans are the only species that has to pay to live on Planet Earth.” Ridiculous, isn’t it, that your planet was designed to support and nurture everyone in abundance, and you have ended up enslaved to a system which makes you pay for what should have been free to all?

As your Vision expands to see through the surface demands and the commercial propaganda which has shaped life on Earth, you see how false the facade really is, and how unnecessary the arduousness of your work lives really is. If it were not for the layers upon layers of financial and political and religious systems of power and control which siphon off the wealth of everyone on the planet, your work would be joyful, creative, and just what you love to do. That is not an impossible dream. It is a reality here on New Gaia, as our channel, Kathryn, and many of her colleagues have seen. No one works for someone they dislike, and no one performs work that is meaningless or not to their liking.

You might think that if there are no survival-related demands involved, that no one would work at all. This could not be further from the truth. Elevated souls are always more motivated by inspiration and their passion to create than they are by the fear of losing their comforts or their immediate source of money. Already, many of the citizens on your planet are “opting out” of the old ways, finding fulfillment and peace of mind in growing good food, building beautiful small living spaces, and joining with their community to help sustain each other. There are a predominance of these folks in the area where Kathryn lives. There, the air tastes and smells of the 5th dimension and beyond, and no one is allowed to go hungry or homeless if their neighbors are aware of it.  

Of course, it is still a difficult transition for some of you because you cannot imagine anything other than getting up every morning, putting on a suit or other uniform of your job, and spending all the daylight hours working at something you care little about, because you are attached to the home or apartment you live in, and the lifestyle you say you like, which you spend less than 20% of your time living out. We do not expect anyone to simply walk away from everything they have known and have become fond of. Just the opposite. Here on new Gaia you will find the elements of life you loved, without the dark or boring or soul-crushing requirements which sapped your energy and interfered with your heart connections.

Do not fear any longer for your “survival,” because you will experience perfect health, (no more concerns about healthcare, aging or disease), food will be “no problem,” and you will create the living conditions you prefer, whether it be a simple cottage by a clear stream, or a crystal palace on a mountaintop. The water will be clean and clear, the air fresh and unpolluted. These are conditions which no one living on the planet at this time has ever experienced. Gaia has already cleansed herself, and is thrilled to welcome the beings of Light who have already taken up residence on her newly restored body. They are filled with reverence, gratitude and joy to have reached the fulfillment of their deepest longing, the unconscious dream they have carried in their soul memories for many lifetimes. They weep with joy and relief to see the warmth with which they are all embraced and welcomed, by their guides and angels, and by each other, travelers in Faith who have begun a brand new journey together.

Here on Old 3D Gaia, one might not be aware of the monumental change which has already taken place, if it were not for the feelings of unrest, confusion and disorientation you are all feeling. You are now in a position of having to let go of the centuries-old prejudice that what you cannot see in front of your nose does not exist.

You all have the full component of sensory abilities, including your ability to detect magnetic shifts, electrical fields, emotional “vibes” and musical sounds, none of which have any substance or weight. You will easily “see” the shifts all around you if you listen the way you listen to music - with your heart. Your dreams are becoming more and more explicit and intense. Pay attention, every night, to the messages you are being given about your personal growth and what you need to do to advance along the Ascension path. Awake each morning with the intension of making the dreams of your heart a reality.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly substantial houses, roads, automobiles and noisy machinery around you. As more and more of you raise your level of vibration, these objects of Old Gaia will begin to lose their sense of reality for you. You will see through them as if they were holograms, memories of an ancient time and place. You will see how unnecessary they are to the fulfillment of your Light-filled path, the destiny you envisioned when you began your last life here on Old Gaia. 

We are sending you wave after wave of unconditional love. The atmosphere has been cleansed of much of the static energy of conflict and discord, allowing the free flow of Light energy across the planet. Wars are winding down, as your generals and their power-hungry handlers are being removed from power. Hypocrisy everywhere is being baldly revealed for what it is, creating space and air for people of high integrity and purpose to take their rightful place as leaders of your countries and of the institutions which will shift and evolve quickly to accommodate real work to benefit the needs of all.

These are the interim steps which will help all of you adapt to the expectation and reality of the New Gaia which will become the beautiful home of all who continue their Ascension to the 5th dimension and beyond.

Remember - practice the meditation exercise I gave you in Lesson # 1. That is the first tool in your toolbox to help you elevate. Read our book, Who Needs Light? as a manual for allowing you to finish clearing away the old emotional baggage which controls your feelings of inadequacy and fear. Watch the new videos which we have asked Kathryn to create and post to teach the Visual Centering technique which will give you the necessary contact with your spiritual center, and the portal to communicate with Us directly. We are delighted to be able to offer you these tools, which were created at the request of Yahweh, Ashtar, and the other Guides and Masters who are currently working with our Lightworkers everywhere, in every country and every language on the planet.

Our information is proliferating everywhere so that no one will be left uninformed and untouched by the urgent call to arise! put your energy to fulfilling your own hopes and dreams, lifting your own spirits, and elevating so that you will be ready and waiting when the call of Gabrielle’s heavenly horn beckons all of you Home.

We love you all, and we will be here with you when you fly triumphantly across the “finish line,” which is really a new beginning, a new life.

I am delighted with the energy and joy with which this message is already being received. It tempts me to reveal the laughter and good humor we all feel at this wonderful moment as we move toward fulfillment of the Great Dream.

I no longer wish to adhere to the formality of addressing myself in the mysterious names which have been attributed to me/us over the eons, such as Allah, Yahweh, God, Shiva, Buddha, and so on. You can call me Sam, or Sue, as the old country song goes (and if that doesn’t make you giggle, well, I gave it a good try.)

Love, Sue”

Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York

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